7 Low Cost Ways to Revamp Your Space This Spring

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I came back from my school’s winter break about a month ago. Amidst the lingering snow and frigid temperatures, I knew I needed to start preparing my mind for the optimism and sunshine of the best season: spring!

As a broke university student with minimal funds in my bank account, I had to think of the best ways to spruce up my living space without spending tons of money. Luckily, I was able to come up with 7 low costs ways to revamp my space that have truly changed my home for the better and fostered improvements in my general mood as I go through the stress of finishing up my degree!

Do a deep clean

This is the first and most important thing anyone can do when it comes to changing up your environment. It is a fact that cleaning can help ease your anxiety and improve your mental health. You need a clean slate to be able to envision the future of your space. Plus, when you clean well it makes it easier to keep up on your everyday tidying.


This goes right along with deep cleaning. Empty out every drawer, check every shelf, and sift through your closet. Throw away any trash and make a collection of anything that can be donated or sold. Having an over-crowded space will definitely over crowd your mind. Oddly enough, clutter can actually keep you up at night and people with tidy spaces are likely to sleep better!

Plants, plants, and more plants!

I recently went plant shopping and my apartment has become a mini garden oasis. What I love about using plants to revamp your space is that not only do they look pretty, but they foster a healthy, more positive environment.

By adding some plants to your home you’re simultaneously caring for your mental health and decorating. Plus, plants are very inexpensive! I shopped the sale section and got 3 of my plants for under $4. Most houseplants are $10 and under. I even planted them in super pretty, ceramic pots I purchased at the dollar store.

Add some string lights

This is another favourite dollar store find of mine. I find that a few strings of warm, white lights can instantly make any space feel more homey, and I like the sparkle they add to my old apartment.

Pick a colour that emulates what you’re hoping for this spring!

This might sound silly, but I often switch up the colour of lights I keep up in my apartment depending on my mood. A new season (especially spring) is a great catalyst for growth and optimism. Warm colours like white and purple are what I like to be surrounded by when I am working to stay optimistic during change.

Make your own art

The last thing you should pick up at the dollar store when you’re revamping your space is art supplies! Most dollar stores have a variety of sizes of canvases and tools. Give yourself some creative freedom and draw, paint one of your favourite quotes, or collage some old magazines and photos. Regardless of how skilled you feel you are in the art field, let yourself create something. It will be a unique and cathartic addition to your home.

Rearrange the furniture

Furniture does not come cheap. But spending an afternoon pulling shelves and chairs from room to room does! And if you ask me, rearranging furniture is a pretty fun activity. It really does change the whole feel and look of a room which makes it such a great way to make your space feel new if you don’t have much spare cash.

Sell your old stuff and save for something new

Don’t forget about the pile of stuff you developed while de-cluttering. Instead, consider selling things likes books, CDs, electronics, and even old toys. There are a few platforms out their like letgo or neighborhood Facebook pages, where you can post what you want to sell.

You can put any of the funds you earned from items you sold into a savings account like the EQ Bank Savings Plus Account and save for furniture to add to your newly redecorated space.

Make a designated work space

Working in the same place as you sleep is not the healthiest habit. But many of us, myself included, are guilty of bringing work where it doesn’t belong. It’s important to feel comfortable in your work space so that you maintain productivity and can truly rest when you go to bed at night. No matter the amount of space you have, you should create a designated work space. Include some of your plants and lights, and make sure it’s a setting that will ensure your productivity.

Using a cash back credit card to plan for the future of my home

A great way to build savings for furniture, appliances, or really anything you hope to have in your home, is by using a cash back credit card.

The Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card is a great option for this! It offers 0.50% cash back on all purchases and 2% cash back on two spending categories you can choose out of 10.

What’s great about the spending categories for the Tangerine Money Back Credit Card is that both home improvement and furniture are included in the list of options! So, while you’re spending on improving your space you’re also earning money!

You can also choose to have the cash back you earn go back onto the credit card or be deposited in a Tangerine Savings Account.

You can make yourself a home despite your financial circumstances!

Regardless of your budget, it is important to make your space into a positive environment for yourself. Using your money as a means to ensure you are taking part in healthy self care habits is just as essential as managing your money in terms of savings, debt repayment, and investing.

Spring is the perfect opportunity to embrace change and moved forward in achieving all your goals, whether money related or not!

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