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Saving A $100,000 Down Payment


Greetings readers! I have some big news: My boyfriend proposed on September 21 and we’re engaged! He proposed after a 4km hike in the rocky mountains — and I used the car ride home to snapchat shots of the ring to all my cousins and call my parents. Want to put six-figures down on your first home? This is how my fiance and I are saving a $ 100 000 down payment! I’m still not used to saying “fiancé” but “my betrothed” confuses people and takes up too many characters on twitter. We’re still deciding what kind of wedding we want — both of us have the same financial values, so it’s hard to think of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a single day. On the other hand, it’s hard for me to turn down the opportunity to throw a really big party 😉 We haven’t set a date, but […]

A spouse is not an alternative income stream


I usually avoid voicing a strong opinion on controversial issues because I don’t want to offend anyone, but this one just gets under my skin so badly I can’t be quiet about it. I apologize in advance if this rubs anyone the wrong way. I inserted a lot of GIFs to try to make it seem less hostile. For a less abrasive but more detailed breakdown of all I’ve written below from an actual finance professional, please consult “It’s Your Money: Becoming A Woman of Independent Means” by Gail Vaz Oxlade. One of the attitudes I’ve seen entirely too much of in the PF sphere is upholding traditional gender stereotypes for personal financial gain. There are two sides to this coin: Men: “women deserve to earn less because they can be absent from the workforce for extended periods of time in order to devote themselves to child-rearing” Women: “I earn enough […]