Where To Donate To #BlackLivesMatter


Money After Graduation is anti-racist, and if it fits in your budget, we encourage you to use your money to help the protesters and Black Lives Matter groups.

Here is a list of organizations where you can make a donation to:

It is both understandable and expected that not everyone has the financial ability to make donations to these organizations, but there are still other ways you can support this movement and fight racism and police brutality.

Here is a list of petitions you can sign to show your support:

You can also

  • Share your support and speak out against injustices
  • Educate yourself on anti-racism- realize it is not the responsibility of Black people to educate you on these topics, you must do the work and seek this out for yourself 

It is not enough to claim you are not racist. You have to acknowledge your privilege and use it to stand up for Black people, protect Black people, and fight to dismantle the racist systems we exist in.

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  • Morgan Henderson
    June 2, 2020 1:13 pm

    It’s good to see this post. As a note, the Minnesota Freedom Fund has asked that funding go elsewhere at the moment, as they are overwhelmed. They have suggested Reclaim the Block and Campaign Zero as well as Unicorn Riot and Black Visions Collective as alternate places to direct money.


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