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Work expenses


I’ve always been very proud of my spartan wardrobe. I am an unusual girl in the sense that I don’t shop very much, and never as a regular hobby like many women I know. In the entire month of August, I spent $0 on clothing — and I wasn’t even trying. I just don’t buy. When I do buy new clothes, they’re usually things I’ve wanted for a really long time, and are usually a bit expensive so I only get a few. Furthermore, I like to get rid of things: donate, throw out, whatever. If it’s old, unflattering, faded, doesn’t fit right, doesn’t match anything, etc. I immediately toss it. My wardrobe is a minimalist work of art. It’s also been demoted entirely to weekend wear. My new job is in an office, so business attire is required. We do have “casual Fridays” where jeans are permitted, but I […]

Minimalist closet: Packing for SF


I’m leaving for 1 week in San Francisco today, and I wanted to pack light. I loathe lugging around big suitcases, because not only is it a hassle, it just screams “tourist! come rob me” when you’re strolling down the street to your hotel. I decided I would try to get everything into my lululemon bag (that was my schoolbag for 2 years) and a single purse: I succeeded — because in that photo, those bags are packed! In the large lululemon bag, I fit all my clothes.. .. and it’s seriously over-packed. I don’t actually need that many clothes for 7 days, but I guess I’m not quite one the minimalist bandwagon yet because I found myself unable to pare it down further without thinking, “but what if I need this?”. I ended up with 2 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 basic tank tops, 2 dressy […]

A Minimalist Christmas: how I got out of giving & getting stuff Holiday 2010


I guess I’m a bit of a grinch, but I have a limited tolerance for Christmas. Oh, I love it when its here and I’ll listen to carols and bake cookies and get that warm & fuzzy feeling when I watch Christmas movies, but at the end of the day, Christmas mostly consists of two things I’m not all that keen on: Jesus and rampant unchecked consumerism. I know we all want it to be about “love” and “family”, but unfortunately most of North America feels nothing shows love quite like a new iPod touch. So how does a frugal minimalist princess cope with the onslaught and obligation to give & get stuff? Easy! I came right out and said NO STUFF. You have to warn friends & family you’re abnormal now and turning your back on the Western World’s obsession with crap. Simply explaining that I didn’t want any […]

Spend your money on experiences, not stuff


“This is about people being persuaded to spend money they don’t have to buy things we don’t need, to create impressions that won’t last on people we don’t care about.” –  Tim Jackson I think if you ask people what the most important things in life are, no one would list anything you can get from a mall. They’d say things like love, friendship, family. Others might say knowledge, success and achievement. There’s probably be a variety of answers, but I’m personally doubtful any of them would mention cars, shoes, sweaters or Botox. And yet, if you look at our credit card statements, this is where most of us are spending our money. Spend your money on experiences, not stuff. There’s a gross disparity between our spoken priorities and our actions. In the Western world, we’re all about sacrificing our quality of life in the name of rabid over-consumption of […]

In With The Old

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Last night I took my winter boots into a shoe repair shop to redeem them from their current state of disarray. I purchased these boots last year (or maybe the year before?) for ~$250 and essentially wore them to their death. They’re knee-high black leather boots, with a flat, ice-gripping soles and a sheepskin lining. They’re probably the best winter boots to grace the Canadian landscape ever, and if that wasn’t enough on its own, they look great with everything. It’s for these reasons I wore them day-in, day-out through every imaginable weather, fall through spring. In addition to sun & rain, they saw -40C and snow, and sometimes I even made them walk through those snow drifts — you know how winter is: often you don’t have a choice. While the leather still looks good as new, the rest of the boot is suffering: I’ve worn the soles clear […]