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Gail Vaz Oxlade at the University of Alberta in Edmonton


Huge success! Money After Graduation hosted Canadian personal finance guru Gail Vaz Oxlade at the University of Alberta (my alma mater!) last night. I nearly threw up from nervousness, but thankfully held it together. At this point, I still can’t tell if her biggest compliment was naming my website a “valuable resource” or calling me a skinny b@#$%. I want to thank Mikhaila from Fistful o’ Dollars for being my right-hand-man in the planning and execution of this great show. She was an extraordinarily good speller and dutifully wrote each and every guest’s name on a post-it then stuck it to each book for Gail to sign. It was an assembly-line of Personal Finance magic. I managed to sneak Jim Yih from Retire Happy in at the last minute, but only because he’s a friend. I felt so cool rubbing shoulders with Canada’s Personal Finance bests! I want to thank my […]

Are concerts only for rich people?


Many of you probably don’t know this, but the front man of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, and I are soul mates. I understand he is presently dating his second or third Victoria’s Secret model or whatever, but I’m seeing other people too so it’s ok. I know that we will be together soon. However, I am finding the greatest impediment to our marriage is the fact that we have never actually met. Recently Maroon 5 announced tour dates and they’ll be visiting a city nearby enough to my own that I can plan a relatively inexpensive weekend road-trip to attend. Unfortunately, I cannot actually find an inexpensive way to attend the concert. Initially I wanted to buy the $500 VIP pass which included floor seats and a tour of backstage. I felt that this would certainly maximize my chances of meeting him in order to fall in love. I couldn’t […]

Dear Suze Orman


Dear Suze Orman, WTF?!?! That is all, <3 Bridget If you’re interested in personal finance, you’ve probably heard celebrity money guru Suze Orman has come up with a pre-paid credit card to help her fans get out of a debt. Yeah, you don’t need to read that twice to feel there’s something a bit off here. I’ll come clean right off the bat here and say I’ve never been a big fan of Suze Orman. I enjoyed watching her deny people their ridiculous wants on the Oprah show, but in all honesty, I’ve never really taken her seriously. I think my distrust started when I watched the documentary Maxed Out and saw “FICO” flash ominously above her head in one scene. She’s continuously talking about boosting your credit score — apparently because she’s collecting a good amount of cash to do so. My favourite financial heroine Gail vaz Oxlade, however, […]