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All debt is bad, but can you have too much credit?


I used to be a huge airmiles accumulator. I shopped regularly at sponsors (namely, Safeway, where I bought most of my groceries) and used an airmiles credit card to get even more points. I actually got enough airmiles to buy a KitchenAid mixer. However, when my accumulation rate dwindled and I learned the cash value of airmiles — less than 1%! — I decided to switch to a cash-back credit card. I redeemed my remaining airmiles for Banana Republic gift cards and closed my airmiles Mastercard account. I thought about keeping the credit card, but what did I need 3 credit cards for? It had the shortest credit history and the lowest limit, so I couldn’t think of any reason to keep the account open. After I closed it, my eyes then turned to my line of credit. Should I close that too? What about all the other kinds of credit […]

Why Good Credit is GOOD


I have a solid credit history. It’s one of my best qualities. I’m so proud of this sometimes I want to divulge it when I go out on dates, like an attribute that makes me a better partner: “I do yoga, like dogs, love to travel, and have an excellent credit rating. What about you?” Let’s be real here, if a guy had bad credit I would find that unattractive! I’ve built this excellent credit over the past few years, and it has served me well. Good credit pays you back. Earlier this week I had to call to set up my account for the electric bill (ever since I moved in I’d been living in fear that the lights might be shut off at any time), which normally requires a $200 deposit — unless you have good credit. A quick credit check got the fee waived for me. Which […]