Amsterdam Day 1, 2, 3 & 4

Sorry for the late update! I had the worst wifi at the hostel I was staying in in Amsterdam… I was also out enjoying the city too much to write.

 Jet-lag was really rough after my arrival, and I struggled to stay awake between naps. I tried to go to busy bars and cafes to distract myself, but I retreated back to the hostel often for a nap in my private room. Then I would be ridiculously well-rested to go out at night, so I didn’t go to bed once before 3am my entire time there. Success? I think so.

 I really like Amsterdam because of all the bikes. Everyone has a bike there. Actually everyone has about 4 bikes. I was told by my taxi driver there are twice as many bikes as there are people in the Netherlands. It’s the best thing ever.

I love bikes!

I need a bike and a vespa and a Mini Cooper when I get back to Edmonton! The European adventure need never end.

I love Amsterdam most for:

  1. bikes
  2. Stroopwafels
  3. partying

But I was still excited to arrive in my next city: Brussels, Belgium.

Which deserves a post of its own…

Here I go! Europe 2012

I leave tonight for the first leg of my 3-week European adventure. I have a great flight because it leaves at 10:30pm, which means I can go right to sleep — and wake up in London! I’ll then get on a plane to Amsterdam where I’ll be for the weekend =)


Will do regular updates with photos every 2-3 days as I did last year for Paris, so don’t think I’m disappearing ;) Can’t wait to go broke in style! Just kidding, the best part about this trip is most of it is already paid for. To date I’ve already paid everything that could be paid before I go — and brought 500 EU with me! This means all I’m waiting for is hotels and some shopping to be charged to my credit card (and immediately paid off on pay day of course!)