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The #1 Reason I Will Never Join An MLM is Because I Am Good At Math


I’m a big advocate of developing multiple sources of income. I’ve never worked only one job or relied on one source to generate money for me to spend. Whether working multiple hourly jobs or investing in dividend-paying stocks, my focus is always getting more money into my bank account each month. Naturally my entrepreneurial nature has made me an attractive target for multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes. But on the other hand, the strategy of MLMs is “ask everybody” so I’m actually not that special. I’ve written before about how Amway is a pyramid scheme (the post still gets new comments on a regular basis, much to my amusement). Most others I come across have been less threatening. For example, I get invited to Passion Parties to celebrate stagettes or birthday parties at least once per year (I even hosted one for my own 27th birthday party). It’s hilarious that sex toy sales […]

When hustling hurts


When I quit my old job last week to take my new position at the university, a lot of people asked me why I didn’t just go back down to part-time. It’s a fun job with ok pay for what it is, so why not grab the extra cash? I thought about it. Increasing my income even more was tempting — just think of what I could do with a full-time salaried income and a part-time job: max out my TFSA, pay off my student loans in record time, travel… I was dreaming pretty happily until I remembered one thing: Taxes. My new job has pushed me up and over into a higher tax bracket, which means nearly 1/3 of my income will be going to taxes. The nice thing is that there’s still a lot left over even after they take a huge chunk off the top, but the […]

Cultivating multiple sources of income


I have a lot of jobs. Or rather, I have a lot of jobs to fall back on should I ever need to generate some extra cash. However, “need” is still rarely a motivating factor when it comes to making money, and it’s not uncommon to find me working 7 days a week if I can fit it in my schedule. I may be a bit of a workaholic, but I feel like earning money is one of the most productive ways to spend my time. In the realm of PF blogs, having another job outside your career is referred to as “hustling”, and it’s more common than you think. J Money at Budgets Are Sexy regularly blogs guest posts as part of his Side Hustle Series of individuals hustling for side income, and it’s everyone from teachers to corporate executives seeking cash on the side by waitressing or walking […]