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Mint.com sucks


I know a lot of people are huge fans of Mint.com, but I think it sucks. I have been using Mint.com since last August, before it officially came to Canada. At that time, ING wasn’t recognized so only my TD accounts showed up. This was a significant limitation to me getting the most out of this website, but I waited patiently until all banks were supported. Now ING does show up… kind of. Unfortunately, having all my banks show up doesn’t make Mint work for me, and I’ve about given up entirely for a number of reasons: All my accounts don’t show up. My RRSP mutual fund is wholly absent from my financial summary. Consequently, there’s always a nice little notice when I log in that I am “behind on my retirement goal”. Uh, thanks. My transactions are never categorized correctly. Credit card payments, transfer to savings, etc. are always […]