The Secret To A Longer Life Is Money

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I say secret, but this fact probably doesn’t surprise you at all. Every day I could give you a new list of things that would make my life better, and they all cost money. You can buy health. You can buy happiness. And consequently, you can buy a longer life.

I’m not here to claim I’m some economic expert, because I am not. But I am here as a person that thinks it’s important to really consider our economic system and the privileges (or lack thereof) that it doles out to us.

Especially when it comes to personal finance, we must keep these things in mind. Not only does it provide you perspective, but it might help you ponder some of the questions that arise when navigating your own financial situation.

The secret to a longer life is money

Despite how many people might have you convinced that the real secret is hard work, that is simply not true. I can still hear people saying hard work is what gets you money as I complained of being burnt out from long work weeks and a sparse fridge.

The longevity and strength of your life, much like our economic system, is based on money. And of course the circumstances that give or withhold money from you.

What is the backbone of our economic system?

The backbone of our economic system is white supremacy, the unpaid labour of women at home, the patriarchy, generational wealth, failure to implement a fair tax system, environmental destruction, and, well, I could go on.

These social and political systems and issues act as a backdrop for our economic system to be built off of. These systems, while unfair and destructive to many, reliably churn out money and the rich get richer.

These are the things that make capitalism function but of course capitalism does not function for the poor, but rather the opposite. Only people with the utmost privilege in this world benefit from these systems and the rewards are plenty.

You can read more about this in our post It’s Easy Being Rich: Why The Wealthy Get Everything For Free.

How money buys you a longer life

Our general wellness is based on a variety of things: health, relationships, environment, and culture are some of basics among plenty. Having the positive versions of these things will inevitably make your life better and easier. These things sustain you. They help you live long.

So, simply, that is how money buys you a longer life. It increases your access to positives. And positives make life easier.

Rich people and mental health

I am a huge supporter of accessible mental health care. The stigma surrounding mental health is still very alive in our world, despite it being a health concern like any other. And caring for your mental health is incredibly important for your survival.

I can attest that therapy can be super expensive, but I can also attest that it can significantly improve your life and wellbeing! And of course, that is where the issue begins.

Untreated mental health has long term risks. You become more prone to chronic pain, gastrointestinal issues, weakened immune system, heart attacks, and more.

Not only that, but mental health and money are irreversibly linked. In fact, people who struggle with debt repayment are quite likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. And when debt increases, the symptoms worsen. But, those of use who are already drowning in debt don’t have the means to heal our mental health with therapy.

Ultimately, being rich abolishes the barriers that determine whether a person can seek mental health care.

With more money you have more time, more opportunities to experiment with different approaches, and more comprehensive health benefits that usually include mental health support, whether therapy, medication, or both. Consequently your mental health care will support your physical health.

Rich people and physical health

Being able to care for your physical health is essential. Though, it is not always accessible to everyone.

The more money you have, the more likely you’re able to afford prescriptions, medical treatments, and routine check-ups. You’re also able to maintain physical wellness with much more ease.

Rich people are said to get more healthy years on earth, and it’s also been researched that people with higher incomes are less likely to experience pre-mature death. Meanwhile those living in poverty is known to worsen your health and make you overall more susceptible to sickness.

Our current circumstances are actually a great example for this. The COVID-19 pandemic has displayed a clear divide between rich and poor and everything in between.

Those living in poorer communities, or who are unable to work remotely due to the nature of their work, are increasingly vulnerable and at risk of getting sick. Meanwhile, money is affording certain people with safer health precautions and resources.

Buying happiness

While I understand the sentiment of “money can’t buy happiness”, I don’t buy it. I mean, sure, I couldn’t buy the love my friends and family give me, but it’s never as simple as that.

Especially for those who have experienced poverty, being able to buy things, and even experiences, can add intrinsic value to your life. And it’s ignorant to act like that isn’t true.

There’s a difference between being materialistic and having/wanting things. And I think we can all point to something we’ve bought that has brought us happiness in some way.

If you’re more well-off, chances are you’ve had more freedom to spend money on things, experiences, and even some necessities you may take for granted like a place to live that is truly your own. These things affect our wellbeing immensely.

Accessibility is everything

And this message is truly a driving force behind this article. Societal barriers limit the wellness of poor people by blocking them from being able to afford things essential to their livelihood. Without those barriers, you’re gifted with much more opportunity to live your life to the fullest.

If you’re not rich that doesn’t mean you can’t live a full life

I don’t want people to read this and be overcome with despair. Though, I understand where those feelings come from.

Regardless of income, you can still live a long, full life. While the stats might defer you from believing this, they are just indicative of the systems in place that we should all be aware of.

How you can optimize your money to help you live longer

Or, making the most of what you’ve got.

  • Open a high interest savings account to help the money you already have grow and support you further without risk nor effort. EQ Bank offers a great everyday interest rate of 1.25%* for saving money.
  • Take advantage of any free healthcare services you can. Some schools, workplaces, or community organizations offer this if you’re eligible.
  • Don’t hesitate to splurge a little on things when you have the means, it’ll make you feel good! And if you’re going to, try using Rakuten to earn while you treat yourself. You can read our Rakuten review here.

Next time you think your financial situation is being held back by a lack of hard work, remember that the ideologies our economic system is built on thrive off convincing you of this.

The secret to a longer life is money, and the more societal and political privileges you have, the more likely you are to have longevity that money provides.

*Interest is calculated daily on the total closing balance and paid monthly. Rates are per
annum and subject to change without notice.

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