I know a lot of people are huge fans of, but I think it sucks.

I have been using since last August, before it officially came to Canada. At that time, ING wasn’t recognized so only my TD accounts showed up. This was a significant limitation to me getting the most out of this website, but I waited patiently until all banks were supported. Now ING does show up… kind of. Unfortunately, having all my banks show up doesn’t make Mint work for me, and I’ve about given up entirely for a number of reasons:

All my accounts don’t show up. My RRSP mutual fund is wholly absent from my financial summary. Consequently, there’s always a nice little notice when I log in that I am “behind on my retirement goal”. Uh, thanks.

My transactions are never categorized correctly. Credit card payments, transfer to savings, etc. are always marked “unknown” or “uncategorized”. Trips to the drugstore show up as food, grocery purchases appear as fees, you name it. I have to go in and manually change everything to the correct category for it to give any semblance of true financial book-keeping — but this entirely defeats the purpose of using Mint since it’s supposed to do all this for me!

For the longest time, Mint recognized my available credit as debt. This has since been resolved, but I had a horrible net worth for months. It was depressing to look at even if it wasn’t true!

I know I might be alone in this, but I hate If I track my own spending, set my own goals, and make my own pie charts, what good does it really do me? While I can see how useful Mint wants to be, the glaring inaccuracies aren’t going to help anyone that can’t budget themselves. I really want Mint to work, because the website is easy to use, there’s an iPhone app, and it sends me alerts for low balances and large deposits & withdrawals, but right now it’s still infuriating to use because everything is always wrong.

Stupid, I’ll be sticking with my own spreadsheets if I have to manually enter every price & category, thankyouverymuch.