I’ve made over $5,000 in extra payments towards my student loans

While I regularly keep track of how much I put towards my student loans, I sat down recently to calculate how much I was actually required to pay. My student loans entered repayment in March 2012, but I’ve been throwing money at them since September 2011. The result? I’ve paid nearly $5,000 more than I had to:

um.. wow!

I spend so much time looking at how much further I have to go ($15,000+! GAH!) that it’s easy to forget how far I’ve come. Five thousand dollars is a lot of money, and to think it’s money I could have spent instead of put towards debt makes me feel just a little bit proud of the self-discipline it took NOT to go on a spending spree.

I mean, let’s be real here: there’s a lot things I would love to buy for $5,000.

  • Another 3+ week European vacation.
  • A new iPhone and maybe pre-pay my cellphone bill for the next oh I don’t know, six years!
  • A car! Yeah, I said it.
  • Some income generating stocks. How lovely would it be to see $5,000 become even MORE money?
  • Louboutins. Why not? Imma get 4 pairs!
  • Seven iPads! BECAUSE I CAN!

Ok well maybe I wouldn’t do all of those things but another jaunt in Europe and maybe one iPad sure does sound nice. I probably wouldn’t get any Louboutins unless I find them in some discount designer consignment shop, but it’s nice to dream!