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What I did with my income tax refund


I received my income tax refund last week. I’ll tell you the first thing I did when it was deposited in my bank account:   OH YES I DID. And it felt good. Actually, it was sort of sad. $1,000 made a dent in my federal student loan, but just barely. It went from just under $9,000 to just under $8,000 but it’s still freakin’ gigantic so it didn’t feel quite as monumental as I thought it would. That’s too bad. I just keep trying to tell myself, “that’s $1000 that NOT collecting interest, that’s $1000 you DON’T have to pay later” and I am cheered a bit. Truthfully, every payment does feel like it’s lightening a great big weight on my back a little bit at a time. BUT I’m not done. I still have $600 worth of payments ($500 to the federal student loan and $100 to the […]

Personal Finance Memes


This is it. This is why you follow my blog. Because I do stuff like this. Sometimes I think, “Bridget, get a life” But then I’m like, “LOL NEVERRRR!!!”   For more fun time-wasting, please visit MemeGenerator.net