July 2012 Spending Recap

Here is is! Remember I was still in Europe for the first week of this month, so that’s why my travel spending is still huge!


Bank Charges – the usual currency exchange and PayPal fees. Almost ready to lump this under “bills” since it’s such a regular item now =\

Bills – rent, laundry, electricity, Netflix, cellphone, laundry.

Clothing – I bought 1 dress at the beginning of the month when I was in Munich, Germany and NO NEW CLOTHES SINCE. Looking forward to shopping for a fall wardrobe though.

Debt – Ok, so this was an accident. I meant to only put $700 or $800 towards my student loans and I paid like, $1100 or something. It wasn’t good because I was so broke in July!

Electronics – iTunes and I updated to the new Snow Leopard OS on my MacBook Air.

Food – groceries & dining out. I spent way more on groceries than I intended. I just felt like I had run out of everything so I restocked on a lot of baking supplies.

Healthcare – I went to the dentist for my annual check up and my insurance covered all but $25, so that came out of pocket.

Household – I bought a new laundry basket, a full-length mirror and some nice wood hangers for my closet.

Investment – this came out of savings so it really shouldn’t be on the spending report, but as usual, I don’t go deleting stuff lest I mess up my entire Money 4 program. I bought some stocks I’ve been eyeing for awhile

Job Expenses – website stuff. I’m at the crossroads where I just can’t do everything for MAG all by myself, so I’ve hired some regular hands to help with this blog’s design, operation and growth.

Leisure – I don’t remember what I spent here.

Transportation – Bus tickets!

Travel – LOL. This is big because it includes my hotel stays in Munich and Zurich as well as a train ticket between the two cities. It also includes a cheap weekend away camping in the Rocky Mountains (campsite was only $60 but I helped my sister with gas & groceries for the trip).

Uncategorized – my credit card and my own records didn’t match up so I had to reconcile the accounts. Thought I spent less than I actually did. Ouch!