using your money the right way during pride month

Using Your Money The Right Way During Pride Month

This summer’s Pride festivities have been changed drastically because of the circumstances the world is facing. I was, of course, disappointed (but not surprised) to hear that Toronto’s Pride Festival…
star sign money

What Your Star Sign Says About How You Manage Money

Is it true that your star sign affects your finances? Below is each astrological sign’s unique money quirks, and some strengths and weaknesses each face in the professional sphere!  Table…
paybright review

PayBright Review: Buy Everything Now for 0%

If you’ve been doing any online shopping lately (and let’s be real: is there any other kind of shopping now?), you probably noticed many of your favorite merchants offering a…
set financial goals

Setting Financial Goals With a Plan

When it comes to setting financial goals, the point is to achieve them so you can enjoy financial security. Having financial goals on your radar is important in ensuring you…
easy ways im cutting my spending

8 Ways I Cut My Spending

For me, there’s something about the fresh, fall air that makes me want to embrace new beginnings and improved habits. As a recent grad, I realized I don’t have any…