September Spending Fast Mid-Month Check-In


Happy September 15th! Winter came early this year and snow has already fallen in Calgary. It’s melted for now, but I still feel like we skipped Fall entirely. Good news is I haven’t been skipping out on my spending fast, and have cut all unnecessary spending out of my budget to the absolute bare minimum. Here’s my mid-month check-in! Total unnecessary spending in September so far: $24.74 Bed Bath & Beyond – bought some goodies for the apartment with a $100 gift card… but the total came to $100.74 so I had to fork over the extra seventy-four cents. Whoa, big spender. Alcohol – my MBA program had a welcome back party at a local bar the first Saturday of the month. 1 drink ticket was not enough for me, and I ended up buying 2 glasses of wine. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I did. Tea – on Friday […]

MAG Presents: The Canadian Personal Finance Celebrity Series


I have something special for you guys — particularly Canadians! I’ve collaborated with some cool voices in the Canadian Personal Finance community to bring you The Canadian Personal Finance Celebrity Series: I posed 4 questions about millennial money issues to each of the celebs pictured, and they shared their wisdom! Every Thursday for the next 4 weeks, I’ll be sharing a post from one of the above with their answers. On the last week, I’ll share my own thoughts on the questions I posed. There’s some amazing content here so make sure you check back, follow on bloglovin, or subscribe Money After Graduation by email (just enter your email in the box in the sidebar and click subscribe) so you don’t miss out! Don’t recognize one of the celebs pictured above? That’s just another reason to tune in!

My $1,000 Optometrist Appointment


I went for my regular 2-year eye check-up last week. I updated my prescription for my contact lenses recently, but I haven’t changed the one in my eyeglasses for nearly 4 years. Sadly, my vision continues to get incrementally worse each year which means that for the past 6 months or so I’ve been squinting to see things at a distance through my glasses. This has been annoying for quite some time, but only recently did it reach the point where I thought, “Ok, I can’t see”. I booked an appointment with a new optometrist, and in my exam she informed me I have super dry eyes and am spending too much time on the computer (she asked me how often I take breaks from staring at screens and I responded, “you’re supposed to take breaks??”). I walked out with a new eyeglasses prescription, plus a second prescription for eye […]

Mid-2014 Check-In


Now that half the year has passed, it’s a good opportunity to check in on your progress towards your personal and financial goals. I try to check my progress quarterly, but I usually find the end of June is really when I have an idea where I’m going to end up. This year? Not so hot. Click here to read my original 2014 Goals & Plans I ended up with a small income tax refund when I was expecting a much, much larger amount — as in, $4,000 more. Since my original intention was to go on vacation with the cash and then bank any leftovers for next year’s tuition, I had to make some serious adjustments to my original plans. Without a fat income tax refund, I axed the vacation. I assumed I wouldn’t get to go anywhere this year, but 2 weeks ago a side project took me […]

New Job, New Budget


As you may have heard, my internship hunt finally came to an end and I’m 2 weeks into my new job. I’m paid hourly and work 7.25 hour days. While I normally would welcome the life of leisure that is a less-than-40hr-workweek, as a starving student I want all the hours I can get. If I miss a day of work (like the two I’m missing next week to go to Toronto), I am not paid for that day.  I don’t have any lengthly vacations planned this summer so I don’t expect to miss many days, but it sucks to know even a sick day will result in lost income. My first payday is next Friday, which should give me a good idea of what my income will be and that will let me make a budget for the next three months. For the past 9 months, I’ve been living […]