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I wish it made sense to buy instead of rent


After spending a month on my own in Paris, in the smallest but most stylish studio apartment I’ve ever been in in my whole life, I decided that I would really love to live in a studio apartment. Permanently. In Edmonton. What I want is a small, maybe 500 ft2 space that forces me to be creative, live without a lot of stuff, and takes the least amount to clean. What I can get in Edmonton, however, is 800-1000 ft2 of luxury, look-at-me, please-put-your-leather-couch-and-matching-ottoman-here. Sigh. Nevertheless, I did fall in love with one centrally located loft that boasts exposed brick walls and wood-beam ceilings. It’s on the smaller end at 800 ft2, and I was in the mood to compromise so I decided that the extra room was just fine. I quickly began to stitch together an awesome fantasy life where I am a super trendy twenty-something in an upscale […]


STFUDF is a term I learned from I Will Teach You To Be Rich (one of my favorite websites!). It stands for: shut the *%^# up, dumb friend. It’s an ever-useful description. Seriously. Especially for really bad financial tidbits your friends will share with you should you ever dare to bring up your own saving or debt repayment. People always have something to say about money, because we all love money, and we all think there’s a right way to handle it. Sometimes your friends will say something dumb because they genuinely don’t know any better, but sometimes they’ll do it with arrogant self-satisfaction that prevents you from trying to argue, even though you know they are just being SO DUMB. I recognize maybe I’m this friend to some people, but that’s another topic for another day. For now, I just wanted to introduce the acronym because, my god, do […]