September Spending Fast Recap

As many of you know, I challenged myself to a no-spend September, which means I attempted to avoid spending money on non-essentials. I say attempted because I didn’t make it through the month without spending any money on non-essentials — but I did pretty well.

Total non-essential spending in September: $122.69

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 1.41.36 PM

I found the first 2 weeks were a breeze, but after that I started to crack. By week 4 I was so annoyed by self-deprivation, I was assembling a lengthly October-1st shopping list. I ended up caving in and going to dinner for a friend’s birthday ($35) and buying a dress from H&M ($62). I had a devious plan to return the dress, then buy it again once the calendar turned over to October, but I figured cheating was essentially the same as breaking the rules, so there was no point.

All in all, a successful month. Not spending on crap let me afford $200 in textbooks and business cases for my MBA, which after 8 years of post-secondary is something I should know to plan for but never do. Because my boyfriend-now-fiance also got on board with a no-spend September, together we managed to put $400 in our joint savings account. I also managed to put $450 into my TFSA, $100 in my RRSP, and $200 in other savings for a total personal savings of $750 this month.

This means reigning in my spending for September resulted in about $1,100 of captured money, which after my textbooks, almost all went to saving.

Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about caving in a few times! I also kind of get the advocates of an uber-frugal lifestyle, because banking this every month would be incredible (though if I can’t even make it 4 weeks without slipping up, I know it’s not sustainable!)

Overall, cutting my spending for a month was awesome. It resulted in less waste and more cash in my pocket. How was your September?