How rich is Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey?


How rich is Christian Grey exactly? That’s a good question from a personal finance standpoint because his money appears to be both limitless and of suspicious origins.

I’ve been wondering it myself since I’ve been reading the 50 Shades trilogy. The series is like a horrible car crash you can’t look away from.

Actually, the more I read about 50 Shades of Grey, the more I actually need to read it to get an appropriate frame of reference.

For example, Christian’s hyper-controlling manipulative ways don’t really peak until the second book, so while I’ve found many a rant about how the story sets feminism back 50 years (one for every shade of grey!) I couldn’t see the full extent of the damage until round two. BUT I’m also amused that the author doesn’t really seem to have a clear grasp of what’s realistic as far as wealth goes.

It’s not until the second book that we finally learn how rich is Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey. However, knowing this number almost makes his purchases and lifestyle make even less sense.

How rich is Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey?

Well, according to book #2:

Christian Grey makes $100,000 per hour

Of course, this doesn’t easily translate to an annual salary because it’s not clear how many hours Mr. Grey works. He seems to be a workaholic, but let’s estimate he’s clocking a modest 50 hours per week at the office.

This brings Christian Grey’s weekly income to $5 million dollars, and suggests he’s bringing in only$250 million dollars per year.

We’re not really sure where this money comes from since there doesn’t seem to be any clear product or service that “Grey Enterprises” provides. We do know the young 26-year-old CEO (who built this billion-dollar company from nothing, of course) is partial to buying beauty salons and publishing companies because… well, why the hell not?

This means Christian Grey makes really good money. Actually, so good he’s probably in the 0.00001%, amplifying the problem of wealth disparity in America.

How does Christian Grey spend his money?

Christian has money to burn. But when it comes to guessing how rich is Christian Grey we have to look at where he spends his money. Here are some of the things he buys:

Audi A3’s for all of his subs. Not a bad car, but not the glam jam I would personally select if I was raking in a quarter-million dollars per day.

how rich is Christian Grey
Starting at only $34,000 I feel like Mr. Grey is being a little cheap here.

Likewise, if your ultra-rich boyfriend wants to buy you a car and he says money is no object, ask for a Tesla.

Not one to deviate from a reliable German brand, Christian Grey picked up an Audi R8 for himself:

how rich is Christian Grey
Starting at $135,000 I think we’re making progress. It took him 1.3 hours to earn the cash to buy this car.

It’s significantly nicer than the A3’s he buys for his girls, but again, low six-figures for a man that can apparently afford anything. I don’t know about you, but if I was cleaning up $250,000,000 per year, I wouldn’t settle for any car that costs less than your average house.

Maybe he’s modest with his vehicle choices because he prefers to fly by air. Christian Grey also buys helicopters, and hires people to fly them:

how rich is Christian Grey

A helicopter can cost anywhere from $250,000 to $1.7 million, so it’s possible Christian Grey worked for nearly an entire day in order to afford the one he wanted.

I’m guessing some of his money goes to taxes, and the rest piles up behind them. Maybe now that author E.L. James has wealth of her own, she’ll be able to think of more things for Christian Grey to buy. Like a castle.

How to get six-figures of your own

The good news is you, too, can have $100,000. The bad news is you probably can’t get it on an hourly basis.

In order to get $100,000 in the bank, you’ll need to save and invest it over time. The good news is you can save $100,000 in as little as 3 to 5 years. If you have other financial obligations to take care of, such as paying off debt, it might take you 8 to 10 years. In any case, getting $100,000 in the bank is not impossible, and it’s likely easier than you think.

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  • The more I read articles about 50 Shades, the more I want to read it, not because it’s good, but because I want to have an informed discussion about it. Guess I’m off to round up a copy!

    • hahaha that’s why I did it! I was just interested to be part of the conversation, and even though the books are bad, I’m glad I’ve read them myself.

  • I have never read 50 Shades and I’m being resistant on it for as long as possible. I would LOVE to make $100K an hour. Sign me up!

  • I haven’t read the books either, seems like everyone else has though!

  • He makes $100K an hour and he’s only driving an Audi R8. O_o
    I’m having a Jeremy Clarkson-Top Gear moment of utter disbelief. I’d have chosen something way more nicer…

  • OMG. I read the first two and couldn’t finish the third. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. But I appreciate this funny post. can I get added to your blog roll? I’ll add you to mine!

  • Ha – This is great! I can’t believe how wrapped up people are getting in these books. Bruce Wayne drove a way better car …. and he was Batman.

  • I haven’t read these books either. I’m planning to read a negotiation book next. I know a little boring…but it’s educational and will hopefully help my negotiation skills.

  • Geesh, I read a bit of the first book, and I hated it. She kept turning red and I wanted to yell at her. $100k an hour would be nice though 😛

  • Is that really what is written in the book? That is awful. I haven’t read it but now I am curious to see just how terrible it is. I don’t think anyones reading it for its riveting plot, though LOL.

  • She also apparently writes about Seattle when she’s never been there. That’s like me trying to write about Surrey, or Tokyo, or Rome. (never been outside of the U.S.)

    Research is very important when writing. As a totally non-professional, amateur writer, I know this. : )

    Quite honestly the books sound stupid and I’d only read them for the reason I read the Twilight books…to debate in an informed way why they suck.

    • hmm that doesn’t surprise me now that you mention it. I’ve been to Seattle and she doesn’t quite get it right.. though she also doesn’t say much about it so maybe that’s why.

      I think she’s British actually

      • Yeah, she is. I don’t even know if she’s even been to the U.S.

        I’ve never been to Seattle and I wouldn’t try to write about a place I’ve never been. Unless it was some fictitious place that didn’t exist, like Middle Earth. lol.

  • I wonder about this a lot with say, professional athletes. Do they still get paid biweekly? Can you imagine what Taylor Hall’s biweekly cheque looks like?! Ok now I’ve depressed myself.

  • That’s not the only thing she didn’t have a grasp on . HA

  • Oh my god, my sides. You article is funny and accurate. The fact that this man is a billionaire and only owns two estates does reinforce the idea that the ”author” hadn’t made much research before the catastrophe…

  • $100,000 an hour? And his only “insurance” policies of naked women who are willing to give up their dignity to become subs? BLACKMAIL MATERIAL must be tattooed on his face! And guess what there is always a loophole to a contact, be it a non-disclosure or an agreement to become a ghost writer. Gotta wonder if a better novel would be the brilliant business woman that crushes Grey Enterprises. Now the business woman would not resort to illegal blackmail, but crush him by expertly navigating the legal system, I know that is what I would do!

  • all of y’all are putting the book down because y’all don’t have any of this and it makes you jealous, cause your not him or her, or that kind of sex.

  • I enjoyed all three books, nothing like a bit of escapism. The writing is repetitive however I can’t wait for the film hopefully it will be better than the book as people always say the book was better than the film !

  • If you read the second book, Fifty Shades Darker. It says that he makes $100,000 an hour.


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