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secret to a longer life is money

The Secret To A Longer Life Is Money

I say secret, but this fact probably doesn’t surprise you at all. Every day I could give you a new list of things that would make my life better, and…
pet insurance

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Any fellow animal owners out there will understand that your furry friends are your family! So, caring for their health is a priority. Pet insurance is one way you can…
how to make $1,000 fast

How To Make $1,000 Fast

Most of us have all been in a financial bind before. And when those moments happen, you want to make money, and you want to do it fast. It may…
easy ways im cutting my spending

8 Ways I Cut My Spending

For me, there’s something about the fresh, fall air that makes me want to embrace new beginnings and improved habits. As a recent grad, I realized I don’t have any…
bad spending habits you need to break

21 Bad Spending Habits You Need To Break

None of us are perfect spenders! In fact, we probably all have a lot more in common than we’d think when it comes to our spending habits. Sometimes we need…