Amsterdam Day 1, 2, 3 & 4

Sorry for the late update! I had the worst wifi at the hostel I was staying in in Amsterdam… I was also out enjoying the city too much to write.

 Jet-lag was really rough after my arrival, and I struggled to stay awake between naps. I tried to go to busy bars and cafes to distract myself, but I retreated back to the hostel often for a nap in my private room. Then I would be ridiculously well-rested to go out at night, so I didn’t go to bed once before 3am my entire time there. Success? I think so.

 I really like Amsterdam because of all the bikes. Everyone has a bike there. Actually everyone has about 4 bikes. I was told by my taxi driver there are twice as many bikes as there are people in the Netherlands. It’s the best thing ever.

I love bikes!

I need a bike and a vespa and a Mini Cooper when I get back to Edmonton! The European adventure need never end.

I love Amsterdam most for:

  1. bikes
  2. Stroopwafels
  3. partying

But I was still excited to arrive in my next city: Brussels, Belgium.

Which deserves a post of its own…