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Why I’m Renting For Another Year


I have $75,000 in total savings and I want to invest it in a single stock. I feel so bullish about this stock, I’m going to take my money and use it to secure a loan for $700,000 at 3%, which I will also put into the investment. This represents a 9.3x leverage and I feel really good about it because historically this investment has done very well. I’m going to have to spend an additional $10,000 per year in fees, but I think this investment is worth it. I’m in it for the long haul. If you think borrowing 10x your money to invest in a single stock is insane, you’re right. It is. But it’s exactly what buying a house in Calgary, Alberta is. If someone told you they wanted to borrow 10x their money to dump nearly a million dollars into a single stock, you’d think they were gunning for bankruptcy. […]

Stock investment wisdom from my grandpa


“You have to buy stocks the way you would a nice suit. Pick a high-quality, well-established brand — then wait for it to go on sale.” – my Opa. Everyone knows investing in the stock market is about buying low & selling high, though intuition tends to make us act the opposite: if stock prices are down, we feel motivated to sell because we’re losing money and if they’re going up, we feel motivated to buy more because they seem to be money-makers. I take my Opa’s advice. I actually wish I had more money to put more to use under his direction, but sadly I still don’t have a lot of cash to play with. Nevertheless I implement his strategy by watching big name companies, and waiting for a good price to buy. I watch the shares of many companies you might be familiar with: Coca-cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Proctor […]

The merits of a simple savings account


When I tweeted that ING raised their interest rates on some of their basic savings accounts for the New Year, some of my friends balked at the meager returns. I was a bit surprised — maybe just because I was kind of excited about the gain and here my friends were raining on my parade. It’s been brought to my attention by the “that’s it??” responses that maybe one of the biggest reason my peers don’t make use of savings accounts is they don’t actually know how useful they can be. About the rates… A good savings account will pay a percent interest that mirrors inflation. It is important to understand that interest rates are low right now because the market is down. In the past, they were much higher because the financial world wasn’t reeling from a near-fatal blow like it is now. As the market recovers, rates will […]