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July 2012 Spending Recap


Here is is! Remember I was still in Europe for the first week of this month, so that’s why my travel spending is still huge!   Bank Charges – the usual currency exchange and PayPal fees. Almost ready to lump this under “bills” since it’s such a regular item now =\ Bills – rent, laundry, electricity, Netflix, cellphone, laundry. Clothing – I bought 1 dress at the beginning of the month when I was in Munich, Germany and NO NEW CLOTHES SINCE. Looking forward to shopping for a fall wardrobe though. Debt – Ok, so this was an accident. I meant to only put $700 or $800 towards my student loans and I paid like, $1100 or something. It wasn’t good because I was so broke in July! Electronics – iTunes and I updated to the new Snow Leopard OS on my MacBook Air. Food – groceries & dining out. […]

June 2012 Spending Recap


Woot!   Bank Charges – currency exchange fees (LOTS of those this month!), PayPal fees (also lots of these this month thanks to blogging income + eBay sales). Bills – rent, electricity, cellphone, internet, Netflix, laundry. Clothing – higher than usual because I’ve bought some really amazing dresses in Europe! Debt – student loans, as usual. Electronics – bought some noise cancelling headphones for painfully long train & plane rides, as well as adapters for power outlets in Europe. Food – looks small here because I left for Europe June 14th, and all my food spending abroad is part of my Travel category. Job Expenses – eBay seller fees.. not sure why I called these job expenses. I guess I have this fantasy that someday I will be an eBay power seller and it will generate a regular income for me 😉 Leisure – iTunes downloads and some Kindle eBooks for […]

March 2012 Spending Recap


Well, I don’t even know where to start so I’m just going to show you:   March was an odd month for a number of reasons: – I brought in a lot of money. I added another student to my regular tutoring schedule, earned some side income blogging & writing, and also received my very big and awesome income tax refund. – I spent a lot of money. Let’s face it: lots of money in means lots of money out. It seemed like a good time to enrol in a German language class (hey, it’s been on my Day Zero list since last year!) AND buy a yoga pass (those things are expensive) AND do a variety of other semi-expensive things. Tax refunds only come once a year, grab it while it’s good! Then I got hit with an unexpected expense that, while it ate up a good chunk of change, […]

February 2012 Spending Recap


Tracking my spending in 2012 has given me lots to criticize. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but here we are. I have learned that; I am ridiculously, embarassingly, expensively vain. I am not immune to impulse spending. credit cards will always be the enemy. So. I’m still tweaking my habits. February was better than January, and hopefully March will be better than February. Here’s what it looks like:   Bills: rent, electricity, internet, cellphone, Netflix. Nearly all my bills were more expensive than last month, so they’re eating more than their regular share of the spending pie. Clothing: Underwear as planned… and some not planned, but I happened to visit the store on a 50% off day so I spent within my limit but bought twice as much as I intended. If I really was being frugal I should have just paid half price instead of bought double. I also […]

January 2012 Spending Recap


This is the first month I’ve tracked my spending in ages. I was a little surprised by some of my spending in some categories and unsurprised by others. I use a program called Money (which I blogged about here) to track my spending. It doesn’t show what percentage of my income I’m saving, because when I move money from my chequing account to my brokerage account, mutual funds and saving accounts it just registers as a “transfer”. Consequently, savings isn’t part of my pie chart — but I promise you it IS part of my monthly finances! Anyway, my spending makes me cringe: Bills: rent, electricity, and my cellphone. I accidentally paid my internet bill twice in December, and I’m still on my 1-month free trial of Netflix, so those will be added next month. Also I need to buy some coins for laundry! Clothing: inflated because in addition to […]