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Canadian Personal Finance Celebrity Series: Rob Carrick


Rob Carrick is a Canadian Personal Finance columnist for the Globe & Mail and best-selling author. He recently launched an online personal finance magazine directed at helping millennials with their money and regularly tweets about millennial money issues under the hashtag #GenYMoney. You can read more of Rob’s work on his website.  1. Most Millennials can’t afford to support themselves until their 30’s. What’s the biggest thing holding them back from independence?  It’s weakness in the job market. What strikes me when I talk to millennials and their parents is the number of people not so much unemployed as under-employed in jobs that don’t fully utilize their education and training. This includes both unpaid internships and semi-paid internships, where young workers receive a non-competitive wage. A related issue is what millennials are studying. I’m hearing a lot about people who study subjects that don’t have great job prospects. Often, they’re going back […]