Amway is a pyramid scheme

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Amway is a pyramid scheme, and I have lost a friend to prove it.

I’m betting it’s more likely than not that someone you know has also gotten involved with Amway. The company is ubiquitous and seems to be infiltrating even the most rational social circles. If someone has recently invited you to coffee because they’re looking for people to help them run a “business”, chances are you’re in danger of becoming an Amway target.

There’s only one big problem: Amway is a pyramid scheme.

Why Amway Is a Pyramid Scheme

Amway is a multibillion-dollar company that uses “multilevel marketing techniques” to sell cosmetics and household products. They have really aggressive recruitment techniques and cult-like practices. They’re super shady and sued on a pretty regular basis, but still, manage to trick new people into the fold!

Amway is a pyramid scheme for the same reason all pyramid schemes are pyramid schemes: the focus is on recruiting new members and selling a lifestyle, not actual products.

Amway does sell some products, of course. You can by a number of household goods and cosmetics through their store. However, the main focus of the business isn’t selling stuff: it’s on finding people to work for you so you can grow your downline.

The dictionary defines a pyramid scheme as:

“a form of investment in which each paying participant recruits further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones.”

Because you have to pay fees to be part of the business, and you earn a percentage of the fees paid by your recruits, Amway is a pyramid scheme by the most traditional definition. You actually can’t describe it as anything else. 

If pyramid schemes are illegal, why doesn’t Amway get shut down?

Understanding why Amway is still allowed to operate despite being an illegal pyramid scheme requires delving into the history of the company. Amway is a rich and powerful political player, and more than once in history they’ve bent the rules to suit themselves. 

Amway, short for “American Way”, was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. That latter name should ring a bell: Betsy Devos is the daughter of Richard DeVos and current Secretary of Education in the USA. It’s pretty easy for your family business to circumvent the law if you’re regularly rubbing shoulders with the president. 

The DeVos family is a major donor to the Republican party. Before his death in September 2018, Richard DeVos was American royalty as the 60th richest person in the USA, and the 205th richest person in the world. He’s practically diety of American Capitalism, and this is the real reason Amway can operate an illegal pyramid scheme without any consequence. 

One of the best investigative journalist pieces on the Amway cult is the podcast The Dream. It’s a riveting listen about both the political history and business psychology of the company from the inside out!

How Amway Works

Amway targets emotionally and financially vulnerable people and promises them security, family, and money.

People that are secure in their personal relationships aren’t easily brainwashed by Amway’s creepy “family” angle. Likewise, those with sufficient income are rarely swayed by the “exciting opportunity” to “build an asset” for themselves.

Amway uses the tried and true tactic of exploiting the weak. By aggressively pursuing friendships, establishing mentors, and building an active community, it’s easy to see why being part of Amway seems like a good time to someone who’s been feeling lonely.

Self-improvement and lifestyle changes lead to positive outcomes

Amway encourages new participants to start eating healthy and work-out. Big surprise: taking care of yourself feels good. However, those who have been in a funk for a long time might attribute their new health and self-esteem boost to Amway rather than positive diet and lifestyle changes.

Then they have recruits set goals, make vision boards, and sell them on the dream that they’ll “be retired in 2 to 5 years”. Amway is a pyramid scheme, but it’s masked under the real positive life changes subscribers make.

Once Amway has their claws in, they get their new recruit to switch everything over to Amway so they become their own customer. By ordering household and beauty products through their own online store, they pay a premium for everyday items and get a small kickback which they try to sell as this amazing perk. I don’t see why you wouldn’t just choose something else.

There’s nothing wrong with a side hustle

I’m not trying to slam Amway as a profitable hobby. I’m a big promoter of the side hustle. This is extra work or a part-time job you take on to earn extra money in order to reach your financial goals.

However, I don’t think any kind of multi-level marketing organization is the way to do it. Instead, there are plenty of amazing ways to bring in extra money without going broke and making all your friends and family hate you.

One of my favorite side hustles you can do right from the comfort of your own home?

  • Sign up for Swagbucks and earn points for surveys, surfing the web, and watching videos that you can then redeem for cash or gift cards
  • Sign-up for Rakuten and receive 1% to 8% cash-back for shopping online at your favorite stores, like Amazon and Sephora
  • Sign-up for KOHO and get a bonus 1% cash-back on all your spending

These put more money in your pocket every day, without pissing off anyone you love. 

How I lost my friend to Amway

In university, my best friend’s roommate was caught up in the snares of Amway. It started innocently enough but rapidly declined into a spiral of crazy we could not rescue her from.

She told us she was “building an asset for herself”. Her bedroom was littered with binders of Amway sales strategies and tactics. She listened to Amway’s “positive affirmations” CDs while she slept. She even attended international Amway conferences. This cost thousands of dollars out of her own pocket and have yet to return anything.

Before we even really knew what was happening, she had moved out of my friend’s home and into some kind of Amway halfway house.

Amway forces you to cut ties with anyone that voices their concern

After her departure, my friend’s now-ex-roommate promptly cut every non-Amway person out of her life. We don’t know how she’s doing anymore.

Amway actually tells recruits to do this. They say you should cut ties and end relationships with anyone that doesn’t support you. If friends or family don’t buy from you, or worse, criticize Amway, they’re labeled as dead weight.

Before my friend abandoned us, she tried to pitch us first. A senior Amway person came to my friend’s home, and presented to a dozen of us about the company. I had to sit through this really bizarre presentation where they insisted that Amway was not a pyramid scheme.

Just for future reference: anyone that has to say “it’s not a pyramid scheme!” is probably trying to sell you on a pyramid scheme

They told me I was wasting money by putting it into savings and the stock market. Which is weird, because I’m the one making money and they’re not.

You can read more about the company here. If you want to hear more creepy personal stories about other people, like my friend’s roommate, who has been tricked into Amway, there are some good ones here.

If you know Amway is a cult and still want to succeed, you might enjoy this guide: How To Be A Good Amway Cult Leader

Does anyone make any money?

Yes. It is true that some Amway participants will genuinely earn a good income from the business. Namely, whoever can exploit their dumbest friends and family to fall into step.

For every dozen critics of Amway, there’s always one fool that insists his brother’s friend’s cousin made a killing. They retired in 3 years and now live in a giant mansion in Honolulu. But everyone else is spending way more than they’re making.

You’ll notice on every page of Amway’s books they’re forced to print “the average monthly earnings in 2012 was $84”. You’re going to earn the $84, you’re not going to retire in 2-5 years.

Have you ever known anyone that’s tried Amway or have you tried it yourself? What’s your thought on it or other MLM firms?


About Author

Student debt killer, super saver, and stock market addict. BSc. in Chemistry from the University of Alberta, MBA in Finance from the University of Calgary. CEO x 2 and MOM x 1. Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but hooked on travelling.


  1. I somehow am in the small number of people who is oblivious to Amway up until now. It sounds pretty creepy! I find it extremely sad how exploitative these businesses are to people in vulnerable situations. Thanks for the info!

        • Darlene Reuter on

          What’s the name of the book they want you to read when trying to get you motivated to join Amway. It’s on positive thinking

        • The author here is completely clueless and should do homework before writing things like this. I did this business in the early ’90s and it is not a Pyramid scheme. You can get bigger than your sponsor in terms of income, etc. It’s actually a very simple business and it works, but it has/had a bad rap. The worst you will get out of it is positive thinking. I no longer do the business but several things I learned from it have helped make me successful in business and life in general… Plus I’ve made some lifelong friends I would not have met otherwise.

        • A loooooser will spell the word looooser so perfect. Stay broke you loooooser! Stay broke for lifetime, buying toilet tissues from 99cents store to clean your shitty ass!

          • KIRAN MANDHIR SINGH on

            A pyramid is a hierarchical structure wherein you have a lot of workers at the base, a few managers, fewer Senior Managers, some Directors, lesser Vice Presidents, a couple of Presidents and a CEO. Any Corporate house .. where you have one CEO, A President, few vice presidents, a little more Directors, more Senior Managers, some more Managers, lot of Asst Managers and humongous lot of workers at the base level….. The base worker can never be paid more than an Asst Manager or Manager…… however this is NOT the case in AMWAY…. It is the perfect system, where you earn as per your abilities and the amount of work you put in….

            This article is the handiwork of a loser or someone in the Conventional Market which earns more than 250% profit (or 70% of the cost of any item sold in the market) that each one of us spends…. Tve concept of Free Enterprise and Direct Selling is threatening these free loaders and this article is an attempt to defame the God Sent ANWAY System of Direct Selling…..

      • Wait! Amway is an illegal pyramid, but is ok as a side hustle? Kind of a contradiction dont you think?
        Then you go and conflate your false notions with some kind of political favoritism. You’re all over the place here, and at no point have you made any kind of coherent sense.
        Please Bridget, explain to us peons exactly how the Amway opportunity works. I mean, really breakdown the business/pay structure so we idiot’s can really understand.

        YOU CANT. I know that because your ridiculous article proves you have absolutely no factual knowledge of how IBs actually work.

        And as for your libelous targeting opines regarding the weak and lonely, chew on this!
        There’s countless IBOs in Amway that have walked away from six figure incomes because they’ve built HUGE IBs. Serious, integrous IBOs go to great lengths to find WINNERS with as good a work ethic or better.
        Why would I want some lonely sad sack that has no motivation. Make sense?

        The investment: costs less than a Costco membership depending on options.
        Yes the mentorship groups have fees, but that’s an investment. If you buy tools and let them sit in your shed and rot, they’re worthless. Make sense?

        Bridget Casey, I hope you comment. Maybe we can have a positive dialogue of facts. I won’t hold my breath though.

        Your responses to other comments; “nah” “lol”
        That’s some pretty profound stuff…

        • Read the post again, don’t just skim headings this time. Pay special attention to the part that says: “I’m not trying to slam Amway as a profitable hobby. I’m a big promoter of the side hustle. This is extra work or a part-time job you take on to earn extra money in order to reach your financial goals.

          However, I don’t think any kind of multi-level marketing organization is the way to do it.”


          A pyramid is a hierarchical structure wherein you have a lot of workers at the base, a few managers, fewer Senior Managers, some Directors, lesser Vice Presidents, a couple of Presidents and a CEO. Any Corporate house .. where you have one CEO, A President, few vice presidents, a little more Directors, more Senior Managers, some more Managers, lot of Asst Managers and humongous lot of workers at the base level….. The base worker can never be paid more than an Asst Manager or Manager…… Tgat is a Typical Pyramid…. large atvtfe base and Single at the Top…. any Government system is a Pyramid.

          However this is NOT the case in AMWAY…. It is the perfect system, where you earn as per your abilities and the amount of work you put in…. and a person at the base can earn much more than the person above him, based on his hard work…..

          This article is the handiwork of a loser or someone in the Conventional Market which earns more than 250% profit (or 70% of the cost of any item sold in the market) that each one of us spends…. Tve concept of Free Enterprise and Direct Selling is threatening these free loaders and this article is an attempt to malign and defame the God Sent ANWAY System of Direct Selling….. work of satan

    • Don’t just get one persons word for it. Try other sources too. Better Business Bureau for example. The really it sounds creepy is because this guy made it sound creepy. The person has distorted the truth. Probably because he does not want anybody to succeed in it. Also try

    • this totally wrong info… i will request you to confirm it from the authentic source…
      ” if u have toothache , take advice from Dentist only, never from a plumber ”
      we should know , whom to listen, this world is full of negative people …

  2. sorry, but this is just crap. i’m with amway and its nothing like what you described. i buy whatever products i want or need, and go from there. there is no “cult”. there is nothing funny happening at meetings, just a lot of positive reinforcement, goal setting, and support.

    its your call how far you want to take it. and yes, people make money from it just like any other job.

    i used to love reading your blog but honestly, this post has totally turned me off.

      • i’ve been to events, i attend meetings, i buy and use the products (but only the ones i actually like, like some of the kid vitamins cuz my kid actually really likes ’em, and their makeup/skincare i really like because it works for my skin)….there has never been one mention about “ditching your family or friends”, there has never been any pressure to buy nothing but Amway….

        i think a lot of it depends on your upline and their own values and integrity. my upline is incredibly supportive of however far i want to take my business and even though i’m not as eager to attack it, they’ve turned into friends and we hang out, regardless of amway.

        if people are simply looking to become rich quickly by signing up as many people as they can, yeah, it can be a sh*t program to get into. but if people are actually looking to help each other out and create a supportive atmosphere, then its a good thing to be around. the things i’ve learned at the meetings and conferences have helped me immensely in all areas of my life because i’m way more confident now to pursue my own dreams outside of amway.

        and what the hell is wrong with buying toilet paper online?? if this was to be a joke, i think its a pretty lame one to try and make. grow up.

      • i am dedicated, & know each & every point of amway…. ask me anything… amway is one of the best business… plz dont spoil by irresponsible comments…

        • I have a question. My friend told me about Amway, I am eager to join but like as much as it’s about helping people achieve success, what about you? like, does it really make you money and the amount that actually satisfies you? If they telling me that i can retire soon, which i really do want to… how far do i have to go with it to reach that point? and at the same time not be a slave to this.

          • Javier Varillas on

            Maria you must be committed to the business and do what the business tells you to do. Many people leave Amway simply because their upline wasn’t a great leader for them and eventually they lose confidence in themselves. The business requires you to buy their products monthly and recruit people into the business for PV. The amount of PV determines your level in the business. There is too much to explain. Speak to an IBO about the plan. All I can tell you is that the business is great, they offer you bonuses once you begin succeeding your way through, but it is up to you how far you go in the business. Just like any business, you must invest. One man made it to the Emerald level (around $10,000/per month +bonuses) in ONE YEAR. It all depends on how much you want to succeed. I am in Team Vision and I am glad I found this gem of a company. Good Luck to you if you apply!

          • I it’s a scam and if you really think this is for you, to make money you must be willing to fool a good amount of people just like they’re trying to fool you into believing you can make thousands. The retired ones are people in top of the pyramid because they live of small “investments” people like you tend to start with.

    • I find Avon less creepy.. the whole “family” structure of Amway is the weirdest part. And the encouragement to cut people out of your life that criticize you because they are “unsupportive”… I’ve never known Avon to pull those tactics, but I kind of think as all MLM firms the same.

    • My understanding is they’re all over North America, but I’m sure more regions would see it than others.

      I know one of their recruitment techniques is “everyone is a contact” — so sometimes you’ll get someone you used to know in high school or from an old job call you up and ask to go for coffee, then they’ll say they have an “exciting new business opportunity” etc. It seems to rely mostly on acquaintances and distant friends.

  3. I have not been a part of Amway, but I was a part of some MLM back on college. I quickly learned of the problem and got out without any large expense.

  4. on

    There’s a company exactly like this called Organo Gold which sells…get this…mushroom coffee. It is INSANE. CRAY.

  5. This is so sad. My boss came into my office “today” telling me his sister is selling something new – his divorced sister with two kids that lives with his mom and occasionally needs help making her car payment – it’s not Avon, it’s not Mary Kay – Its Amway. I let out a huge groan. He said she is really pumped and is planning to attend an industry conference or should I say family reunion. I just hate to see people be taken advantage of especially those who need every penny.

  6. Ha ha. My poor neighbour tried to sell me Amway cleaning products stating that they were organic and so pure that you can spray it on plants. She never read the list of ingredients. When it is written “keep out of reach of children and pets” and “may be harmfull is swallowed” chances are it will also kill your plant. People who refuse to see the scheme with the “new age buzzwords” that is Amway are doomed.

  7. This website came up in my Google Alert, and since my name is Bridgett (with two t’s) and I blog about Amway, I wanted to leave a comment to ensure that there is no misunderstanding or confusion. I am not a contributing author of this blog “money after graduation.”
    (using an avatar as a “proof stamp” that I am who I say I am)

  8. Oh my gosh… WHAT? Amway? That company that’s been around for 50 years? That company that partners with 3,500,000 entrepreneurs? That company that’s partnered with Disney, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Sears, etc…? That company what works in 80 countries? Amway’s CEO is the head of the US Chamber of Commerce? 65 laboratories? 500 scientists? yeah… Total scam… I mean why purchase higher quality products through a single mom or a freshly graduated student needing to pay off his school loans? Walmart and Amazon need all the support they can get. And they waste money on advertising to get people to buy crap from China!

  9. I cannot believe the rubbish you have been writing about Amway. One of the most successful companies in the world, bigger than VISA, Hilton Group, Estée Lauder. They have been going over 50 years and are all over the world. I have never once been told I am part of “the family”. If people aren’t interested, so be it. Don’t bad mouth something you know very little about. I suppose you’re happy to buy from companies like Amazon or Starbucks, two huge companies who have recently been part of a British Government enquiry because they had wangled their way out of paying billions in taxes here in England. Think about that next time you order a coffee or buy a book!!

    • Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Am way was found guilty in Canada for tax evasion in 1983 and customs evasion in 1989.

      • Johnny, regardless of the topic 1983 and 1989 were a looooong time ago man! That’s the same tactic used in politics. So and so did this 30 years ago, as if people don’t change. I don’t belong to Amway but ’83 and ’89 was ages ago man.

  10. People does not have guts to succeed in any business . If u do not succeed and put blame on someone else . It’s your belief system issue . Change your thoughts otherwise whole life you are writing blocs and never make money in any things in life . Unsucceful people keep writing blocs . Only reason they do not make money they do not have guts to talk to people due to rejection . Do not blame someone else for your failure . Success would not be easy . Yes u can make lot of money . Trust your guts . You do need any permission to succeed why you need someone else permission who is already not so successful .

  11. Bunch of losers
    If u fail it doesnt mean everyone will.
    U r de one who is creeepy get a life man
    Amway is de best networking business they been in business for half decade without going far you can get the answer dat amway is not pyramid scheme

    • That’s more than half a century already, Sammy. The company has served more than two generations!!! What a scam, if that’s how you see it! I pity the author. I’d say broaden your horizons … or have an unbiased mindset …

  12. Money spent on conferences and products bought from personal web sites can be written off from your tax as personal expense since you become a business owner.

      • Cynthia Anderson on

        While that is true (and I know nothing about Amway, so I won’t offer an opinion on the company), it doesn’t mean much, because a tax write off isn’t worth anything unless it’s enough of a write off to put you in a lower tax bracket. Say you have $1000 in business expenses – that $1000 is tax deductible. That doesn’t mean you pay $1000 less in taxes. It means you don’t have to pay taxes on $1000 of your income.

  13. America is too skeptical! The Federal Trade Commissions ruled in 1979 that Amway is NOT a Pyramid Scheme but reather a multi-level marketing company. I’m not an Amway rep nor do I buy their products so I don’t have any skin in the game here. I just did my research. Folks that believe this crap don’t realize that 90 plus % of all the negative comments on the net actually come from true Pyramid companies to make legitimate multi-level marketing companies look bad. Pyramids are illegal. Multi-level marketing companies are very legit. Other than Amway, Avon, Tupperware, Home Interiors, Pampered Chef and Kirby Vacuum just to name a few. By the Way, Warren Buffet owns Pampered Chef and has stated on more than one occasion that he would own more for them if he could talk the owners into selling. Home based business’s will make you more money than any other occupation you can be involved with. All legitimate multi-level marketing companies have to be members of the DSA (Direct Selling Association – If a company is found to be a Pyramid Scheme they cannot be a member of the DAS. Also, all multi-level marketing companies have to have 100% approval all State Attorney’s Generals in all 50 states (again do your research). Stop and think about where you work. There’s most likely a manager, then assistant managers, and on down the line. Put it on paper and see what it looks like. Kind of shaped like a pyramid isn’t it. You probably worked your butt off to convince somebody to hire you at a job you hate. Ans then, you work your butt off everyday to make those above you “rich”. All you do everyday is tread hours for dollars. Don’t place your belief on what others tell because they’ve most likely are just repeating what somebody told them and have no experience. Look at a third party website such as and go to the store and buy one of there magazines.

    • Mark is Totally Right↑ No one tells you to “put aside Family & Friends”…but it’s just common sense that “birds of a feather flock together”

    • Cynthia Anderson on

      Yes! MLM is not the same as “pyramid scheme” . In every business the people at the top make more. In an MLM anyone can work up to the top, unlike in a pyramid scheme. Some of what is described in the article is very cult-like if it’s true, but I would imagine it is like with any business: it depends on who your upline is. If your upline is a creep, the whole team is going to be creepy. If you have a good upline, the whole team will reflect that. Any business, MLM or otherwise, can isolate people from friends and family. It’s called being a workaholic.

  14. If Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, Og Magdino, Donal Trumph & many more of the Richest & Successful ppl in the World say it’s a good idea to join a mlm like Amway! Who ever listens to quitters & Losers that don’t hv anything to fall back on w/ No solutions to offer is plain stupid! Going to School & get a Carrear takes alot more time & effort $.

    • HAHAHA

      I think I would consider an MLM a good idea if I owned one too, but certainly not if I’m at the bottom of one!

      Also, please stop commenting under multiple names. Your IP is tracked, you’re not fooling anyone.

  15. Yep work 9-5 and you’ll be rich and retire at 75. I’m a part of Amway and make 2200/month on top of personal training. I probably need to stop Amway right?

      • :O did he really just say that?! ;) on

        Your a straight bitch and you just want to knock down this guy for putting his two cents down, well you should do some legitamate research before you just tell this guy that hes full of shit and give him LOL’s. Besides, what the fuck are you doing just sitting on your computer commenting negatively on blogs that you know nothing about. Your a hypnotized bitch and I believe that this guy makes 2.2k a month, at least, in this thing. I guarantee you wouldnt be such a bitch if you understood how to do the same thing, but some people just cant believe something and have faith, so they knock it down and shatter other peoples dreams around them. Well I hope someone shattered your dreams when you were a kid, because isnt that what everyone wants? To be around negative lethargic fucks who spend their days finding stuff that doesnt make sense to their peanut sized minds and calling it out because they dont understand it? Well LOL to you too. Your whole life is probably a big LOL. Oooh whatchu gonna do read my internet code or whatever and come set me straight? Bitch I am straight, I aint crooked like you so consider waking the fuck up before your short insignifigant life is over in the blink of an eye

    • Here is my factual response to the author:
      1. Amway is an 11 billion dollar privately held, debt free corporation note in Forbes magazine several times and that is #1 in online health and wellness with all certified organic farms. Like Uber, Etsy, Lift, Ebay and Amazon, the allow everyday people to work as independent business owners with them in exchange for compensation.
      2. Amway is notably owned by author and owner of Orlando Magic basketball team Rich Devos and Chairman of US Chamber of Commerce, Steve Van Andel. Pretty sure the government would not have the owner of an illegal pyramid scheme as their Chairman and could definitely find Mr Devos Courtside at a game to arrest him for his 11 billion dollar illegal business.
      3. Amway is a manufacturing and distribution company that makes everyday commodities people use on a regular basis and compensates individuals for purchasing and promoting their brands vs Walmart or other competitors that don’t compensate them for their loyalty and dollars spent.
      4. The Federal Trade commission tried Amway and found it to be what they referred to as a legal and viable business that is not a pyramid because a pyramid is an organization with no real products or services that only circulates money through recruiting others people. Because Amway only pays when products are purchased (not people signed up), they are by definition, NOT a pyramid.
      5. Amway has a 90day 100% money back guarantee for startup cost (which is less than $60) for anyone who tries the business and a 6 months, no questions asked refund policy on all products purchased, even if used. So you really have to be an idiot to lose money. There is no buying quota, you don’t have to front load products and you and your customers can order what you need directly from the site and get things shipped to their front door in 3-5 days. You get paid a cash percentage of all spending resulting from your personal orders as well as referrals.
      6. Unlike the job you probably work, Amway pays for performance not position. Your boss will always make more than you but in Amway if you cause more purchases than the person who introduced you to the opportunity , you out earn them even though they got started in business first.
      7. Airforce Military Colonel David Coley and his wife Ltd Sharon Coley, Author and Worth Magazine voted financial planner of the year John Sestina, ex Pro football player Tracy Eaton and countless thousands of professional doctors, teachers, military personel, accountants, etc who probably aren’t hurting for money, have used Amway as a way to create a secondary professional income where they control their time and money because they understand wealthy people build networks while broke people participate for no money on things like Facebook or write pointless, uneducated blogs based off the failed attempt of people close to them who probably have been unsuccessful in anything they’ve attempted before or after Amway. Of you can’t eat, drink, clean and talk about it with others, you probably aren’t very smart.

      I hope this helped to educate you. Would hate for you to continue to look like an uneducated liar to all you friends who watch football and will see the collegiate national championship winners hold up the Amway Coaches Poll Trophy, open Vogue magazine or watch New York Fashion week to see their national Artistry cosmetics campaign or watch the Orlando Magic or Chicago Cubs play and see Amway plastered all over the signage.

      • The “job I probably work” is this website.

        I have no boss. I am president & CEO. I am a real business owner — as in, I own every part of this business. I create the products. I do not peddle toilet paper or hand soap to my friends and family so I can make pennies on their subscription fees. I have to actually think up something new, produce it, market it, and sell it. You want to be paid for performance? Create something yourself, and then see how you do. That’s the most honest measure. Can you make six- or seven-figures from your own creativity and grit? We’ll never know, you’re too busy drinking the Amway kool-aid and patting yourself on the back for being a “business owner” even though you do not own Amway and can’t really see you’re doing what you hate — making someone else rich — even though it’s right in front of you.

        I am not an uneducated liar, stupid or unsuccessful. Last I checked I had a graduate degree, a six-figure online business, and no boss. Catch up.

        • I think you are a good person and probably a good business owner. A lot of people can’t start a biz from scratch like you did but some people like me use Amway as a vehicle to provide for my family. Different ways of getting there, but you and I want what’s best for our family.

  16. Seems like he went out of his way to right that advisory. First off your friend seems a little fishy. I think your friend is you. Well I never heard of those tactics, and selling is optional. Do your research before you post these hilarious posts.

  17. Any network marketing works but it all depends what you put in to it. Seen lawyers, doctors,all types of professionals in this business not just struggling middle America. Sounds like you have a grudge.

  18. Everyone has their opinion. Amway is a great business model, but there are knuckleheads just like in any business.
    This information is based on 1 person that sounds like she was weird and working with some weird people.

    Positive with Amway: Anyone can join!!
    Negative: Anyone can join!!!

    Amway is a great business!!!!

    People that don’t make “any money ” in Amway are most of the time the ones wishing it was a pyramid scheme and most of the time they are lazy and want a get rich quick scheme and don’t want to work for it.

  19. Thanks Bridget for writing about this.

    I know a few people who are in this Amway ” business” and i can tell you that they are pretty much brainwashed. They tried to get me to join them and invited me to go to their group meetings. I did go a few times and it was hard to sit through the whole thing. I could not believe all the bull crap those speakers were feeding these people.

  20. Pyramid scheme or not, Amway is creepy and functions as a cult. These crazies nearly sucked me in. What made me really question them though was when after they explained to me their “business plan”, I told them that i’d take a few days to think about it, to talk with family about it. They immediately tell me not to tell my family about them, that my family would be skeptical about the opportunities amway would bring me, that my family would discourage me from doing it. What kind of shady business doesn’t want you to tell your family about them???

  21. Previous IBO on

    Had been in it for over 10 yrs, however, no longer in it today.
    But you people have no idea how it runs, your clueless.
    All you do is get some part of a small fact and twist it to make it look wrong, you can do that with anything, as long as you don’t want the truth to get in the way. Your not even worth my time.

  22. I can see how one bad experience or one negative anecdote can turn you away from something–in this case, a business. But if you took the time to find out more information you’d see that this is really quite, quite far from the truth. Amway has been certified as a legal, non-pyramid scheme, and you’d know that if you just did a simple google search.

  23. “They make you order your toilet paper online.”

    So what? What’s your point? Today you can also order condoms online from stores that offer them! You sound just like the people you say business owners involved with Amway call jealous. Your review is just pathetic but then if Amway was not for you, you just got to move on in life and focus on something you have passion for. Spending time to rant against Amway will not make you money, you will only lose your time and what better you could have done instead!

  24. Amway is a good company and has helped a lot of people worldwide already which should be because they existed since 1959(?). There’s just one thing I did not like and that was when some top distributors introduced their own training seminars and made it a part of Amway. Then some uplines made it compulsory to attend these meetings which are not free but on one hand you’ll get trained. Some distributors just gets hyper-excited acting queer instead of thinking business-like. It’s up to you how you’ll behave. Their products are mostly good. Surely, you’ll not earn if you don’t work it out. Of course, prospecting is part of it just like any other business. Then the business presentation, then closing the deal or have the prospect sign up. It doesn’t end there. You have to guide your distributors until they can made it on their own. Just like any distribution business, you have to check how your dealers are performing. Have a business mindset and hardworking attitude and you cannot avoid earning.

  25. my friend, my sincere requesr to you is – please don’t misguide people..
    i am a pediatrician from pune, India & i personally know so many poor people ( ex.- a riksha driver – santosh gaikwad, a tyre puncture shop person- bhumkar, a truck driver- vilas ghule , javeri- student & so many ) have changed their life through amway business…. all earning more than Rs. 70000 per month income… so many from other higher professionals also ( Rakshit Bhardwaj sir- vice president-IT company ).. i have no. of examples ( can’t write in detail)

    so friend , grow up , study amway business in detail by an open mind…
    how can u challenge a company having Rs. 70000 crore turnover ???????? Are u that much expert to comment on this ????? in this business , no investment is there, u are destroying hope of a common people, but remember ur comments can never ever change mindset of a strong & ambitious persons …. such persons are growing fast & answering u by their actions ….

    Keep watch on amway growth, still growing fast… new manuf. plant started in India on 18 nov 2015 with 550 crore investment… now study- how did indian govt give permission to this, if u r right ….

    Thank u ….

    • That fucking guy tricked me to go to their zombie meeting, I got there and it looked like a little family meeting, I was lost as I kept asking the guy what’s the business is about and what am I going to do, what’s the description but he kept avoiding my questions. He gave me his website the day prior but I could not see what it was about. He kept saying that he was going to help me to have financial freedom as they have a strong network where they deal with professionals who work with Bestbuy, lululemon, etc. I can’t believe I actually went there, please slap me, I deserve it! That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever done, I spent two hours of my fucking time to go listen to blood suckers. I feel like I deserve a good slap by allowing myself to go there. I’m so fucking pissed off.

  26. Oh my God I’m going through this hell right now with my boyfriend and I feel like we’ll break up eventually because of this. He’s so brainwashed into thinking he’s going to become rich in 5 years, which is really sad. I’m a marketing major and I know a scam when I see one and this company sells nothing but false hopes and dreams.

    • I really hope he does break up with you if you can’t support his dreams. You are going to ruin someone who is going to be a great leaders for his family one day. He understands that if he doesnt own, he will be owned by his job. For you to believe more in your 4 year, no guarantee, probably have student loan debt education will really help separate you from the masses but question his partnership with an 11 billion dollar corporation that is #1 online and has given him something he can own is sad. If he were studying to be a doctor and hung out all day at the hospital with other doctors and went to medical seminars and studied audios or videos from physicians that came before him, you’d probably say he was focused or determined. But because his dream is different from the masses and you can’t understand it, you condemn him on a blog ran by faceless people who don’t give a damn about you or him. Macy’s is closing over 200 stores and capitalizing on online marketing and sales. Walmart also. Your boyfriend decided to put himself in the way of that online traffic. I believe he will be successful in 5 years if he keeps working hard and not let you steal his dream. Stop trying to get him to join you on the 40hours for 40years plan.

    • You’re wrong he’s going to be rich if he believes In himself some people get rich in less than 5 years because they believed in themselves

  27. This Lady is terribly misinformed… As a Amway IBO we give you plenty of chance to say no and ways out of this. People will always bad mouth things that they don’t understand you know why because its easier tosay something negative than to take the time out of your day to find out what your really talking about and here is just some food for thought. I started this business a few years back and just listened and did what they asked me too. Because of it i was Able to bring my wife home. Successful people will away do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do.

  28. YES.
    When I was a little girl (in the 90’s) my parents were involved in Amway.
    My mother was absolutely hooked into it and tried to sell all her church friends on it.
    I remember being forced on long car trips, to listen to tape after tape, of all these people ranting about their great success and gaining “Diamond Status” in the cult- er, company.
    Every product in our home gradually became Amway.
    Shampoo, soap, and yes, toilet paper. Even our food.
    Amway was all they talked about, it was insane.
    Eventually my mother must’ve realized something was up, because one day all the Amway products were tossed in the trash.
    It was a creepy thing to watch my parents become absorbed in something like that. I’m just glad it didn’t go too far.

  29. My son has gotten involved with this company. I am scared to death for him. We try to talk to him, but he seems so brainwashed that nothing we say has any impact. We don’t know what to do.

  30. I notice only one person has indicated any sort of income ($500/week – WOW!!) – but without stating their expenses. My sister (in Australia) has been involved in this for decades and has made nothing, despite co-opting several others into the fold. I had to quickly learn to ask what she was inviting me to before I accepted any invitations and eventually had to tell her not to ask me to any more Amway things. Then she started on my fiance.

    Yes, you might save 25% off the Amway price by buying it through your own business, but you could save 30%+ by buying it at a normal shop. At least there are usually only a couple of profit centers making money out of you when you buy at a shop, not all of the ‘up-lines’ who make money from you in Amway.

    This is a business for the gullible – perhaps why they do so well in religious communities.

    All power to the few who make a lot of money from their underlings, but most of them make nothing – unless they claim their travel to family functions etc as business deductions ‘cos they bored their family witless talking about it.

  31. I went to a Amway meeting was one of the people in this situation they are creepy, the guy who tried to get me into Amway used my teammates death to incite conversation between us. He used my teammates death to try make profit off of me. I say try because i had this guy who did this spend money on me, who would buy me dinner and i would always tell them how cool the ideas are, every meeting was the same they made it seem like a family instead of a business. with a 200 dollar buy in they’d guarantee I’d make it back in a month or 2. Thankfully i chose a better financial option which was spent that 200 on weed and flipped that sack for money. made my money back in one day. Like to see them give results like hustling on a street, honestly they use aggressive terms just like the Presidential candidate they use aggression or use chances to take advantage of people who have experienced loss, they use comfort and happiness to overshadow the intentions they truly have next thing I know i’m being asked for a 200 dollar buy in then asked to go to trips to Iowa where i’d have to drop near a thousand to go. Now the guy who tried to get me to join alienates himself from everyone he has known who isn’t into the Amway business. These are facts guys and girls they aren;t so much like a cult just someone who will do everything to get your money in a trickle down economic policy that doesn’t work.

  32. Nain correa on

    The reason some people received $84 was because they didn’t work hard enough to earn more. This business isnt for everyone. Just try the products and of you dont like them then return them you have 6 months to return them. Just dont start stating facts that aren’t true just because you lost a friend. They probably left because they trying to be with people who were trying to succeed. Take it from me im 16 years old and this business has not failed me yet.

  33. Do you even know what a pyramid-scheme is?
    What “tricks” are you talking about?

    Your paragraph starts with “from what I’ve seen” … I don’t believe you’ve seen any facts, sir. I only learned about Amway today, but I can spot a bullshitter when I see one.

    negative blogs are written to attract attention and, more importantly, internet traffic. So the only schemer I see here is you.

  34. I absolutely agree with this post! I was recently approached by a friend to attend a “business meeting” regarding a “great business opportunity on the Internet” but he did not wanted to say anything until the meeting happened with him and his friend, who supposedly was the owner of this business venture. When I arrived to the “meeting” Suprise! I saw other friends there and about 300+ other unknown people. Immediately warning bells started ringing and I knew it was a pyramid scam anyhow, I stayed for the meeting and indeed by the end my suspicions were confirmed and it became quite obvious that the my friend’s friend was the recruiter. A few days later I heard back from a very close friend of mine who had also been approached and attended a separate meeting, she questioned me about it because the recruiter told her that I was “very excited at joining this venture” which of course was an absolute LIE and an obvious attempt to manipulate and pressure her to join! After two weeks, the recruiter contacted me ACCUSING ME of stealing a USED lip gloss from his wife the day of the so called meeting and then proceeded to ask me why hasn’t he heard back from me?!?! Could you imagine? The freaking nerve of these people!!!! Of course I put him in his place and hope that he never, ever dares to contact me again because if he does I will file a complaint for harassment!!

  35. You are full of shit.
    Amway give everyone the OPORTUNITY, to have financial freedom. But you have to work for it.
    If you stay home watching T.V. you will not make a nickel.
    Amway is the #1 business in the world and the best quality of products.

    • Okay then, just like any other business with the same models and those more reputable, we can choose any model and become equally successful. You have to work for any job your acquire.

    • John Trimball on

      My wife started to sell this stuff. After a few months, everything in our house was Amway crap, bought with my money at ridiculous prices. My family could not talk with her without her mentioning Amway in every breath. In an attempt to discover what was going on, I went with her to an Amway seminar. Around a thousand people all screaming and shouting “fired up” and cheering the pompus rich asses paraded on stage as Diamond distributos. After the show I went around back and see that these “Diamonds” drove old beat-up cars. I saw how easy it is to brainwash people at cult meetings.

      We lost most of our friends, who wouldn’t even answer the phone any more. And we lost most of our money on useless crap that nobody wanted to buy. And I lost my wife.

  36. I would rather attend training that are proven success from people that I know are reputable. I have attended a meeting with a “mentor” and then the first house meeting. Not for me. I can build big business elsewhere not through this pyramid. First of all I have no problem buy the products from my own store, but they do tell you to get a whole new group of like minded people, which gurus do, that are not on your same agenda.

    Fact: They do not tell you whatsoever what the mentoring is for. You spend three meetings only to get to the main meeting and still don’t tell you unless your presenter says it.

    Second, they are selling the education behind marketing and how to do it more than the products. Okay I would have had no problem with that if they said that upfront. I am a teacher, I can sell education to anyone.

    Third, you don’t lie to me and sell me. That is the biggest thing. Everyone couldn’t understand why my husband and I weren’t laughing at the stories that lasted longer than the pertinent information. That is because I know psychology so well I know sales tactics to skirt around the truth. I was stone cold in the face and many were uncomfortable because we didn’t react but the vibe in the room was creepy and we were watched closely. It was more of a “We have to choose to partner with you.” Well guess what, I am putting you on interview like you are me!

    I’m not going to down it in any way, but if I am going to sell something, it won’t be something already shady, bad track record, lies from the beginning and a stigma on the name.

    I can learn all these techniques elsewhere and sell something more profitable. Just do you due diligence before you get started. The choice is up to you.

  37. I dont think that we should justify the blogwriter ….instead be happy that some people are out of amway…becoz we need drivers,house maid ,n etc if everyone will become successful …who wil drive our luxurious cars n all.

  38. Amway, Herbalife and the other MLMs are the biggest scams in history.

    Amway takes advantage of gullible idiots, who can be found everywhere and turns them into Amway zombies.

    A simple question these stupid Amway zombies should ask themselves is why am I paying $30 for a box of dish soap when i can get one for $3?
    The zombies have been convinced that Amway products are better quality. The stupid zombies are neck deep in debt, driving 10 year old clunkers, lost all their friends buy they’re so happy that they’re finally getting to use ”better quality products”.

    They’re convinced that they’re ‘entrepreneurs’ but they’re actually worse than salesmen because most salesman at least get a salary and don’t have to buy their own hyper expensive products to keep their jobs.

    A long time ago when i was 8 years old my mom tried Amway. Even at 8 i asked her the simple question, if the products are so good why won’t they just sell them in a store?

    Well, they don’t sell them in a store because they cost 4X of what a comparable item costs and that extra cost is used to pay your uplinks.

    It’s the ugliest scam in history and the fact that they unleash their brainless Amway zombies to defend their business online infuriates me.

    Governments around the world need to wake up to this plague called MLM which are nothing about pyramid schemes and snuff them out with the toughest legislation.



    • This article is all silly talk and based on no “real” evidence. There really is nothing “creepy” about it, it’s business. It gives ordinary people and even highly successful people who are willing to work hard, the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. You as an individual must just pick the right company for you to partner with, which suits your values. Amway is a very successful Network Marketing company. I speak on behalf of the Network Marketing industry for I’m involved with another very successful Network Marketing company, which is a proven way of making good money. The Network Marketing industry is predicted by Paul Zane Pilzer to be the next trillion dollar industry by 2020. It’s frowned upon because people don’t see it as a “real” profession.

      People are so quick to jump to conclusions about things they have no understanding or experience of. I love seeing all the positive feedback tho. With anything good in this world there will always be ignorant people (like the person who wrote this article) who will try and bad mouth things. I’m not here to pick a fight, but do your own research before trusting a single article like this.

      People may say we’re “brain washed” but we’re just breaking the status quo, a comfort zone is a nice thing but nothing ever grows there.

      People will never know what they don’t know.

      Shout out to all the successful people in Amway and other companies.

  40. No time for degenerates on

    The funniest part is that Amway specifically takes low income & low education individuals and convinces them that they’re suddenly “entrepreneurs” and “business owners”. These white trash dregs then go on to wear that suit they bought 20 years ago for a funeral. Ill fitting today as it was then when they got it for $40 at Kohl’s and spend their Obama bucks to attend these gatherings. Ahem, these “business meetings”. These meetings that the Marriot probably has to bathe the room in Lysol when these degenerates leave.

    They’re all too stupid to realize these are simply private labeled generic products. $40 for a “multi-vitamin” pack. Aka $0.75 to the company for manufacturing costs.

    Honestly it is sad at the end of the day. Trash people who have no concept of how making money actually works. Go to school, get a degree. Stop having 4 kids in your 20’s and then when you realize you can’t find the time to actually get a decent job, you have to delude yourself that you’re some kind of business savvy individual.

    • There are two ways you can quickly judge Amway. The first is by taking a community college Economics 101 class. MLM relies on obtaining wealth directly from those below you. You’ll hear a lot of Amway people making faulty comparisons to how other companies work – but the fact of the matter is that the growth of employees of, say, McDonalds is due to the outside demand of the wider public while the growth of “Members” of Amway is due to the internal need of Amway to become self-sustaining. There’s a reason why Amway focuses all its energy on its “networks” rather than the products it actually sells. It should be noted, however, that most of what Amway does is COMPLETELY LEGAL. It’s the equivalent of asking your friends to give you a quarter for every dollar they spend and then encourage them to make the same deal with their friends (with you taking an uptop percentage.) This is why Amway does indeed “partner” with large businesses…such large businesses realize the simplicity of Amway and are more than happy to take a portion of that profit! The issue, however, is whether there is an actual career in Amway – and the simple answer is not unless you either got in early or have lots and lots of family, friends, and poor souls you can get to agree to be below you in your “network.”

      The other way that you can quickly judge Amway is by the profile of their members. Many come from lower middle class religious backgrounds and have recently undergone personal issues (e.g. marital struggles) or boredom that cause them to look for some job that offers an easy way in and a holistic form of management. Many are unwilling to either put in the time that accompanies developing an actual profession (and will thus scoff at higher education) or put in the risk that accompanies creating one’s own business (and will thus scoff at how much the average person works per day.) They’ll often use trigger terms such as “early retirement,” “success,” and “freedom” without ever actually offering anything of substance of what Amway consists of. If anyone questions them – instead of taking time to explain how exactly Amway operates, they will point to a small group of people they know that got rich using Amway or point to all of the businesses that “partner” with Amway . Finally, some are often very protective and defensive of Amway online. You’ll see throughout the comments here (and countless others on blogs criticizing Amway) persons of such stature. You’ll also see that these persons, more often than not, use extremely poor grammar and punctuation, use profanity, and will almost never give an actual counter-argument of substance (but will rather point towards the businesses that partner with Amway, attack other businesses, or direct you to some site ran by Amway members.) Go ahead and see how many of the pro-Amway comments in this blog fit these traits – all of them.

      • Ok, tell you what, if you have any actual questions, ask them right here. I’m a recent inductee into this “cult” of Amway. If you truly market yourself as someone who is knowledgeable and can provide something more than opinion, shoot. If you don’t I’ll take it as you got paid to bad mouth Amway just like the person who wrote this blog. She even stated in one of the comments above that she gets paid to market her own blog, and this is her business. Please show me something I haven’t already seen, and convince me that I shouldn’t join this; we can have a real conversation.

      • You make great points. I enjoy the products and the rebates the companies pays me to have people I know and meet to shop through its online portal. If this process isn’t for you or other people that’s ok with you. Everyone has choices and I choose this avenue. But to say that many of the people involved aren’t very well educated and the like is kinda insulting; those on my team have advanced degrees and about 45 percent are working professionals with terminal degrees. Just my thoughts.

      • Actually the company pays us directly not the wealth from those on our team. What the team makes is their money and none of it goes to other team members. The govt collects money through taxes and pays its bills and helps those that are less fortunate. Not this company; you eat what you kill basically. Just my thoughts. And as far the education of the members on my team, I posted that below. Just my thoughts.

  41. A friend recruited me into Amyway. I joined initially but after going to one of their conference and hearing all the chants. I knew it was a Cult of desperate money hungry fools! That was the last they had of my money.

    By the way the conference I went to was back in 2008 or 2009 in Chicago.

  42. I was a former Amway Business Owner. I quit after going to their conference in Illinois in 2008 or 2009 (it has been a while). Amway is a Cult, Pyramid Scheme and a SCAM!! You’re almost better off flushing your hard earned cash down the toilet.

  43. Amway was forced by the FTC to admit publicly that the average profit for their members was roughly $1400 a year. Also Amway makes more profit charging their “independent business owners” fees for “training” than they do for their actual products. You’ll notice Ambots spewing the same recycled script over and over whenever you challenge them. They also lie about their success rates . It’s called “fake it til you make it”. Every person I’ve ever know in Amway comes off as incredibly sleazy. Oh, and by the way? “Looser” means “less tight”. A “loser” is someone who loses. Like most Amway members.

  44. lol! These comments are funny. I too am an IBO with Amway. I made $200 in one day! How much did you make? The only people who do not succeed are the ones who don’t work to succeed. This is a business for crying out loud, what business do you know has been successful without making an investment? I’ll wait……….

  45. You earned a new reader today. Amway people are total scumbags who want to sell you their shit and promising great rewards, wasting a great deal of your time. I hate those pyramid schemes.

  46. Here is my experience from amway. (spoiler, not good) I was an IBO and part of a business team for 2 years. went to 6 big conferences and really did my best to sell and share the opportunity. I ended up getting like 5 or 6 people in under me and then some under them. some people quit but I was sold on the dream. after the second year and time to renew I went over how much I spent every month compared to checks received from the company. I was getting anywhere from $40.00 a month to $200.00 but usually under $100.00. after the two years I was thousands in the negative. I thought would I want to get somebody just like me in the business? someone to go to the conferences, buy from themselves. at first I said yes but then I realized I would of sponsored a lot of hard working people and made them go broke. my uplined usually pressured me to drive a long way for meetings, buying stuff. all the events were super late and I was really sleep deprived. all of these are cult techniques. look it up.. do it.. I found that most people who are emeralds and diamonds make way more off the cd’s and events than even the amway part. usually if they share income it is there one best month but most the time I find they make crap. I wont go into details but I really didn’t want to continue. I went back to finish my degree (which my upline convinced me to quit school!!!) I got my degree. now just 2 years later I have actually doubled my income, met the most beautiful girl, Ukrainian girl with a perfect accent. she too was in amway and quit. I am working in a job in my degree field (server administration) and she actually started her own business. Amway had good business principles but you are much better off to go start a real business not a multi level marketing business in which you do more buying than selling and if you actually do selling you will need to sell a whole crap ton to get any money, in fact you will make more money working part time at mcdonalds than actually just selling amway products and I am guessing that is even if you get 15+ customers. do your research on where the top dogs are making money, then if you are in business yourself please recap your spending vs income and then question did my upline push me away from friends, family, or choices I would of done differently. If you spent the time to read this thank you as I kinda went long, I am so happy now and was only acting happy in amway as they say “fake it until you make it.”

  47. I am a AMWAY IBO and they DONT MAKE YOU BUY TOILET PAPER , probably you heard it from someone else and dicided to wite it down … Things are differently.

  48. An old friend and her husband asked if they could catch up as we hadn’t seen each other for a while….well, they showed up with their Amway upliner and tried to rope us into joining…my husband, trying not to smile too much mentioned the pic they were showing us was actually a pyramid on it’s side! The upliner got antsy and said he was making 6 figures. I asked him if he was, why did he have holes in the soles of his shoes and drove a bomb to our house? Haven’t seen those old friends since, funny. I felt like I had brushed of leeches who wanted to suck any money I had into their “business”. Problem with Amway, it IS a pyramid scheme and the money is funneled straight to the top. Last I heard these people had purchased a caravan and were driving interstate to meet new people in the hopes of roping them in! They spend all their savings,tried to scam their friends and made nothing……

  49. When i was 23 years old I was introduced to Amway through mutual friend. I had never heard of the company before that time. I went to school for business, yet was bartending because I couldnt find a job that I was really passionate about. This was of making money was foreign to me, but I have always been open minded. I have now been in business for 9 years. The 1st 5 years I was only making between $4,000-$6,000 a year. It was really me just learning how to better communcate with people and developing myself as an individual( I was extremely intreverted when I got in business). For me, this has been a phenomenal opportunity! I have also realized that many teams under the Amway umbrella do very different techniques, just like not all football teams under the NFL banner are ran the same way. I can honestly say that I have never bought toilet paper online so can’t relate to that statement. As far as “loosing a friend”. If your “friends” are negative and dont support you, then why would you continue to associate with them? Life is to short to be around people who don’t believe in you. I think this is a wonderful opportunity, but obviously not for everyone! “Pyramid schemes” are illegal in the US and companies like Nike, Apple & the NCAA FBS would probably stay away from such thing. (That’s just 3 of the hundreds of companies partnered with Amway). Their are bad apples in every bunch, but that doesnt mean all the apples(Amway business owners) are bad. Just someone who is 32 and speaking from personal experience. Hopefully people wont make a decision based off of someone who didnt make it, or even get in business.

    • I just looked online and found nothing about Nike and Apple in a partnership with Amway.

      Amways seems to have them as “partner stores” which gives Amway shoppers a discount, but this isn’t any different than getting a discount on these same places through eBates — but no one would say eBates has “partnered” with Nike and Amway.

      You said you only made $4,000 to $6,000 per year for the first 5 years (ridiculous, no idea how you lived on that). How much do you make now? Even if you bragged about doubling your income you’d only be at $8,000 to $12,000.

      • Nike and Apple have been partnered for 3 years. They don’t need to market and advertise that to create volume. That’s what we do. Also, amway is designed initially to be part time,no full time. I worked a full time job, while putting in time to build a business online. I don’t need to explain what we make now but it’s enough to make a living. Look up the BBB if you want to do “research”.

  50. Working a traditional 9 to 5 job is a pyramid scheme, why? Is because you are working for someone else. Your working for their dream. The richer gets richer while the poor gets poorer. Why work so hard on something in which you can never own.

    • No. A traditional job would only be a pyramid scheme if you got paid by the number of people you recruited into the job, and also from the people your recruits recruited

  51. Oh boy have i and everything to describe is 1000% accurate. The part were my higher intelligence kicked in is when they wanted access to my contacts. Why would i give you my contacts to market to. Thats called seo search engine optimization leads companys pay each other tons of money for leads but i’m suppose to give my contacts to my team leader for free and they profit from my sales. All it really takes is a little common sense to see through the con.

  52. Not true Amway isn’t a scheme you should see how Amway business owners lives are like they don’t work their kids are happy they look young even though they are 50or 70

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