GIVEAWAY: $200 Travel Fund + Contiki Prize Pack

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Hi guys! I’m so excited to bring you something special on the blog today. It’s the final countdown to my graduation from my MBA, and one of the very first things I’m doing as soon as this degree is done, is start saving for my next vacation (my honeymoon!)

I know I’m not the only student that feels graduation and summer holidays always comes in tied to a desire to travel somewhere new. Long hours indoors, cramming for exams and feeling like you’re reading about the world more than living in it makes vacations the perfect way to end the school year. Plus, students have four months holidays (unless you’re taking summer classes, like I did last year) — a luxury that doesn’t come standard with full-time employment.

By the time summer vacation fever hits, most students haven’t budgeted sufficiently to get away, which is why starting to budget for a trip well into the future is the best thing to do. Putting away a few hundred dollars a month is great, but as a student that’s not always easy to do. As many of you know, I spent a month in France in 2011, then in 2012 traveled to the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. Both of these trips cost me over $5,000 EACH – a sum that was difficult to save, but the memories these vacations bought are priceless, no matter how cliché that sounds!

Contiki Holidays has a program called “Part Pay” which allows you to make payments towards your trip over time AND allows friends and family to contribute to your trip. This system essentially functions as a travel ‘piggy bank’, which lets you make deposit weekly, biweekly or monthly – or anytime payments around gift giving holidays like Christmas and birthdays. Through your own saving plus the help from friends and family, your savings for your dream vacation will grow rapidly.

Contiki Part Pay lets travellers to be strategic about vacation saving. It’s tough to cough up $2,000 all at once, but broken out into weekly installments, you can begin savings in your final year of school and take a trip upon graduation.

Contiki has generously provided a Contiki Part Pay Giveaway Prize Pack to one lucky reader, who will receive $200 from Contiki to kick-start their Part Pay account, plus a travel pack that includes an awesome collapsible water bottle, beach towel, sunglasses and travel tote.


Simply tell me what small non-essentials you’d give up to grow your part pay. Is it your daily $3.50 brewed coffee instead of breaking out your at-home French press? That side order of bacon ($4.5) you always order at weekend brunch? A new top ($25) instead of re-wearing the one you bought a few weeks ago? Tell me in the comments below.

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