13 Awesome Bullet Journal Pages for Tracking Your Money

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No matter your artistic skill, bullet journals can be the perfect tool for tracking your money. The most effective strategy can vary from person to person, but in any case, the dotted pages of a bullet journal is sure to make it relaxing to do … and beautiful to look at!

Bullet journal pages are perfect for tracking your money

If you haven’t been lured into the bullet journal craze yet, they are essentially prettier graph-paper journals. The axes are the only parts you can really see, so the idea is you can connect the dots to make straight lines without being confined to a pre-designed layout.

Already you can see why this can make them the perfect financial planner! Even those with limited artistry can make creative and inspiring spreadsheets that they’d be proud to hang on their fridge.

Need bullet journaling supplies? We recommend:

If you need ideas for your bullet journal, I recommend checking out the following YouTube Videos: Amanda Rach Lee’s 2020 Bullet Journal Set up and Plant Based Bride 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up.

Obviously the visual appeal can motivate you to complete your goal, and help you keep a good attitude about watching part of your paycheque be tucked away each month.

After hours scrolling through the wondrous bullet journal hashtag, I found lots of gorgeous shots and categorized my favourites. Below are my favourite bullet journal pages for tracking your money! 

Fill up a money jar 

bullet journal saving page 1
instagram account @ninsbujo

This strategy is probably the most popular one I saw out there. The dotted pages in a bullet journal make it easy to draw, especially a simple shape like a jar.

… Or a boba cup!  


bullet journal saving page 2
instagram account @cloudyiswriting

The point of this one, obviously, is to eventually colour your way to the top. It’s a fun format because you have so many options to personalize it! It’s also a really simple way to track your savings.

The only issue here is it only covers one incredibly straightforward savings goal. So obviously if your saving goals are more complicated, you probably need a more complicated strategy! 

Pretty colouring

bullet journal saving page 3
instagram account @bulletjournalkiwi

This one is my favourite bullet journal strategy for tracking your money. It truly makes the concept of money less scary, and makes it easier and more relaxing to do the numbers.

The possibilities are endless! Colour flowers like the page above or stars as below. 

The issue? It takes a lot more effort to make these trackers! It depends on how much effort you’re wanting to give.

bullet journal saving page 4

Each item (star, flower petal, etc) represents a certain amount of money. You fill it in each time you save that amount. Pretty straightforward! But at the same time satisfying and motivating.

Plus, you can sort them into specific savings goals, like this person did:

bullet journal saving page 5
instagram account @tinaskreativa

Create bullet journal pages with simple lines

bullet journal budget page 1
instagram account @idyiajournal

Okay, now for an easy one. If you’re more about the numbers than the aesthetic, the bullet journal is still a great way to track your savings. The dots on the page are easy to connect into a straightforward graph to track your savings!

bullet journal budget page 2
instagram account @cardigansandchamomile

This one is a blank slate, meaning it can work for any financial tracking! Not only could you incorporate different savings goals, but this format also works for budgeting or tracking your spending. 

bullet journal saving page 6

One step at a time

bullet journal save my way to 10k
instagram account @letteringbytm

The concept here is you follow the path, watching your savings grow until you reach your goal. This is a great way to track your savings because it’s super customizable and easy to make!

bullet journal savings tracker
instagram user @karolinaskrafts

This strategy is another popular one, and I can see why. No matter what your goal, it can fit comfortably in this simple format. And it’s always easy to update! 

Create bullet journal pages with simple squares

bullet journal saving page 7
reddit user @cjmounce

Like the simple lines format, this one is easily customizable (and just plain easy to make). It’s another colouring-based strategy, but it can be organized in different ways if necessary.

For example, this page manages separate savings goals:

bullet journal saving page 8
instagram account @written.intentions

These little squares also means you can create your savings tracker in less space than some of the other formats:

bullet journal saving page 10
instagram account @rayneorshine_bujo

In any case, bullet journals are made for drawing squares (literally). If you are a fan of the bullet journal anyway, then this is a great way to add tracking your savings to your journaling process! 

No matter what strategy you decide works best for you, a bullet journal is a fun and creative way to build your nest egg or save for a purchase! 

I hope these formats are as visually pleasing to you as they are to me. Seeing others with working plans that look beautiful on a page makes me much more motivated to do my own.

If your New Year’s resolution was to start a TFSA, RRSP, or any other savings account, but you’re struggling with the follow-through, these bullet journal pages may inspire you to efficiently track your savings!

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