I love ING because I love money

I’ve been banking with ING for nearly 3 years now. It’s a romance that I think has the strength to last a lifetime. Why? Because it has all the strengths of any successful relationship:

mutual love & respect, great communication, room to grow, and no qualms about money.

I signed up to be an Orange Ambassador on ING’s Facebook page a few months ago. The week I got back from my work trip, I found a pleasant surprise in my mailbox: free swag! Not only am I an Orange Ambassador, but I’m one with a nifty orange travel mug and a lunch bag. I love these things because like any smart saver, I know that bringing in your own mug to Starbucks gets you a discount on your beverage and packing your lunch for work is way better for your wallet than buying from the food court every day.

Now I think I even have a bag of coffee in the mail, thanks to a kind exchange with @SuperStarSaver.

But truthfully I sung the praises of ING long before they started giving me free stuff. This is because long before ING sent me tools for my lunch kit, they gave me something I like even more: free money.

When I first opened a savings account with ING, the interest rate was 4% (I miss those days!). Even now that the markets have taken a beating and my interest rate is only 1.5%, it’s still way higher than what traditional banks offer. After saving up $1000 in it, I took my first baby steps into investing and bought some StreetSaver mutual funds and have been contributing monthly ever since. Not long after opening these accounts, the Tax-Free Savings Account was introduced in Canada, so I also opened one of those with ING. As faithful readers know, this is where I keep my Emergency Fund (which even sporadic readers know is the savings I insist upon the most), my DayZero Fund. It’s also where I save for vacations and put a few dollars in towards the future purchase of a car or a downpayment on a home. Last year, I even started an RRSP with ING. My future is in this banks hands! (because I trust them with it). A few GICs along the way, and I’ve basically taken advantage of every service ING offers except a mortgage — and frankly, that’s just a matter of time!

How much has ING paid me in interest and dividends on my investments? Over $300. I’ve also earned $100 for referring others. Which, by the way brings me to an important point: if you would like to bank with ING, use my referral code when you open an account with at least $100, and we’ll both get $25…

How much has my other bank paid me? Maybe fifteen cents.

When ING introduced the THRiVE checking account, I naturally signed up for that as well. And who wouldn’t? With no fees, interest earned on your balance, online bill pay, and your first set of cheques free, I’m surprised anyone with grade school math abilities can say no. Furthermore, an agreement with HSBC means I can withdraw and deposit money from my ING accounts at local HSBC branches and lucky me, there’s one very close to my house!

ING, I love you — and I never expected to say that about a bank.