Undebt.it Review: The Best Free App to Help You Get Out of Debt

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Undebt.it is a free online tool that will help you repay your debt. This web-based app lets you compare repayment strategies, track progress and more!

It is hands down the best free financial tool available online, and the one you absolutely must be using it if you’re trying to get out of debt. 

A complete Undebt.it review

Undebt.it is fundamentally a debt tracking app. It won’t make payments for you, and it won’t earn you any extra money. However, it will motivate you to pay off the balance you owe faster. By showing you where and how to optimize your payments, you’ll get out of debt faster. Furthermore, by calculating your debt-free date, Undebt.it will make you feel in control of your debt. Seeing your end date will help you beat debt fatigue and show you the end is in sight!

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You can use most features of Undebt.it for free, but if you want to spring for the premium version it’s only $12 per year. That’s right, per year! I go over the premium Undebt.it features later in this post, but rest assured you can get everything you need out of the free version if you don’t have a dollar to spare. 

By the way, this post is not sponsored by Undebt.it and I am not an affiliate. There is no partnership here, I just think they’re a really great tool!  

How does Undebt.it work?

To use Undebt.it, all you need to do is make an account and enter the balances of the debts you owe. You’ll specify essential information like the interest rate, minimum payment, and due date. Undebt.it will use this information to calculate your debt repayment plan.

Undebt.it review

Why you should try Undebt.it to help get control of your debt

Undebt.it is a great tool to help you really take control of your debt. Once you can see what each balance is, how much it’s costing you, and compare payoff plans, it will feel easier to tackle than ever. 

Visualize all your debt in one place

One of the most stressful things about having lots of debt, is owing a bunch of different creditors. It doesn’t take much: some student loans, credit cards, and a car loan, and suddenly you have a lot of different balances to keep track of.

Many people don’t even know how much debt they have, which makes it virtually impossible to craft a successful repayment plan. Undebt.it lets you list every balance you owe with all the details you need to keep track of (like when payments are due!) all in one place. Your dashboard will list all your balances, interest rates, and minimum payments, as well as how many months you have to debt-free. 

Compare repayment plans

There’s always passionate and heated debate over whether the Debt Avalanche or the Debt Snowball method should be used to pay down your debt. With Undebt.it, you can compare both strategies (or a blended approach!) to see how they really compare. 


It’s also worth noting you can reorder your debts in whatever repayment strategy you want with the premium version. Undebt.it will typically put you on a blended Debt Avalanche + Debt Snowball Approach, but this might not actually feel right to you.

Some debts feel more psychologically and emotionally heavy, even if their total balance or interest rate is not very high. You can modify the debt repayment plan Undebt.it designs for you to fit you personal financial goals. 

Understand your credit utilization (and ultimately boost your credit score)

Undebt.it will also calculate your credit utilization, which is an important part of your credit score calculation. Not only will Undebt.it show you which debt is likely making the biggest dent in your credit score, they’ll also tell you how much each debt contributes to your overall debt load, and what your average blended interest rate is. 

Downsides to Undebt.it

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this app, but nevertheless, there are some downsides worth mentioning. 

It doesn’t support bi-weekly payment plans

The overall Undebt.it platform is robust, but I did find one snag on the only debt I can really use it for: my bi-weekly car loan.

I purchased a car last year and opted to finance half of it, which means I have a car payment coming out of my bank account every second Monday. The challenge with Undebt.it is it only seems to have a monthly repayment option, so it can’t accurately calculate my car loan repayment schedule! Every time a bi-weekly payment goes through, the balance on Undebt.it doesn’t quite match the loan balance in my bank account.

Furthermore, because Undebt.it calculates things on a monthly schedule, even doubling my car payment leaves some inaccuracies in the app as because every so often I will have three car payments in a single month. Undebt.it does let me update the balance in the app to the correct amount, but that’s just another manual task I have to remember. 

You have to manually add transactions and payments

The other downside of Undebt.it is a major one: it’s all manual. Depending on how many debts you have and how you’re managing your balance owing, tracking everything on Undebt.it can get very tedious, very fast.

The app does link to YNAB if that’s a tool you use. But if you’re not subscribing to YNAB you’re going to be left updating Undebt.it every single time you have a transaction.

You can’t edit their interest calculations

You can manually add transactions and update your balance owing, but you can’t make any edits to calculations Undebt.it does for. Every month, Undebt.it will automatically add the interest to your debt accounts on the bill due date. This is fine if the amount is correct, but it might be a few dollars or pennies off.

You cannot edit transactions Undebt.it adds to your accounts, which means you either have to add a second transaction to correct the amount if it’s slightly off, or you simply have to manually update the balance owing to the correct amount. 

How to make the most of Undebt.it

There are a few ways to optimize Undebt.it in order to get the most out of this free tool. Here are my suggestions to make this app work for you:

Set up your profile and accounts at the beginning of a month

Because Undebt.it operates on monthly debt repayment schedules, the calculations are most likely to be correct if you set up your profile early in the month. Register for Undebt.it with balances mid- or late-month and you might find interest calculations are incorrect and will throw your balances off in Undebt.it compared to your financial institution. 

Commit to updating your debt accounts in Undebt.it at least once per week

If you are not using YNAB and therefore can’t automatically update Undebt.it, you’ll have to be diligent about updating debits and credits on your debt accounts manually. The easiest way to do this is to block off a half-hour once a week to log into your Undebt.it account and add any new transactions from your student loan or credit card statements and ensure all balances are correct. 

Pay for the premium version

I can’t emphasize enough that Undebt.it is totally free and you can get absolutely everything you need from the free version.

However, I think this is such an incredible tool that the creators deserve to be supported for their work. $12 is not a huge ask for a year-long subscription. If you can skip dining out for lunch or a few coffees this week, let the dollars you spare go towards thanking the creators of Undebt.it by upgrading to the premium version.

Once you pay for Undebt.it, you get access to the custom debt repayment order, financial projections, the ad-free version and more. Trust me, it’s more than worth $12!

Happy debt repayment!

Paying off debt sucks, but there are ways to make it significantly less painful and Undebt.it is one of them!

I hope you enjoyed this Undebt.it review and get a lot of value out of this great free app. Tell me if there are any other financial reviews you’d like me to do next!

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