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The little things that make me frugal


While I would definitely classify myself as moderately self-indulgent, I’m not sure if it reaches that of my peers. I have some inherent frugal habits that keep cash in my pocket without me even having to think about it or make an effort. These include: Keeping my natural haircolor. Growing my hair long and never bothering to highlight or dye it means I only see the hairdresser twice per year for a trim. I pack my lunch. Every day. Food courts have nothing to offer except very expensive, nutritionally-devoid food substitutes. Just say no! I brew my own coffee. Oh, I love Starbucks, and my local baristas will definitely see me stroll in for a latte on weekends, but as a general rule my daily brew during the week comes from home. I don’t read fashion magazines. I don’t think there’s any other behavior that I’ve given up that has […]

In With The Old

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Last night I took my winter boots into a shoe repair shop to redeem them from their current state of disarray. I purchased these boots last year (or maybe the year before?) for ~$250 and essentially wore them to their death. They’re knee-high black leather boots, with a flat, ice-gripping soles and a sheepskin lining. They’re probably the best winter boots to grace the Canadian landscape ever, and if that wasn’t enough on its own, they look great with everything. It’s for these reasons I wore them day-in, day-out through every imaginable weather, fall through spring. In addition to sun & rain, they saw -40C and snow, and sometimes I even made them walk through those snow drifts — you know how winter is: often you don’t have a choice. While the leather still looks good as new, the rest of the boot is suffering: I’ve worn the soles clear […]