What Your Star Sign Says About How You Manage Money


Is it true that your star sign affects your finances?

Below is each astrological sign’s unique money quirks, and some strengths and weaknesses each face in the professional sphere! 

How your star sign affects how you manage and make money

As a disclaimer: I am not a scientist (obviously), and star signs aren’t really a science anyway. However I truly believe that your time of birth can seriously alter your personality. And I’ve been fascinated with the connection between star signs and money for years.

The information below is comprised of both my extensive experience and months of research and interviews! But it is still just for fun. I hope you find some of yourself in your money relationship below! 

Taurus: The Worker

My beautiful bulls! As a fellow earth sign, I love Tauruses for their ambition, patience, and kindness. They are typically a very nose-to-the-grindstone type, which leads to being savvy when it comes to their money. Tauruses are committed and determined, so they’re likely to work hard for the main reason of supporting their team, whether that be their coworkers, a business at large, or for the sole reason of providing for their family.

They also have a baffling ability to keep working until it’s done, which can help with earning money and rising through the ranks. This probably contributes to Taurus placements being one of the highest recorded earners. But this also means a Taurus is very prone to over-working themselves!

One of the biggest hurdles that a Taurus will run into in the professional sphere is a tendency to allow others to take credit for their hard work. They are so patient that they probably tell themselves “one day they will appreciate me” a few too many times. If you’re a Taurus, it is probably useful to familiarize yourself with how to ask for a raise or promotion! 

Where a Taurus really shines is saving money! They’re stubbornness and materialism comes in handy here, as they are super conscious of what they’re spending. A Taurus doesn’t like to spend money on anything frivolous. Although they are typically hedonistic and love comfort, this usually just means a night in watching their favourite TV shows. It’s the simple pleasures.

Although, a Taurus is definitely the type of people where food “doesn’t count” as spending. A Taurus might buy a few too many coffees or order take-out more times than they’ve budgeted for, especially if they’re eating with family or a loyal friend.

Gemini: The Independent

In my experience, Gemini placements are master projectors. They often see others in the same light that they see themselves, for better or for worse. This certainly ties into their relationship with money, especially since a Gemini is notoriously fickle. This isn’t a bad thing! I am as fickle as a teen and always will be. However, this does usually result in skepticism, as Geminis assume others are as indecisive as they are.

One of the biggest ways this manifests is in a Gemini’s self-reliance in their own financial security. They are very unlikely to depend on someone else for their needs! They are fiercely independent and usually demand to be able to rely on themselves.

Geminis are busybodies: usually working, but are almost always building their nest egg. Because of their indecisiveness and inability to sit still, a Gemini is no stranger to career changes. Especially if a boss is restrictive, or demanding constant conflict in order for progress. A Gemini will not hold back from speaking their mind. For this reason they might have been fired in the past, but it was also probably for the better!

This won’t hold them back from success, though, as they’re incredibly intelligent, adaptable, and likeable (if they want to be). So, Geminis tend to thrive in new work environments!

Similar to Scorpios, Geminis determine their own image of success. They’re restlessly moving towards this, whether it be getting a promotion, building wealth, or starting a family. Geminis are unapologetically expressive and adventurous, and will follow their heart wherever it leads them.

Cancer: The Provider

Cancers are potentially one of the most misunderstood sign placements! They’re often compared to their animal, the crab, being well-known as the “crabby” sign. When most people hear Cancer placement, they think emotional, receptive, and sensitive. These traits are certainly true of this empathetic sign, but only in the best way.

Cancer is the maternal sign (Capricorn is the paternal), which I feel explains their intentions perfectly. They are faithful and loving, likely to work tirelessly to create a perfect environment for both themselves and their self-made family. A good environment often means financial security, but a Cancer won’t otherwise prioritize money when it comes to major life decisions. For a Cancer, family comes first! 

A Cancer is intuitive and generally clings to what they like. For this reason, they often decide what they want to do career-wise very early in their life. Because of their ability to thrive socially and their desire to provide, Cancers are surprisingly among some of the highest earning signs

But they do have their weaknesses when it comes to managing those earnings! Although Cancers are usually incredible people, this can mean they’re vulnerable and overly generous. Their empathy can manifest in good ways like charity work and donations to the needy. But they’re also more likely to loan their money to family or loved ones. Most Cancer placements have a couple horror stories of personal loans with no hope to be repaid.

Leo: The Passion

It’s no surprise at all that Leo is reportedly one of the highest earning signs. They are known for their passion and drive, and this manifests in their professional sphere as much as the rest of their lives. Leo placements don’t shy away from hard work, but their relationship with money is slightly different.

Money is more likely to be a foundation – a sense of safety – over anything else. A Leo is likely to work their ass off for financial security, but they won’t go above and beyond at work unless their job coincides with their passion. When they do believe in their work, though, they tend to dive into it completely. 

Leos are the most likely sign to hold an upper management position. Although I’m not sure that’s because of their dedication as much as it is because of their charisma and natural leadership ability.

Spending is sometimes are harder area for a Leo to get a hold of. They live for the aesthetic, however that may manifest. It’s not unusual for Leos to be big spenders on an area of particular interest to them! This could mean clothes, fancy new electronics, or even hair dye. 

But although Leos love to spend money from time to time, they also are almost always building their savings and thinking of their future financial security! 

Virgo: The Worrier

Virgos tends to be an anxiety-ridden sign, and that stress can present itself in personal finance in a lot of different ways. It definitely means that Virgos are often very responsible with their money! They aren’t excessive spenders and are sure to pay bills on time, but they’re also more susceptible to a scarcity mindset or money anxiety.

Their responsibility, determination, and intelligence means Virgos perform well in their work environments and are likely to rise through the ranks! This is partly because a Virgo struggles to produce something they aren’t sure of – they like to put their best work forward, especially in a field they’re passionate about. They’re also critical thinkers and will use strategies to improve their finances and further themselves in their career. It is no surprise at all for Virgos to be one of the most likely signs to earn six figures

They like to save their money, and are less likely to put their money in a riskier investment opportunity since it lessens their control and access to funds. They’re more likely to put a good portion of their savings toward a RRSP or a TFSA to ensure their financial future.

They are impulsive and will spend accordingly from time to time, but usually buying small gifts for loved ones or items that they really needed anyway. Overall, Virgos tend to be one of the most frugal signs and very financially responsible. In some ways, all that worrying pays off! 

Libra: The Aesthetic

The way I usually try to create an image when explaining a Libra placement is that they’re ruled by the planet Venus (AKA the goddess of love and beauty). They usually highly value art, knowledge, and a balanced aesthetic. Libras tend to like their things just so.

How this bleeds into their relationship with money can vary slightly. With a love for luxury, some Libras are big spenders. They can be highly materialistic, but they also value their actual money very highly. This means that a Libra will think (maybe a little too long) about what exactly they want to spend their money on. 

As far as their careers go, Libras can succeed essentially anywhere. They are social signs, usually incredibly charismatic. They know who likes what and can effortlessly charm their way through a work environment. They’re also team players and conflict-resolvers, so are probably a dream to work with.

But they also love to have fun at work and sees it as at least part social event. According to a survey, Libra is one of the signs most likely to be satisfied with their job (along with Taurus and Virgo). I’m sure that’s a direct result of the effort they put into making it a pleasant work environment! But, depending on how much time they spend socializing, this could get them in trouble with the boss.

Scorpio: The Thinker

Scorpio placements are heavily strategic and like to go into life with a plan, and money is always a central part of this plan. They truly see their bank account as an extension of themselves – for better or for worse. This can lead to materialism, but it’s also very likely that it means Scorpios are well prepared for unexpected finances. They are usually well-prepared with money in general! In fact, Scorpios are reportedly some of the highest earning signs.

A Scorpio is likely to be saving for their future, but because of mistrust might not like risky investment options, or even high-interest saving accounts. I’ve known many Scorpios to keep their money in cash under their mattress, or something similar. Perhaps our systems will crumble and the Scorpios will rule with their pre-planned liquidation. But in the moment, Scorpios are likely to be missing out on huge returns!

As far are spending goes, a Scorpio’s ability to think ahead is very useful. Scorpios are unlikely to spend on things they don’t need; however, they are also likely to determine whether or not they “need” something based on their own reasoning. Know a Scorpio who spends almost nothing on takeout or clothes, but will drop thousands of dollars on a sporadic but incredibly meaningful purchase? Now you know why!

Sagittarius: The Entrepreneur 

I swear I wrote this section before realized it was almost exactly about Bridget Casey (MAG’s founder and CEO), who happens to be a Sag. But it really does seem like it’s the perfect placement for an entrepreneur-type! 

A Sagittarius is mainly about growth, in all aspects. They spend their lives pursuing whichever path next calls them, usually thrill-seeking and unafraid to take risks along the way. Sag placements are known for being upfront, blunt, and somewhat relentless. Although it can make them great bosses and honest people, it also means that most Sagittarius’ shift toward working for themselves pretty quickly.

They love to work, but don’t love taking orders. For this reason many Sag placements seek financial stability through entrepreneurship! Their adaptability and deep love for change can also lend itself to this risky lifestyle. In fact, a Sagittarius tends to fail spectacularly, embracing it as a learning experience while recognizing when to jump ship when necessary. However, even if not working for themselves, a Sagittarius definitely needs a job that allows them some flexibility and opportunities to rise through the ranks!

Making money is important to a Sagittarius, and they value it highly once they do have it. Since they are always looking ten moves ahead, a lot of Sag’s will invest to increase their savings. Unfortunately, sometimes their perpetual optimism and inability to think small leads to slightly-too-risky investment opportunities from time to time. But a Sag would never put everything in a risky stock, so they are likely to always have an RRSP and TFSA ready in their back pocket.

Although not particularly reluctant spenders, a Sagittarius is definitely more likely to have a spending budget on top of their already-stable monthly budget. They won’t usually spend if it will stretch their budget too tight! 

Capricorn: The Maverick

It’s often assumed that Capricorn placements are among the highest earning. But this only works if a Cap placement’s specific hopes, desires, and motivations perfectly aline with a high-paying job that also allows professional freedom. 

In other words, Capricorns are typically at the very bottom of the list when it comes to salary

A Cap has an intense and honest relationship with themselves. This means they know exactly what they want. Their plans are very rarely altered by social expectations. Although they love to work, they don’t often do it for the money. In fact, Capricorn placements can be the worst possible person to work with if they hate the job they’re on.

Once their interest leaves, so does their drive! This makes their earning kind of impossible to predict. If you’re one lucky Capricorn and found your dream job, then your dedication is sure to pay off. But it’s also likely for a Capricorn to walk out of an unsatisfying position. 

A Capricorn’s spending habits is where their paternal instinct begins to play a role. Capricorn placements can sometimes get too focused on their spending, bordering on a scarcity mindset. They will begin to feel guilty if they spend a little bit to treat themselves, and have an easier time justifying purchases if they’re strategical in some sense, making them likely investors. 

Aquarius: The Giver

An Aquarius is notoriously capable. They are intelligent and open-minded, and thrive in professions that require out-of-the-box thinking. An ideal career for an Aquarius gives them room to grow, ranks to rise through, and enough freedom to act on spontaneous passion projects. In any case though, they try to bring these aspects through into their professional lives!

An Aquarius loves to live their lives in any way that increases knowledge, and it’s difficult to stop them from attaining whatever they perceive as success. This gives them endless earning potential … However, they’re also incredibly impulsive, independent, and can struggle with taking orders as a result.

Aquarius’s are also the most humanitarian sign, meaning money isn’t usually their motive when looking for a career! In fact, studies show that Aquarius’ often earn the lowest of the signs. 

An Aquarius’ free-spiritedness and unpredictability has a tendency to make an impact on their spending. They’re likely to react to bad news with dramatics that usually carry a price tag (see: buying a box of hair dye or the new phone you’ve been meaning to upgrade to for months in order to make up for a bad day at work).

Aquarius placements also find a lot of meaning behind rewarding themselves with purchases that truly bring them joy, whether that is a new gaming console or a limited edition book collection. This can be pricey, but these signs are otherwise good savers and financially responsible!

Pisces: The Empath

I find Pisces placements very similar to Cancers. They’re both sensitive, kind, and generous. They also both view money as an extension of themselves in some ways. In Cancers, it’s a way to show affection to loved ones. For Pisces, it’s almost more of a protective stance. They attach their money to the hard work needed to get it, so they take it seriously.

This means they think about where their money goes, but they can still be privy to impulsive buys. However, when it comes to loaning money to close ones, Pisces placements definitely need to have a strict repayment plan before agreeing. They are generous but also pragmatic!

Although many Pisces signs follow a career in the arts, all are visionaries who follow their heart into a career they truly enjoy. A Pisces can thrive in any work environment as they have the ability to get along with anyone if they have to.

They are peaceful, however, and extremely sensitive to feedback. So they have a tendency to be picky about the people who surround them in the workplace! For this reason some Pisces prefer to work for themselves.

Aries: The Headstrong

Perhaps more than anything, Aries are known for their passion and drive. They are determined and great self-motivators, so they have every potential to rise through the ranks at any career.

This is exaggerated even further as Aries are typically dangerously competitive and struggle with teamwork. Work is where they earn their money, so they take it very seriously! Their likely to get annoyed at incompetent coworkers and have, if feeling underappreciated, maybe even walked out of a few jobs in the past.

Aries, like the Pisces, take their money very personally. Aries sometimes do this to a fault, being overly possessive about money and unlikely to spot a friend’s dinner bill or buy an expensive gift. Their incessant compulsion for personal advancement means they’re likely to reinvest their money to further build wealth.

Although very protective of their money, Aries are also impulsive, stubborn, and have a tendency to step into things with blind faith. Because of this, they might be big spenders that are slow to learn from their spending mistakes!

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it. And please let me know if you found some of your spending habits or career mannerisms! 

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