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Why I’m Renting For Another Year


I have $75,000 in total savings and I want to invest it in a single stock. I feel so bullish about this stock, I’m going to take my money and use it to secure a loan for $700,000 at 3%, which I will also put into the investment. This represents a 9.3x leverage and I feel really good about it because historically this investment has done very well. I’m going to have to spend an additional $10,000 per year in fees, but I think this investment is worth it. I’m in it for the long haul. If you think borrowing 10x your money to invest in a single stock is insane, you’re right. It is. But it’s exactly what buying a house in Calgary, Alberta is. If someone told you they wanted to borrow 10x their money to dump nearly a million dollars into a single stock, you’d think they were gunning for bankruptcy. […]

The Calgary Real Estate Market


The Calgary real estate market is one of the hottest in Canada, struggling to keep up with the city’s economy. The vacancy rate is less than 2% and rents are raised at every opportunity. Housing prices are high, with the average price for a single-family detached home at $556,402. What follows is a brief overview of what you can buy with how much. It must be strange for American personal finance bloggers to see what the house prices are in Canada (bloggers that don’t live in expensive American cities, that is) because in the US PF world, home ownership is one of the single best shortcuts to wealth building. Up north, it’s a much bigger pain in the ass, and if not approached with caution and executed correctly, the damage to your net worth might take decades to fix. The Calgary Real Estate Market When I searched Calgary on the MLS.ca […]