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How To Negotiate Your Salary


The ability to negotiate your salary is the most profitable career skill you can develop. It doesn’t actually matter how talented or educated you are if you can’t ask for what you’re worth, which is why it’s so important to be able to ask for more money. How To Negotiate Your Salary Step 1: Know the business, industry, and what others are getting paid. We all know there are higher paying professions and industries than others. Glassdoor provides a great database of jobs and salaries so you can get an idea of what’s common in your industry. Knowing what’s the norm and where you stand (either entry level or with a few years work experience) is crucial to making sure you ask for the right amount when you negotiate your salary. Generally salary negotiation doesn’t work well, but is not impossible, in unions, not-for-profits, or internships. In these cases wages […]

Adulthood Truth: Finding a Job is Like Dating


I would like to dedicate this post to Mikhaila, who has been waiting for me to write it for over a year. Online job boards are barely distinguishable from personal ads. Your resume is your dating profile summary, make it count. Just like you wouldn’t tell eHarmony subscribers you like long walks on the beach, don’t tell potential employers you’re “detail oriented”. Likewise, you might be tempted to share why a certain job/relationship will be so good for you, but this is about selling yourself to someone else. Tell your future employer (or love of your life) what you bring to the table in terms of skills and talent, and why they can’t let you get away. Every interview is a blind date, and has the opportunity to lead to fulfillment of all your dreams… or end in disaster. Usually we go into job interviews and first dates with nothing […]

8 Books To Launch Your Career In Your 20’s


Struggling to launch your career? Finding a job post graduation is one of the biggest challenges 20-somethings face. Despite obtaining a formal education and a number of new skills, many grads feel inadequately prepared to actually begin building their career. Is there a life hack to get you started on the road to professional fulfillment? Maybe there’s no single silver bullet, but there is some good advice out there. Below are my 8 favorite books to starting and building your career in your 20’s. 8 Books You Need To Read To Launch Your Career In Your 20s 1. What Color Is Your Parachute?: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers If you’re going to build your career, you need to start with a job. This is my go-to recommendation for 20-something job-seekers, so naturally it had to come first on this list. What Color Is Your Parachute? is the ultimate […]

If you don’t want to work in dead-end jobs, stop applying for them


As I gradually begin my descent from self-absorbed twenty-something into the depths of socially-conscious, what’s-wrong-with-kids-today adult, one of the things that bothers me the most is seeing people waste their potential. I typically refer to this as textbook self-sabotage, and can rant at length on the subject for hours. I won’t do that all in one post, but I will give you a taste. One of the ways my Millennial peers screwitallup is by failing to aggressively seek out and pursue a challenging and rewarding job. It is all too common to see young people languish in food services, retail and common labor even though that’s not where they want to be. To add insult to injury, they often have university educations and a skill set above bagging groceries that’s not being put to use. Sidenote: the employment environment is not created equal across all geographic locations. Some of my […]

It’s Time To Quit Your Dream Job


Congratulations, college graduate, you made it to exactly where you wanted to get! Now it’s time to quit your dream job. Steady paycheques, prestige, a sense of fulfillment.. working your dream job has been fun, challenging, and an all around great experience for you. So why am I asking you to get rid of it? I’m a huge advocate of strategic quitting. abandoning ship after you’ve looted it for good. If I sound like a pirate I don’t mean to. You don’t have to sink the ship (actually, it’s probably best if you don’t), but you should hop in a life raft or swim to shore if the time is right. I don’t often quit employers, but I do change roles when the opportunity presents itself. Many friends and family and peers alike are critical of my quit-and-move-on strategy, particularly if I’m making a lateral move with the same employer, […]