Saturday Personal Finance GIFs

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When a friend tells me she put an entire vacation on her credit card:

When I have to say goodbye to shoes in Nine West that I can’t afford

When I try to make a budget with half my income:

When I spent $80 more at IKEA than I intended to:

When a neighbour or friend that can’t budget to save their life gets a credit card offer in the mail

When I read the title of a post that says “great investment!” and I think it’s going to be good, but then it’s about real estate:

When those “start saving now for Christmas” posts start to come out:


Have a great weekend!

Saturday Personal Finance GIFs

It’s that time again.

When I decide to be frugal by not going out to eat for a week, and I’m on day 3 of leftovers


When someone pays me to write something, I don’t feel like a fraud when I list “freelance writer” on my LinkedIn profile


When people in their 20’s talk about what they’re going to do in retirement


If anyone were to ask me if there’s currently a balance on my credit card that I don’t have the money in my chequing account to pay off.


When there is free food to be had. Anywhere.


Have a great weekend!

Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: I’m a Blogger edition

If you’re a PF blogger, you know what it’s like!

When you decide to stop blogging anonymously and you realize how many old posts you have to edit

When someone on twitter announces they need guest posters, every PF blogger is like


When someone writes 700 words about something totally stupid and benign, and I read the whole thing because it’s in my RSS reader and I just need to get everything to “read”


When a commenter feels like because it’s the internet it’s totally ok for them to tear you to pieces, at first you’re like…


….but then 10 minutes later you’re just like


When someone gets your blog name wrong when they link you


Have a great weekend!

Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: Jennifer Lawrence Edition

This girl’s probably making enough from The Hunger Games that she doesn’t have to worry about her bank balance, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t express my sentiments exactly. I feel a personal connection with Jen because I too have an obnoxiously emotive face that betrays every thought in excruciating dramatic detail. Enjoy!

When I try to explain how I went into the mall intending to spend $20, but actually spent $250. It just happened, ok?


When people tell me the last thing I should do when I have debt is take a trip to Europe.


When a friend pointed out I could opt for the shorter massages and do my own waxing at home so the spa would cost me $0/mo.


When someone suggested I sell my LAMB bag, which is the last designer item I own.


When someone offers me a side job tutoring/babysitting/smashing boxes/carrying shit/acting as a guinea pig for a hair school/etc. so I can earn an extra $25.


When anyone asks me if I’m afraid my student loans will cripple me financially as an adult if I want to buy a house or start a family in a few years.


And lastly, why you keep coming back to this blog, especially on Saturdays:



Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: Vancouver edition

I’m in Vancouver this weekend for work and lovin’ every minute of it! With no further ado…

When my paid-for hotel room is at the Four Seasons.


When my co-workers tell me they’re flying in & out of Vancouver the same day, so they can’t party Friday & Saturday night.


When I do the math and realize I flew all the way out here for a 3hr event.


When a meeting isn’t catered.


When I see something in a shop that I really want to buy, but then I remember they have Provincial Sales Tax here.


When I’m told I can’t be on Real Housewives of Vancouver because I’m unmarried and unmarred by plastic surgery.. and you know, from Edmonton.


Hope you’re having a great weekend =)