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Posts about the financial costs of pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a family.

We have lots of great articles on how to budget, save, and invest as a parent, but we bet you’re looking for one of these:

Parenthood is likely to be one of the most expensive undertakings of your life. Juggling daycare and college savings on top of all the increased costs to housing, transportation, clothing, and food that come with having a baby can really wreak havoc on your budget.

These articles will help you manage your money when parenting!

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Single Parent Finances

I am a single parent. When I found myself unexpectedly pregnant at 31, one of the first things I worried about was how to afford a baby. Children are very expensive, and when you’re a…

How to Hustle as a New Parent

I’ve been juggling motherhood and work for 4 months, and it’s only now that I feel I’m starting to get the hang of it. After finding myself unexpectedly pregnant in 2016, I had to hustle…