What Your Enneagram Personality Type Says About How You Manage Money

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The Enneagram personality test is one of my favourite self-indulgences. I’m a Virgo, an INFJ, and according to the Enneagram test, a type 9! Personally, I’ve found this particular personality test to be one of the most accurate in terms of nailing my identity. So of course, I had to dive deeper and see how your Enneagram personality type determines your money-managing strategies.

Type 1- The Reformer

Enneagram type 1’s have a strong sense of right and wrong in all aspects of their lives, including money. Their rational selves feel an inherent need to justify their spending and consequently spend a lot of time deciding whether a purchase is worth it. Because of this, type 1’s tend to experience a lot of money anxiety as they worry about their decision to spend and sometimes dwell on regretful buys.

A great thing about type 1’s rational mindset is that it motivates them to be realistic about their finances. They don’t rush their decisions and are excellent planners. Type 1’s are budgeting pros. They realistically incorporate non-essentials they are bound to spend on so that they are fully prepared for all expenses. Not only that, but when it comes to things like travel, apartment-hunting, or even planning an event, type 1’s are diligent and ensure that they can afford what they truly want.

Type 2- The Helper

Enneagram type 2’s love to be there for people. They are generous humans, sometimes to a fault. Because of this type 2’s can be over zealous in letting others lean on them financially. They value empathy to the utmost degree and can’t help but put themselves in other people’s shoes when they need some spare cash (among other things).

This type might be people-pleasers, but luckily this includes themselves! Not only do type 2’s show love to others, but they are happy to show it to themselves too. They are ruled by emotions and love to splurge on self-care buys. Though sometimes they get a little caught up in the romance of spending, they truly value their money for the experiences it buys.

Type 3- The Achiever

The achievers are, unsurprisingly, success oriented.The affirmation of getting a raise motivates type 3’s to work hard and constantly have their next financial goal in mind. They’re competitive and see money and success as synonyms. But, it is largely because they want to appear as good role models and inspiration for others striving to achieve their goals.

Type 3’s spend and save their money sensibly. But, looking out for others who are in a pinch, spending on activities that make their life better, and buying more expensive necessities are all a part of what a type 3 considers sensible.

Type 4- The Individualist

Type 4’s are very creative and want to believe their identity is unlike any other. This tends to influence their shopping habits. The unique image type 4’s strive for doesn’t come cheap. This usually results in overspending on a lot of one of a kind items or, on the other hand, promoting a minimalist lifestyle.

The individualists are incredibly self aware and introspective which usually makes for sustainable methods for managing their money and careful consideration of the personal value of everything they spend money on.

Type 5- The Investigator

The Enneagram type 5 personality is a group of innovative, yet isolated people. They crave knowledge and use any that they have to do research and plan ahead. Type 5’s have been saving money since they were kids. They’re protective of themselves and use their inquisitive thinking skills to remain unscathed in financial deals and potential scams.

This type is protective of their wealth because they want to do good with it. The investigators observe the world around them and use their money as a vehicle for their curiosity.

Type 6- The Loyalist

To whichever type 6 is reading this: I’m glad you took a moment to breathe amidst your often stressful lifestyle. Seriously, the bulk of Enneagram type 6 people I’ve met are fueled by coffee and deadlines!

The frequently anxious and very hard-working type 6’s are dedicated to their passions and won’t sell themselves short when they’re building their career. Though, this sometimes means taking on extra work that pays the bills regardless of how little they enjoy it. You can always trust a type 6 to pay you back on time. They’re likely to feel more concerned for their loved ones finances, rather than their own, making supporting themselves financially low on their to do list.

Type 7- The Enthusiast

Always in the mood for adventure? Well, you might be a type 7. This Enneagram type doesn’t fear the consequences of their decisions, but rather puts faith in the idea of a positive outcome. The impulsiveness of the enthusiasts sometimes urges them to make poor financial choices in the midst of excitement , but when they choose the right adventure it is entirely worth it.

Type 7’s make worthwhile goals when it comes to saving. They want to use their savings as a form of preparation for emergencies and future plans. They’re likely to use a savings account that offers more than just a storage space for their cash. They want their money to build and grow in value, so they might lean towards saving their money using a TFSA.

Type 8- The Challenger

Oh, the challenger. A powerful Enneagram type, when they know how to use their power. Type 8’s seek control in whatever way possible. This is reflective in their constant desire to be at the top of their company, and in their obsessive budgeting years in advance.  This is probably a good thing, though, because type 8’s resourceful nature makes it easier for them to budget on an unpredictable income or under unfortunate circumstances.

Type 8’s are assertive and confident in their abilities. Because of this they’re likely to get the raises they ask for and become in control of their work life. They are dedicated to making things happen and being independent in all aspects of their finances, so long as the pull the reigns on their sometimes domineering demeanor.

Type 9- The Peacemaker

Enneagram type 9’s strive for peace of mind and lack of confrontation in all aspects of their lives. When it comes to money, they don’t waste any time paying bills and feel most secure on pay day before their account balance lowers. Unfortunately, in attempt to avoid conflict, type 9’s tend to be agreeable no matter their true feelings. This leads to over-spending on outings that they really never wanted to be a part of.

The optimism of type 9’s helps them stay on a steady path to savings goals and other costly dreams. Despite income or any other circumstances, peacemakers are patient and willing to work for a long time to reach financial goals.

Which Enneagram personality type are you?

In my opinion, it’s worth it to take the quiz! Getting a little more insight on your motivations, quirks, fears, and desires can ultimately translate to knowing yourself and managing all aspects of your life better!

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