Maple Medical Review: 24-hour online doctors, virtual health, and prescriptions in Canada


Maple is a telemedicine platform that lets you speak to doctors 24/7 for common health treatment, prescriptions, lab referrals, and more. With Maple, you can skip the trip to the clinic and access a physician on demand when you need one. This is perfect if you are feeling unwell and don’t want to leave your home. 

Now more than ever you may be hesitant to visit a clinic or hospital, both because you may put yourself or someone else at risk of illness. However, you still need regular medical care! Being able to access a physician online through a virtual appointment on a platform like Maple will save you time and headache. 

Telemedicine in the age of COVID19

The last thing you want to do right now is visit a doctor’s waiting room where another patient might have COVID19.

Likewise, if you’re symptomatic and unsure if it’s seasonal allergies or the start of Coronavirus, you might want to talk to a doctor just for peace of mind and get your questions answered. Alternatively, you might be experiencing extreme stress and anxiety in the social isolation and economic uncertainty of the pandemic, and want to access mental health resources. Virtual medical appointments are a quick solution that lets you remain in the safety of your own home. 

In this Maple review, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of this medical app so you can rest assured every aspect of your health is taken care of, even when isolating at home. 

What is Maple?

Maple is an online telemedicine platform that lets you speak to medical doctors about non-emergency healthcare. They can provide diagnosis, lab referrals, prescriptions, and more. 

The Maple doctors are Canadian licensed family and emergency medicine physicians. They provide you with 24-hour care that you can access directly from your desktop or mobile device. 

Maple Review

How does Maple work?

You use the Maple app to enter your symptoms then click the “see doctor” button. You’ll be connected to a physician via audio, video, or text within minutes. From there, you’ll receive a diagnoses and prescription or referral as needed. 


So you mean I can get a prescription without seeing a doctor in person? 

With Maple, you can get a prescription online! If you need to so a physician for a prescription but want to skip the trip to the clinic or time in the waiting room, Maple is a great solution. 

Note that not all prescriptions are available through Maple doctors. If you need narcotics, benzodiazepines, or stimulant medications (like those to tread ADHD), you will not be able to get them filled via Maple and will have to see a physician in person at a clinic or hospital. 

There is no time limit on Maple doctor visits

Probably the biggest perk of Maple is there is no time limit on your visits. If you’ve ever felt rushed in a doctor’s office, you’ll probably really appreciate this feature of Maple. 


What can Maple treat?

A Maple doctor can treat most of the same health concerns as a physician you visit in-person!

Whether you need medical advice, a prescription refill, a referral for lab work, or a sick note for school or work, Maple has you covered. Most non-emergency health issues you would typically visit a doctor for can be treated on Maple instead. 

Maple Review

Whether you want the privacy and comfort of a virtual meeting to talk STIs, or you simply need a referral for lab work and don’t want to waste time traveling to a clinic and waiting in the waiting room, Maple is for you!

I especially appreciate that Maple offers support for mental health. If you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, or another psychiatric disorder and haven’t been able to get an appointment with a psychiatrist near you, Maple is the perfect solution.

What can Maple doctors NOT treat?

There are a few things Maple physicians cannot provide, namely treatment for emergency conditions or prescriptions for controlled medications. If you need immediate urgent care, you should be going to an emergency room. Likewise, if you need a prescription for narcotics, benzodiazepines, or stimulant medications (like those to tread ADHD), you will not be able to get them filled via Maple.  

Maple medical physicians also cannot provide disability and school forms, or sicknotes that are backdated or for longer absences. 

How much does Maple cost?

Unlike the universal healthcare system in Canada that is administered in each province, Maple is not free. However, you have a few options for how to pay for it.

$49 to $99 pay per visit

Maple is available 24/7, which means you can see a doctor whenever you need, even on weekends or the middle of the night. However, the cost varies tremendously depending on the time you speak to a physician.

Maple costs $49 per visit for appointments between 7 am and midnight, Monday through Friday. This cost jumps to $79 for appointments on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re contacting a doctor after midnight and before 7 am, you’ll pay $99 for the visit. 

$30 to $50 per month membership (paid annually)

If you like the peace of mind of having a physician on call whenever you need, or you expect to use Maple at least once per month, you can purchase a membership.

Maple charges $30 per month for an individual membership or $50 per month for a family membership. This will let you get up to 30 visits per year or more than 2 per month. This is incredible savings!

The downside? You have to pay your membership fees annually. It’s $360 for the individual membership or $600 for the family plan. 

Buy $100 to $500 of Maple credit

If you know you’ll use Maple infrequently or sporadically but still want to lower your price per visit, you can buy credit. 

You can get $100 of Maple credit (enough for 2 regular weekday visits) for $95. You can get $200 in credit (4 regular weekly visits) for $180. If you’re in the mood to splurge, you can save 15% and get $500 of Maple credit (enough for 10 regular weekly visits) for $425.   

Maple is covered under many health insurance plans and corporate Health Spending Accounts

If you like the idea of telemedicine but don’t like the price tag, check and see if you have insurance that will cover the bill. Maple is covered under many employer or private insurance plans. If you have a Health Spending Account through your business, you can also pay for Maple memberships or visits that way.

Make sure to check what’s covered by your insurance or health spending account! The last thing you want on top of a health concern is an unexpected bill. However, at $49 per visit, Maple’s pricing is manageable even if you have to pay out of pocket. 

Final thoughts on a Maple medical review

If you’re stuck indoors but need medical care, Maple is an ideal solution. It’s especially valuable to people who live in remote communities, have mobility restrictions that make accessing a local clinic difficult, or those who simply feel too sick to make the jaunt to a doctor’s office. 

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  • Do you know what time zone Maple operates in for their hours? Or is it between 7AM and Midnight local time?

  • A doctor there gave me an incomplete requisition for an appointment I had this morning at LifeLabs. The people there showed me that the Order ID number and the type of test requested was missing.

    I went ahead with the rest of the appointment and returned hone to notify Maple about what happened and they refused to issue me a refund, offering instead to fix the requisition form.

    I explained that I was home now and not going back but they didn’t care.
    I recommend you find another provider and stay away from this unprofessional outfit.

    I’m going to contact American Express now to get my money back and let them know about Maple’s business practices.


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