The Year Compass: Close 2019, Plan 2020

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Ready to tackle major personal and financial goals in 2020? I’ve been doing The Year Compass for five (5!!) years, and it’s been life-changing. If you haven’t heard of it before, you’re going to love it.

The Year Compass has been the best way to work through and appreciate my accomplishments of the year that’s passed, as well as set clear goals for the one coming up.

What is the Year Compass?

The Year Compass is a free workbook that uses questions and exercises rooted in psychology to take you through the past year, then helps you turn your dreams into achievable goals.

You can download a free fillable or printable PDF of The Year Compass here.

But prepare yourself: The Year Compass is an introspective slog. It takes a few hours to really do right, and while you may be tempted to breeze through it or take shortcuts, you’ll regret it. Last year I opted for only bullet-point answers, and now when I look back I regret not taking more time to say more. But done is better than perfect, so I’m still glad I did something.

This year I’ve spent more than a week carefully answering my Year Compass questions, and I’m nearly done. I’m really excited for what 2020 holds, especially when I’m clear about exactly what I want.

Why not fit The Year Compass into your bullet journal?

I’ve decided to take up bullet journaling for the first time in 2019, and The Year Compass fits perfectly with this endeavor. No, really. Like so perfectly one of the options for downloading The Year Compass is an A5 sheet you can print and paste right into your bullet journal.

I purchased the Scribbles That Matter Dotted Journal, and have been using most of the holiday break to outline my next year. I’ve been using Pinterest and YouTube to get ideas for different pages, and there are quite a few financial ones if you’re looking! Your bullet journal is also a great way to track other things like tasks, sleep, stress, and more. 

For accessories for my bullet journal, I also picked up:

If you need ideas for your bullet journal, I recommend checking out the following YouTube Videos: Amanda Rach Lee’s 2020 Bullet Journal Set up and Plant Based Bride 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up.

You can search Bullet Journal on Pinterest to get tons of ideas for different pages and trackers. Be careful though — it’s easy to go overboard! You don’t want to create a bunch of extra work for yourself. Bullet journals are supposed ot make your life easier not harder!

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