Featured In

In November 2011 I was featured in Canada’s national finance magazine, MoneySense, for my amateur investor stock investment strategies. I plan to blog more about investing once I develop a vague idea of what’s going on, in the meantime I’m taking a “learn-by-doing” approach.

In July 2012, the Government of Alberta featured me and the blog in short video segment about student loans. Despite being eager to shake my debt balance, my student loans bought me a great education and the return on my investment has been substantial. I’m grateful I had access to student loan money to fund my education — and grateful I got a job that let’s me pay it all back in record time!

In February 2012, my alma mater the University of Alberta interviewed me about this blog and my savings & debt repayment strategies for university students. In April 2012 the UofA’s student newspaper, The Gateway, also published a piece about me and my debt in a student debt feature.

Online, I’ve been featured twice on The Consumerist: once for my minimalist closet and again for one of my personal favourite blog posts, how to spend your money after graduation.

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