FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box Value Breakdown (full box spoilers)

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The FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box is being shipped next month! I went through the value of each of the customizations so you can check out the value of this season’s box. No surprise, it’s awesome as always!

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box that sends over $200 USD of beauty, fitness, home decor, and more to you every quarter. If you want to know more, check out my full FabFitFun Review here. If you’re just interested in the Spring Box, keep reading!

You can get $10 USD off your first FabFitFun box by signing up here

Below contains FULL BOX SPOILERS for the FabFitFun Spring 2020 box. If you like yours to be a surprise, stop reading!

FabFitFun Spring 2020 Customization and Spoilers!

The contents of your FabFitFun box are randomized unless you’re a Select Member. A FabFitFun Select membership is cheaper than paying for the seasonal subscription for a year, however, you have to pay in advance.

The FabFitFun Select Membership is $189 USD. This works out to about $250 CAD, plus you have to pay shipping costs which bring the total to about $300 CAD. This is not a small amount of money, but if you get as much value out of your FabFitFun membership as I do, it’s worth it! Only Select Members get to choose the customizations listed below.

If you opt for the seasonal membership, it’s $50 USD. If you’re outside of the US, it will be $10 USD in shipping per box. This comes to approximately $80 CAD. The items below will be randomized in your Spring 2020 if you opt for this seasonal membership. However, seasonal membership is a nice way to try FabFitFun without committing very much money!

You’ll get $10 off your first box with this link, regardless of whether you choose the annual or seasonal membership.

Total Value of the FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box is $155 to $388 USD

Based on the customization options below, the FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box has a value of at least $155 to $388, depending on what you choose. 

Customization 1 (value $31 to $99 USD)

Here are the choices and their dollar value for the first FabFitFun Spring box customization:

fabfitfun spring 2020 customization 1

I mentioned in my original FabFitFun Review that the west elm Indigo Tie-Dye bowls are one of my all-time favorite items I’ve received from FabFitFun. Because they’re the best item on that list (imo) and I already have them, I’ll opt for the DONNI Ribbed Sweater Coat. If the west elm bowls aren’t too expensive to add on, I’m going to order them and use them for a gift for someone else!

I think the Caravan Diamond Woven Rug is nice but I’m not sure where I would put it. I also like the Summer & Rose Navy Diamond Tote, but I know I never carry tote bags so it’s not for me.

Customization 2 (value $40 to $135 USD)

Here are the choices and their dollar value for the second FabFitFun Spring box customization:

fabfitfun spring 2020 customization 2

I’m a big fan of Tarte products so I’m planning to choose the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea and also spend the extra money to get the Tarteist Pro Glow palette. I’m currently using an Anastasia contour palette but it’s down to the pan so I’m excited to get something new!

I already have packing cubes and I find I really get more than enough skin products from fff which is why I’m not interested in the other choices. I think the Shoshanna umbrella is very cute but I just bought a leopard print umbrella a few months ago!

Now that I see the Rose Gold Radiance booster regularly retails for $135 USD I’m really tempted to get it. It looks like the most expensive item in this season’s box!

Customization 3 ($35 to $54 USD)

Here are the choices and their dollar value for the second FabFitFun Spring box customization:

fabfitfun spring 2020 customization 3

I’m picking the Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask for this one. I’m really excited because I was planning to buy a sleep mask, and then I saw this as one of the FabFitFun spoilers earlier this week! I’m so glad something I was planning to purchase anyway is coming in my fff box. I LOVE when that happens!

I am interested in the Amber Sceats Double Coin Necklace too. I’m going to see what the price is when customization opens and make a decision then about whether or not to add it to my box. 

Customization 4 (Select Members Only) $30 to $68 USD

Here are the choices and their dollar value for the second FabFitFun Spring box customization:

fabfitfun spring 2020 customization 4

I was a little torn between the paddle brush and the body oil, but ultimately picked the body oil. I already have the AVEDA damage remedy daily hair repair from a previous box! It’s great, but I don’t need to restock yet.

Customization 5 (Select Members Only) $19 to $28 USD

Here are the choices and their dollar value for the second FabFitFun Spring box customization:

fabfitfun spring 2020 customization 5

I picked the AG Hair Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner. I’m out of leave-in conditioner and I love AG products. I already ahve the Eparé Dual Salt & Pepper Mill. I would have added the liquid eyeliner to my box, but it did not allow you to pick an additional item for this customization. 

My Spring 2020 FabFitFun Customization Choices

Here’s what I picked and added on customizing my FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box as an Annual Select Member!

FabFitFun Spring 2020 Customizations

My FabFitFun Spring 2020 Add-Ons

I also opted to add a few items to my box. Add-ons are a chance to get great products at a great discount! The best part is they ship with the rest of your FabFitFun box so you don’t pay any additional shipping costs. 
FabFitFun Spring 2020 Add-Ons

How to get these FabFitFun items without signing up for FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a huge program with over 1 million subscribers. Not everyone chooses to customize their box, or even wants all the items when they do, so it’s not uncommon for the extras to end up elsewhere on the web where you can purchase them at a discount!

If you like any of the items listed above but don’t want to pay full price from the retailer (or they’re out of stock), make sure to check sites like eBay. Be careful with cosmetics and lotions though, as those may have been opened and used. Yuck!

Important Dates!

There are some dates to keep in mind when ordering and customizing your Spring Box!

Add-Ons February 1 to February 5

Add-Ons let you add on additional items to be shipped with your FabFitFun Box. If you’re a Canadian customer like me, this is the best way to get FabFitFun items without having to pay any extra shipping costs. 

I love and hate add-ons. While I like to get extra items in my fff boxes, I find it’s easy for me to get carried away adding things to my box and spending more than I wanted. I set a budget of $35 to $50 USD every season for add-ons, and force myself to stick to it. 

Select Member Customization February 2 to February 5

Customization is for all the choices I listed above! If you’re a Select Member and on the annual membership plan, you’ll get to choose which of the above items you want in your FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box. 

Seasonal Member Customization February 15 to February 18

If you’re a seasonal member, your customization opens about 2 weeks later on February 15. It’s possible some of the items will be sold out by this point, so you have fewer choices than Select Members.



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    • Thank you!! I ended up removing it from my add-ons after your comment — you’re right, I can get it cheaper elsewhere! Thanks so much! You just saved me some $$$ haha

  1. This definitely is not “full box spoilers” as your title indicates as it does not show the other items members can’t choose. You should probably update that