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The 90-Day Shopping Ban


I’ve been working full-time for the past nine months, and it’s been great. I have a decent disposable income and I’ve been spending it on… pretty much everything. I booked trips with fancy hotel rooms. I bought new fitness gear, magazines, routines, and supplements. I bought gifts for friends and family. I bought clothes and jewelry, books and music. I tried new restaurants, new wines, new beers. I increased the budget for our wedding and spent to my heart’s content. My fiancé and I even bought a new-to-us car. It has all been very fun. It’s also been very meaningless. I have no problem with spending what you can afford, but it’s occurred to me that there might be something to be said about “waste”. How many times did I order another glass of wine just because I could? Download a song because I heard it on Songza? Sign up […]

Fear of failure keeps me from budgeting


I’m serious! I want lots of thing. Lots and lots. In my head, my want list looks like this: – winter vacation to Mexico – climb Mt. Kilimanjaro next year – French classes paid in full – guitar lessons – a new computer – a Mini Cooper (I’ve given up dreams of the Lexus) – a downtown loft – another trip to France to visit D But I refuse to sit down and plan out the cost. I don’t want to make little goal tickers to measure my progress — hell, I don’t even want to know how much I’d have to save every month to accomplish all of the above.. probably $2957249274 + tax. So long as I don’t sit down and do the math, I get to exist in a happy universe where everything I want is possible. I feel like knowing the pricetag to my wishlist would […]

It’s not about not spending money


Having this blog and being passionate about personal finance sometimes gives the wrong impression. Instead of taking my posts to be about responsible money management and saving, some people hold the idea that budgeting is just about not spending money. Um, no. I love spending money. I spend lots of it, and I spend it often. I even buy things that people think you’re not supposed to buy on a budget, like indulgent trips to coffee shops, chocolatiers and Sephora. But that’s because budgeting is not just for people trying to get out of debt, it’s for everyone. And it’s not about not spending money! It’s about spending your money wisely. I really like lattes. Ditto make-up, iPads, new clothes, homemade chocolate and fine wine. I have no interest whatsoever in giving up the things I enjoy. But the reason why I feel I don’t have to sacrifice is because […]

2011 Spending Plan


Ok, I did it. I made an annual spending plan. I say spending plan instead of budget because it’s not firm and I do not have to stick to these numbers. There is A LOT of flexibility built into this plan, because I’ve never done this before so I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Also I like everything to come out all nice and even, so many of these figures are tweaked to please my OCD tendencies rather than reality. Anyway, here’s the basis: First I’ll explain that I over-budgeted for rent, cellphone and groceries. Obviously I do not write roomie a cheque for $666.67 every month. My rent is less than that. I just picked that number because 1) I like the way $8000/yr looks and 2) I only signed a 1 year lease in September and I’m not sure if I will stay here after that, […]