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Open a brokerage account


Working part-time left me with so many unplanned hours of freedom, that when I was not using my time off to do yoga or drink on summer patios, I did what any good little PF blogger would do: read about finance. I decided I really wanted to learn about the stock market, and read anything I could find. By the end of my binge, not only had I devoured a view books and visited endless websites and blogs about investing, I took to my natural route and made gorgeously detailed spreadsheets of P/E values and EPS for the next 5 years for nearly 30 companies. I think this all appears extra-beautiful to me, because I never knew what these terms were before, and now I peruse Yahoo! Finance with appreciative understanding. I’ve been eyeing the stock market for awhile. I wanted to get in on the game, but 1) I […]