The Best Things to Purchase This Winter (for next winter!)

The beginning of a new year is by and large the worst season for retail sales and consumer spending in general. Most people overspend during the holidays, just to end up holing up all winter due to bad weather and tighter finances.

If you managed to keep some of your extra money this winter, there are quite a few items that are cheaper at this time of the year as retailers try to entice consumers to buy. If you are in need of any of these items, now would be a great time to start looking.


Holiday Items. Now is a great time to purchase holiday decor, gift wrap, cards, and more. Anything remotely related to the holidays is cleared out at ridiculously low prices. I purchased a few packs of Christmas cards to use next Christmas for $0.75-2.00, compared to $8-15 that you pay in late November/early December. I also purchased a small Christmas tree for a ridiculously low price.

Electronics. Brand name televisions go on super sale in February when new models get released, so if you’re in the market for one it’s a great thing to watch for.

Cars. Who wants to start their new vehicle off in the dirty, slushy winter? Well I do, if it means saving money. Not a lot of people are buying vehicles in the winter for just that reason, which means you have more leverage when you are negotiating price and financing. Personally, I don’t mind my car getting a little dirty in the winter. Even if you purchase in the spring instead, you are just delaying the inevitable weather you will eventually have to subject your vehicle to.

A home. People don’t like house shopping in winter. Not only is it tough to get around to look in the snow, you also can’t assess the yard as well. If it means you can shave even a few thousand dollars off of the price of a home, it’s worth looking now.

Furniture. My mom, an interior designer, has always told me how terrible January-March are for furniture sales. Sales reps are trying harder to make sales at this time and with new 2014 collections being released to stores in February, stores are looking to clear out their stock. All of which leads to better prices for the consumer!

Clothing. After the amazing boxing week sales, clothing seems to stay at discounted prices until it’s cleared out. Even though it’s the middle of winter, stores are already preparing for the spring and have started to put their winter collections on sale. So if you need a couple of pairs of jeans, sweaters, or other winter wear now is the time to look.

So if you have a bit of money saved up and have been waiting to get one of these big ticket items, get out there before the spring thaw and see what deals you can find.