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The 90-Day Shopping Ban


I’ve been working full-time for the past nine months, and it’s been great. I have a decent disposable income and I’ve been spending it on… pretty much everything. I booked trips with fancy hotel rooms. I bought new fitness gear, magazines, routines, and supplements. I bought gifts for friends and family. I bought clothes and jewelry, books and music. I tried new restaurants, new wines, new beers. I increased the budget for our wedding and spent to my heart’s content. My fiancΓ© and I even bought a new-to-us car. It has all been very fun. It’s also been very meaningless. I have no problem with spending what you can afford, but it’s occurred to me that there might be something to be said about “waste”. How many times did I order another glass of wine just because I could? Download a song because I heard it on Songza? Sign up […]

September Spending Fast Recap


As many of you know, I challenged myself to a no-spend September, which means I attempted to avoid spending money on non-essentials. I say attempted because I didn’t make it through the month without spending any money on non-essentials — but I did pretty well. Total non-essential spending in September: $122.69 I found the first 2 weeks were a breeze, but after that I started to crack. By week 4 I was so annoyed by self-deprivation, I was assembling a lengthly October-1st shopping list. I ended up caving in and going to dinner for a friend’s birthday ($35) and buying a dress from H&M ($62). I had a devious plan to return the dress, then buy it again once the calendar turned over to October, but I figured cheating was essentially the same as breaking the rules, so there was no point. All in all, a successful month. Not spending […]

September Spending Fast Mid-Month Check-In


Happy September 15th! Winter came early this year and snow has already fallen in Calgary. It’s melted for now, but I still feel like we skipped Fall entirely. Good news is I haven’t been skipping out on my spending fast, and have cut all unnecessary spending out of my budget to the absolute bare minimum. Here’s my mid-month check-in! Total unnecessary spending in September so far: $24.74 Bed Bath & Beyond – bought some goodies for the apartment with a $100 gift card… but the total came to $100.74 so I had to fork over the extra seventy-four cents. Whoa, big spender. Alcohol – my MBA program had a welcome back party at a local bar the first Saturday of the month. 1 drink ticket was not enough for me, and I ended up buying 2 glasses of wine. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I did. Tea – on Friday […]

September Spending Fast


Happy September! September always marks the end of summer for me, and since Fall is my favorite season, I couldn’t be more excited. I’m hoping it doesn’t start snowing until late October, but I am looking forward to that chill in the air, pumpkin spice lattes, scarves scarves and more scarves, and teensy tiny bit of happiness about going back to school. Originally the end of summer meant the end of my MBA summer internship, but employer has extended my contract which means I am NOT going back to school broke! I am taking this week off to complete a block week class, but as of next week, I’ll be working ~30 hours per week and completing 2 evening classes. It’s about 400% easier than last term, with less than half the academic workload and nearly 3x the income. So many wins. Having a job this Fall changes a lot […]

A no-spend January


First of all, Merry Christmas! I know it’s Christmas Eve, but thanks to my German heritage, that means I’ll get to open most of my presents this evening πŸ™‚ I’m very excited to give and to get! In other news, I’m planning a no-spend month. I think it’s important, and post-Christmas will get me the least amount of criticism because everyone else will be dealing with their credit card hangovers and assume I’m in the same boat. I need a no spend month for a number of reasons. First, I need to see of my emergency fund is actually realistic. Can I really live off less than $900 per month? Secondly, it’s good to break the cycle of how accustomed I’ve become to getting everything I want. Humans are adaptable creatures, and my income jump from undergrad has gone from feeling privileged to commonplace. It’s time I return briefly to […]