Honey & Olive Oil Hair Mask recipe

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A honey and olive oil hair mask is a great way to treat dry and damaged hair at home. This is a simple two ingredient recipe for healthy, shiny hair. It works on all hair types, will NOT discolour your hair, and is easy to do.

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I’m pretty obsessive about my hair. As of right now, it’s down to my elbows and 100% my natural colour (which is an odd reddish-blonde that looks horribly dull indoors but lights up quite nicely in the sun). Not only do I skip the salon for dying my hair, I’ve also taken to cutting my own hair. I realize this isn’t for everyone. Some people can’t make peace with their natural hair colour or want to cover up grey. For others with short or complex hair styles, cutting your own hair might not be an option. However, some haircare tips are good for everyone so I thought I would share my most recent find. This is an amazing honey & olive oil hair mask that makes your hair shiny and beautiful.

Honey & Olive Oil Hair Mask recipe

Now, putting honey in my hair probably tops my list of scariest-things-I’ve-done-this-month but the results were well worth it. To make this “hair mask” I followed the following recipe:

  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • 3 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
  • (you may need to double or even triple the recipe depending how long your hair is)
  • heat the honey & olive oil hair mask mixture in the microwave for 40 seconds
  • wait until it was cool enough to touch
  • work through hair from root to tip

My hair is so ridiculously long & thick, I ended up making three batches of the honey & olive oil hair mask recipe before I could comb it all through. Yes, that’s a lot of food I put in my hair, but we all need to make sacrifices for beauty. Once my hair was full of honey and olive oil, I dipped the ends of my hair in olive oil only just to give them a bit extra moisture. I then wrapped my hair in a warm damp towel, waited one hour, then shampooed & conditioned, dried & styled as normal.

The result? Gorgeous, shiny, super-soft locks

Things to note:

  • Use a wide-toothed comb to make sure the moisture coats every strand. A narrow-toothed comb probably won’t be able to handle the honey and you won’t be able to brush it through.
  • If you find you can’t comb the mixture through your hair, add more olive oil.
  • It is better to add olive-oil to tips, or mid-shaft down of your hair. Olive oil is oily, so you don’t want to put this on your roots!
  • Honey is made of sugar, which means it will dissolve in water. Your hair will feel VERY sticky, and that might make you worry a little, but the warm water in the shower will dissolve all the honey and wash it from your hair.
  • This will NOT change your hair color, natural or dyed. It is just a moisturizing mask.Β 
  • You can do this once per month or once every two months. For moisture touch-ups in between treatments, simply apply some warm olive oil to your hair for 15-30mins then rinse.Β 

So in case you have a quiet evening in and a well-stocked pantry, why not beautify your hair at home? I promise you won’t be disappointed! (or bald)


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      • Okay so I just did this to my hair and I can’t even begin to contemplate how well this really worked!!! My hair has been really dull lately, and my ends have been excruciatingly dry, but now my hair seriously looks like I just got it done. I have very dark hair and it tends to look dingy but it looks so healthy. I can’t stop running my fingers through it!!!! I just wanna know how often can I do this to my hair? Is once a week too much?

        • I don’t think so! It’s just olive oil & honey so it’s all natural πŸ˜‰ I do find that whatever I do to my hair, if I do it a lot my hair gets used to it. So this is why I always have to switch up shampoos or my routine.

          But I think once per week then down to every two weeks is probably perfect.

    • Absolutely!! In fact, most honey found in stores is so watered down it can’t even really be called 100% honey–despite the label. Plus, that kind of honey tastes soooo much better than anything from a store!!!

  1. I do this treatment all the time and love it! Also, if you have extra honey, you can use it as a facemask/facewash….its a little weird and sticky, but as soon as water hits it, it rinses off easily.

    • That’s completely true. I use honey with half of a lemon. Pour honey directly on to sliced lemon and rub it across your face. Gets rid if pimples and evens out your complexion. Beautiful, clear skin

  2. I love a woman with natural long hair! I also love a women who thinks outside of the conventional ways of doing things in life. Next time I want to see piccies!! haha.. cheers Mr.CBB

  3. i cant wait to try it i just made it and i cant wait to see the results!!!! πŸ™‚ thanks for the tip!

  4. Is it normal for honey to turn coffee brown during the making (heating) of this treatment? I left it in for less than 40 seconds and it smells like it’s burnt. LOL

  5. Waiting patiently in the living room with the towel wrapped around my hair. It was messy and im all sticky but can’t wait for the results. πŸ˜€

  6. I have naturally black hair (I am Indian). Would this treatment make my hair turn grey/white or any other shades? How many times can I safely use this mask per week?
    I did try it ones and love the smoothness of my hair. I would hate to discontinue because of change in colour!

    • This reply is totally late but I just found this article! Honey CAN lighten hair, in fact some people use it for this purpose. That doesn’t mean that it WILL lighten your hair, but if you have concerns, I just wouldn’t use this mask too often and you should be fine. It’s not going to turn your hair grey or white or anything, though!

  7. Can I substitute the towel for a shower cap? My parents are a little iffy on me using a towel.

  8. I made equal parts of honey and olive oil and WOW!!!! I have very fine, naturally curly hair which I do color, and I have noticed a shine to my hair this week so far! I will definitely be using this home made conditioner from now on weekly. My hair will really benefit in summer too. I have paid high prices for deep conditioners in the past, but this one really lasts!!! I’m letting my hair grow now too and this makes it so manageable when I blow it out. I’m a very happy girl!!! (I’m 63:)

  9. I do this, too, but I add about 4 drops of peppermint essential oil per batch. It stimulates the hair follicles and helps your hair to grow faster–plus, it makes it really shiny! πŸ˜€

    • Great idea, but instead of pepermint oil I use 100% coconut oil. it smells great and also helps your hair grow as well. Three days a week I leave coconut oil in my hair as a leave in conditioner over night.. it helps with dry, dull, damaged hair!!

  10. I tried doing this but I could not comb my hair after application. It was super sticky. And no matter how much mix it honey still gets separated from olive oil. What did I do wrong?

      • Ofcourse I did shampoo my hair after applying. but I am talking about the case while application. You mentioned in your blog that you were able to comb your hair through after applying. I wanted to ask how you did that when the hair is really sticky.

        Anyways It really worked well. My hair is so moisturized after that. Awesome results.

        • That happened to me too. I’m also wondering how to comb it through when it’s on. I ended up heating more oil separately plus spraying it with more water to comb it through.

  11. At first, I was scared out of my wits putting honey in my hair. It was an absolute sticky mess, and I couldn’t get the comb to go through my hair. But, after a long hour of trial and error, I finally managed to cover my hair in the mask, and wrapped it in the towel. After taking a shower and blow drying my hair, I didn’t really see a change in the texture of my hair. But, I woke up the next morning, and I stood in front of the mirror in amazement. I have never had hair this shiny, tangle-free and strong in my entire life. Thank you so much for this mask recipe. I will be using it regularly.

    • Either. I’ve tried both. Damp is a little easier to work the mixture through, but dry let’s me know I’ve covered every strand.

  12. This was great! I have long, fairly thick, bleached hair that gets quite dry. I used 3/4 c. olive oil and 1/4 c. organic honey, which sounds like a lot but I actually ended up using all of it. I put it into a bowl, heated it all in the microwave for a minute, stirred it again, and then parted my (dry) hair at the center and leaned over the bowl one side at a time, allowing as much of my hair as possible to rest in the bowl. In this way my hair was able to absorb a lot of the mixture; by the time i did both sides nearly all the liquid was gone. I used clips to put each section of hair up after dipping it, so as to cut down somewhat on the mess. After dipping both sides, I used the small amount that remained to comb through the top of my hair. Then I wrapped it all up in a warm, damp towel as suggested and waited about two hours and shampooed/conditioned as normal and let my hair air-dry. It feels amazing – super soft and shiny but not sticky or greasy at all. I have used the V05 treatment and it didn’t make nearly as much of a difference. I will be doing this weekly! Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

  13. hi my name is Rosina and I just saw your blog, but I would like to know if this would help me with loosing so much hair.

  14. Alexandria on

    Can I just use a plastic bag instead of a towel? I don’t really want to ruin a towel

  15. I tried this mask, but made a mistake. Don’t use it right after coloration! the hair is “open” and it’s impossible to wash correctly the mask after… was still greasy and sticky after 4 clarifying shampoo… You need to wait until the hair is back to normal after coloration to use this mask.

  16. Does this work on black hair (I’m from south africa, and I’m colourd, dnt knw what u guys call it, maybe african american) bt I do not have coars hair? So will this work?

    • Yep. You can put a plastic bag (grocery bag works fine) over it and this will trap some of the heat in. Usually I find even if the towel gets cold on the outside, it’s still warm wrapped around the hair so don’t worry too much.

    • It shouldn’t be too sticky because of the olive oil. If it’s too sticky to brush, don’t force it because you’ll just pull on your hair. Just leave it in and then rinse it out as directed.

  17. My granny thinks using honey and olive oil will make my hair go grey is that true?? And can i please know how often should use this mask?

  18. Did you know you can use honey on your face too? If you do it for 15 minutes every day your face will be flawless! It seems to make acne and blemishes disapear!

  19. Do NOT use this in your bangs! Mine are absolutely DISGUSTING even after washing the honey and oil out TWICE. Yes, it makes your hair shiny and smooth but it makes bangs horribly greasy. To the point where they look wet with grease. EW.

  20. oh na na whats my name? on

    Dampen your hair, apply the honey/ olive oil;avocado oil;coconut oil. Plastic shower cap on and warm up the hair with a blow dryer while wearin he shower cap. This causes the hair as well as the scalp to exfoliate and lock in the good good from the honey and avocado oil. Slab on the extra on you face. Put on again a plastic bag with holes for the nose mout and eyes and warm up again wit a blow dryer. Same reason but this time
    for the skin, amazing result

  21. I love using this mask, I always use Active Manuka Honey with Coconut Oil and it works a treat for my damaged hair, love it!

  22. i color my hair dark pretty often will this strip the color and how often should I use it and what will help it grow faster without stripping the color

  23. So I tried it tonight & it made my hair 100% softer. Does it help your hair grow, also?

  24. Looks great and seems very easy. Do you think it is suitable to use for hair breakage and split ends? It’s something I get asked quite often from my own blog’s readers. Thanks

  25. It doesn’t change your hair color? I’ve heard and seen so many people using honey, olive oil, and cinnamon to lighten their hair and it works? Does it just depend how long you keep it in?

  26. I used extra virgin olive oil straight up today. I was feeling very unwell and stayed home from work, and decided today was the day to douse my head in the liquid gold. I massaged it into my scalp, which was very dry, and then wrapped an old towel around my head and kept it on for 7-8 ours while I read a book in my pjs. I just had a shower and I’m letting it air dry now. My hair has never been so soft!