May 2013 Spending Recap

This is where the money went last month!

April 2013 Spending Recap

Since my old style of spending recaps is getting a little tired and is popping up on other blogs, I’ve been experimenting with some new ways to share my numbers.  Let me know what you think!

April 2013 Spending-1

July 2012 Spending Recap

Here is is! Remember I was still in Europe for the first week of this month, so that’s why my travel spending is still huge!


Bank Charges – the usual currency exchange and PayPal fees. Almost ready to lump this under “bills” since it’s such a regular item now =\

Bills – rent, laundry, electricity, Netflix, cellphone, laundry.

Clothing – I bought 1 dress at the beginning of the month when I was in Munich, Germany and NO NEW CLOTHES SINCE. Looking forward to shopping for a fall wardrobe though.

Debt - Ok, so this was an accident. I meant to only put $700 or $800 towards my student loans and I paid like, $1100 or something. It wasn’t good because I was so broke in July!

Electronics – iTunes and I updated to the new Snow Leopard OS on my MacBook Air.

Food – groceries & dining out. I spent way more on groceries than I intended. I just felt like I had run out of everything so I restocked on a lot of baking supplies.

Healthcare – I went to the dentist for my annual check up and my insurance covered all but $25, so that came out of pocket.

Household – I bought a new laundry basket, a full-length mirror and some nice wood hangers for my closet.

Investment – this came out of savings so it really shouldn’t be on the spending report, but as usual, I don’t go deleting stuff lest I mess up my entire Money 4 program. I bought some stocks I’ve been eyeing for awhile

Job Expenses – website stuff. I’m at the crossroads where I just can’t do everything for MAG all by myself, so I’ve hired some regular hands to help with this blog’s design, operation and growth.

Leisure – I don’t remember what I spent here.

Transportation – Bus tickets!

Travel – LOL. This is big because it includes my hotel stays in Munich and Zurich as well as a train ticket between the two cities. It also includes a cheap weekend away camping in the Rocky Mountains (campsite was only $60 but I helped my sister with gas & groceries for the trip).

Uncategorized - my credit card and my own records didn’t match up so I had to reconcile the accounts. Thought I spent less than I actually did. Ouch!

June 2012 Spending Recap



Bank Charges – currency exchange fees (LOTS of those this month!), PayPal fees (also lots of these this month thanks to blogging income + eBay sales).

Bills - rent, electricity, cellphone, internet, Netflix, laundry.

Clothing – higher than usual because I’ve bought some really amazing dresses in Europe!

Debt – student loans, as usual.

Electronics – bought some noise cancelling headphones for painfully long train & plane rides, as well as adapters for power outlets in Europe.

Food – looks small here because I left for Europe June 14th, and all my food spending abroad is part of my Travel category.

Job Expenses - eBay seller fees.. not sure why I called these job expenses. I guess I have this fantasy that someday I will be an eBay power seller and it will generate a regular income for me ;)

Leisure – iTunes downloads and some Kindle eBooks for my Mac.

Personal Care – thanks to Krystal, I’m now hooked on expensive French face cream.

Travel – HOLLA! Transportation, accommodations, food, sight-seeing, and a few souvenirs (namely a Deutschland soccer jersey!). Can’t believe I’ve been abroad for nearly 3 weeks… starting to get a little homesick ;)

So spending for June was as expected. Went a little overboard with the clothes shopping but I’m happy to report blog income will cover ALL of it (which is incredible; I’m happy advertising income is beginning to trickle back for all bloggers, it certainly helps pay the bills). I’m off to Switzerland today, which is the last leg of my trip. I’ve had an incredible time traveling and I’m looking forward to a few beautiful days in Zurich before getting on a plane and coming home. Trying to wrap my head around the reality that by Thursday I will be back at work again!


May 2012 Spending Recap

So this is SUPER delayed but I thought I’d get it out of the way before I start doing trip updates! With the exception of travel spending, I feel like May was pretty average:


Bank Charges – mostly currency exchange fees from transferring USD from PayPal.

Bills – all the usual fun: rent, electricity, internet, laundry, netflix, and my cellphone (which has since been stolen). Now that the days are getting longer, my electricity bill is going way down so that makes me happy!

Clothing – I bought a shirt, a scarf and a pair of TOMS. I also got a pair of jeans, but I used gift cards I had for Anthropolgie to get them. This spending was kind of fun because I sold 2 dresses of my own which paid for the shirt & TOMS I bought — so basically only the scarf ($15) really cost me money out of my paycheque. It was a pretty good way to turnover my wardrobe for spring! Regular dry-cleaning and mending of my clothing is also part of this category though, so that’s what adds to the cost.

Debt – Looks small because I changed my payment from the 30th of the month to the 1st, so now what normally would have counted as May’s payment is actually going to show up in June’s spending report. All part of making it automatic.

Food – A ridiculous amount of this is alcohol. Every sunny day was spent on a patio (as it should be!)

Investment – normally this wouldn’t show up in here but I tried deleting it and it just made things worse. I bought some stocks in May with money from my savings, so it shows up as “spending” but really it’s cash that has been set aside for the past few months. Ignore!

Job Expenses – this hasn’t actually been spent yet, I just set it aside for later. I’ve hired an artist to design my blog banner, so this is his payment.

Liesure – iTunes, I think.

Personal Care – usual spa services plus I stocked up on new make-up from MAC. I had a lot of empty containers and then a friend of mine gave me even more, so through MAC’s recycle program I was able to get two free eyeshadows and a lipstick! I then bought replacement eyeliners and mascara because I basically ran out of everything all in one day. I also picked up a new shade of nail polish and some nail polish remover from Sephora.

Travel – I removed what was reimbursed by work so this represents only my personal spending in Vancouver and what I’ve pre-paid for my trip to Europe (which I am now on!)