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Bank with less fees

Tangerine offers no-fee banking and competitive interest rates. If you sign up using my Orange Key (32251507S1), you’ll receive a $25 bonus. Tangerine offers chequing accounts, savings accounts, and mutual funds. You can hold these as unregistered, or within a TFSA or RRSP.

Questrade is an online brokerage with very affordable trade commissions, which is ideal for small time investors. You can have unregistered accounts, or hold stocks within a TFSA or RRSP.

I personally use the MBNA cash-back credit card, but you should select a rewards card that maximizes its value for you. This might be through cash-back, travel rewards, or another reward system.

Track your spending and/or make a budget

Money 4 by Jumsoft is a mac app and my program of choice, and where most of my charts and graphs come from.  The software does not link to your bank accounts, so you need to manually enter every transaction. However, you can set up automatic transactions for regular income and expenses (ie. rent or your paycheque).

However, there are plenty of alternatives out there including: You Need A Budget and

Pay off debt

The Know What You Owe tool from SALT allows you to keep track of all your debts in one place — and make a plan to start paying them down.

Ready For Zero is a website that offers FREE debt-killing web tools to help you meet your goals. You can sign up to receive a personalized debt-repayment plan, and as you move towards your goal, the site will generate charts to track your progress.


Save for retirement

In your 20’s, saving for retirement might seem like overkill but now is the best time to begin. Check out these posts on building your nest egg when you’re just starting out:


Save for another goal

Not all savings are for when you’re old and grey! Some life events will arrive sooner than retirement so why not work towards them now? Whether you’re saving for a wedding, a car, or a down-payment on a home, big goals require big planning.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 5.02.20 PMThe SavedPlus app let’s you save automatically when you shop! When you track your spending in this app, it will automatically transfer a fixed percentage of everything you spend from your chequing to your savings account. Currently it’s available in the US only but I love this idea!

Invest in the stock market

LearnVest is an only program to help you build an investment portfolio. This is a paid service that sets you up with an advisor online, who will guide you through everything from making a budget to investing in stocks.

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Money After Graduation produces all its own content, but we’ve been inspired by a great number of financial gurus. If you want to absorb some financial, career, and life knowledge in paperback form, we recommend:



  1. sa

    Good writing. Keep it up.

  2. Hey! What a nice blog! Just wondered if you’ve tried Mint. It’s an app for the iPhone and if you haven’t used it, it’s great. You can budget your expenses the way you’ve broken it down in one of your blog entries. The good thing is, it connects with your bank a/c directly and you actually check it, right before entering your next favorite earrings store to see if you have money in this month’s “entertainment” budget to buy earrings on that particular day.
    I don’t have an iPhone, but I’ve heard quite a bit about it. I believe it’s new in Canada! Keep writing 🙂

  3. Flabbergasted

    This may come off as strange because I don’t know you personally, but my intention is not to weird you out (certainly not like this situation has done to me).

    A friend of mine pointed your blog out to me, and upon reading it, I was struck with a simultaneous “A-ha!” and “what the fuck?” moment, as I happen to have had the unfortunate mispleasure of having another blog that is strikingly like yours shoved down my throat for the last year by a “friend” who has become increasingly more irritating. This is not because of the content, but because of the strange personality shift on a whim coupled with a number of cryptically rude claims that she feels the need to share, that I now feel as though you were the target of.

    I followed you on Twitter to gain a little insight (as the other party is full of denial and dismissiveness), but couldn’t DM you from there – I would love to hear from you (obviously, without having to be a creepy stalker).

    On a friendlier note – your blog is wonderfully easy to relate to, and gives me a little hope for getting out of my own student debt. Thanks!