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How to close a credit account


I got the idea for this post when I blogged about closing my airmiles mastercard account and possibly also cancelling my line of credit. I think many (most? all?) of us are probably a little over-exposed on credit. This means we have the opportunity to borrow more than we can afford and we’re targets for identity theft — think an identity thief can get far with a maxed out credit card? Nope, it gets declined everywhere, but an empty credit card is a gem. Now I’m not saying go max out all your credit cards in order to protect yourself against identity theft, but I do encourage you to be aware of what’s available to a thief if they managed to hack your accounts. How to cancel a credit card and close an account 1. Pay off or make a plan to pay off the balance. Please note that closing […]

How To Live With No Money After Graduation


I quit graduate school in April 2011, and subsequently spent a very expensive month in France. When I got home,  I went to work only part-time. I had no money! Or at least I didn’t have any after I paid my bills and paid back what that vacation cost me. To add to my anxiety, I owed $20,000 in student loans. How the hell was I going to pay that?! I had NO MONEY! Thankfully, my stint of no money after graduation only lasted a few months, but for those of you still in the no-money phase after graduation, this post is for you! How To Live With No Money After Graduation 1. Get more money. I feel like this is an obvious first step, but I’m surprised by how many people ignore it. If you feel you do not make enough money, the bulk of your efforts should be devoted […]

How To Spend Your Money After Graduation


This was another google search term that led to my site. It’s an even better question than the first one, What should your net worth be at 30? And I have a better answer! After graduation you should spend your money on… Your immediate needs. This means food & shelter. Make sure you have a roof over your head and more than left-over pizza in your fridge. Don’t go out every weekend to eat at restaurants and call it a “need” because it’s food — that’s entertainment. I suggest lots of fresh veggies & fruits, but you can live on mac & cheese if it’s your thing. A small emergency fund. Work on building up a buffer of about $1,000 to see you through any immediate catastrophes, like reduced pay due to taking a sick day or an unexpected dental bill. If you own a car, I would suggest a […]