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Frugal Fashion: bundle up on a budget considering cost-per-use


I think technically the first day of winter is December 21st, but if you live as far north as me, you know that the cold has already been here for awhile. I make a concerted effort not to break out my winter jacket until November 1st — it’s a mental game I play so the season feels shorter than it really is — and I kind of love that moment when I finally put it on and get to be so toasty and warm again. This happiness last through the holidays until about the second week for January, at which point I kind of feel done with winter and want the cold to stop (4-5 months later, I get my wish). This year I’m happy to report my Burton snowboard jacket I purchased 6 years ago is still going strong. I did, however, buy some winter boots this year.ย I thought […]

Shopaholicism: it’s just a shirt


I like shopping. Sometimes. Sometimes being in the mall just flat out annoys the shit out of me. Nevertheless, I like trying on new clothes and testing out different styles. I like to see whatโ€™s new and popular. I love the feel of silk dresses, cashmere cardigans and leather purses, so I have to go to stores to enjoy these luxuries because I own so few myself. Really, shopping without making a purchase is kind of like going to the library: you get to temporarily borrow and enjoy something before returning it so the next person gets a go. However, I am such a sucker for a friendly salesperson. Seriously, they can sell me anything. When I go into a store to buy jeans, and the sales clerk hands me 3 shirts to try on with them, it’s more likely than not I’ll leave with the whole lot. As a […]