Financial Mistakes: Timing is Everything

We’re only 3 months into the new year, and I’ve already spent 5 days at concerts, with tickets to two more shows already in my pocket. I wouldn’t consider myself a music buff, but I clearly like to put my long-term hearing at risk and seeing if I can get a strobe light induced seizure at any given opportunity.


You only live once, right? Well, I may have finally gotten ahead of myself.

I purchased tickets for my best friend and I to two shows in June on the other side of the country, thinking they were 5 days apart and we could attend both in a week-long trip. Only after I had paid over $500 for the events and was in the midst of booking my flights did I think to double check the dates and realized the concerts are actually two weeks apart.


Neither my friend nor I can afford the time or money to spend two weeks kicking it to Toronto, so this is a pretty big mess up on my part. While the situation is fairly easy to remedy by selling one of the two sets, I’m experiencing some serious FOMO when it comes to sitting out for one of the two shows. I’m bummed! I’ve realized it’s basically easier for everyone on earth to say no to something or give up something that it is me. I don’t know how you guys do it, because I’m experiencing borderline clinical depression giving up my 100-level tickets to Taylor Swift at Rogers Centre.¬†Because I thought I was good to go to the TSwift concert in TO, I didn’t bother to grab tickets to her show in my home city, which means I’ll be missing her tour for the second time.


GAH! Realistically, after being arms-length from Adam Levine, every concert from now on will generally be a letdown so it’s important to remember that to keep things in perspective.

On the upside, attending only one show that weeks freed up some extra days so the BFF and I are planning some awesome good times to fill the gap. Additionally, because I’ll be in Toronto the week before Taylor’s sold-out shows, it should be relatively easy for me to sell the tickets. I might even be able to sell them for more than their face value, which should take a bit of the sting out of missing out (and being so financially careless!).

In the future, I will study calendars much more seriously.