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Life Fail: Muhammad Ali Jabbar


Ok, this story on Money Sense’s main page really pisses me off. I read it when it first came out, and it annoyed me then, but I thought I could get over it. But alas, they’re throwing it in my face every day so I feel the need to address what a dumbass this kid is and how ridiculous it is that the Money Sense writers try to drum up reader sympathy for what can only be described as a classic example of being young & stupid. The guy in the story, Jabbar, is painted as an unlucky student that merely graduated at the wrong time. Now the old people are getting richer and the young people have the odds stacked against them. Boohoo! What’s that you say, Universe? Everyone has financial obstacles to overcome? I might be an oddball in the sense that I don’t worry about the market, […]