Work expenses

I’ve always been very proud of my spartan wardrobe. I am an unusual girl in the sense that I don’t shop very much, and never as a regular hobby like many women I know. In the entire month of August, I spent $0 on clothingand I wasn’t even trying. I just don’t buy. When I do buy new clothes, they’re usually things I’ve wanted for a really long time, and are usually a bit expensive so I only get a few. Furthermore, I like to get rid of things: donate, throw out, whatever. If it’s old, unflattering, faded, doesn’t fit right, doesn’t match anything, etc. I immediately toss it. My wardrobe is a minimalist work of art.

It’s also been demoted entirely to weekend wear.

My new job is in an office, so business attire is required. We do have “casual Fridays” where jeans are permitted, but I already feel like my stretched-out-just-right and faded pair of Joe’s jeans are too casual for casual Fridays.

It was when I was trying to find an outfit for the interview that it dawned on me that I would be totally screwed if I got hired. I owned NO (yes, ZERO) dress pants, all my dresses were too short, and my one pair of “nice” flats were starting to look like I had marched hundreds of city blocks in them.. because well, you know, I did (all over San Francisco and Paris thankyouverymuch!). In short, the only redeeming quality about my closet was a collection of decent shirts.

The day after I received the job offer, I hit the mall with a friend. We were shopping for my bridesmaid dress for her wedding (and guess which one it is? The lace Mad Men dress at Banana Republic I lusted over a few weeks ago! And I got it for $110 instead of $160 because they were having a sale!!), but I decided to pick up a few things for work.

I bought 2 pairs of dress pants ($130 total), a knee-length dress skirt ($50), black pointed toe pumps ($65), and black flats ($120). In short, it was really expensive — and that was me trying to be modest about it. I really wanted to get pants from Banana Republic, but I chose RW & Co. where they were 1/3 of the price. I could use more blouses and dresses, but I’m going to try to stretch what I have until the cheques start coming in. I should have a great work wardrobe by the new year, but in the meantime I really just needed the basics.

After purchasing the new, I then took some of the appropriate items already in my closet to the dry-cleaners. I have a feeling dry-cleaning will be a regular part of my life, now that I’m all about suits and silk blouses. 2 blazers and a dress cost me $50 to dry-clean this week.

Let’s just say it’s really fun to dress like a grown-up, but it is not so fun to pay for it.