financial stability through entrepreneurship

Achieving Financial Stability Through Entrepreneurship


Windsor, Ontario boasts one of the highest unemployment rates in Canada. This city — which is located directly across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan — has always been heavily dependent on the automotive industry. As much of the automotive manufacturing industry moved overseas in recent years, thousands of people in Windsor lost their jobs. As a result, the city has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. As someone currently living in a city in the midst of a severe economic downturn, I understand all too well the realities of large-scale layoffs and unemployment – particularly how they impact your finances. Despite being a generally financially savvy person, even I got a financial literacy education in these circumstances. I also understand how entrepreneurship can be a solution to job insecurity. Before I left traditional employment to run Money After Graduation full-time, I was a consultant to early-stage start-ups. I helped […]

build good credit

5 Easy Steps To Build Good Credit


I’ve been paying attention to my credit since I graduated from my Bachelors degree. Regularly checking my credit report was the easiest way to ensure my student loans remained in good standing as I repaid them, no credit cards were opened under my name through identity theft, and credit accounts I requested to be closed were actually closed. This might seem like overkill to worry about since I was always making my debt payments on time, but as many of 18% of credit reports contain errors and I’ve been the victim of identify theft before, so my paranoia keeps me watching my numbers. Because bad credit means you can be denied credit when you need it (like to qualify for a mortgage in order to buy a house) or will have to pay higher interest when you borrow, errors on your report aren’t just inconvenient, they can be expensive. Because of the high cost […]

how much you will earn and spend in your lifetime

This is Exactly How Much You Will Earn — and Spend — In Your Lifetime


The amount of money you will earn in your lifetime is fixed — you just don’t know what the number is yet. This might sound like a painfully deterministic perspective, but its worth keeping in mind when you assess your spending. Human beings are notoriously short-sighted when it comes to making predictions about the future, but these normal blind spots seem exacerbated when it comes to finances. I’ve read a number a personal finance articles about how bad people are at saving for retirement because we’re terrible at making a guess at what our future selves will want, but I have yet to read one that talks about your money in the context of a lifetime bank account with a fixed balance that you are simply withdrawing from every day. Even though that’s exactly what’s happening. People often say money is infinite but time is not. They’re wrong. “You can always earn […]


Your Guide To Filing Your Taxes Online With H&R Block


Tax time is actually one of my favorite times of year, only because I almost always get a return because I never seem to stop going to school. In 2015, I was a full-time student for the first 4 months of the year while I completed my Finance MBA at the University of Calgary. My hefty tuition bill was a pain to pay at the time, but now it’s going to translate into a big fat income tax refund, and for that I’m very excited! I’ve been filing my taxes online since before it was cool to do so, so when H&R Block asked me to review their process when I file my own return this year, I said of course. Millennials are the digital generation, so I’m guessing most of you already are filing your taxes online, but if you’re not, now is a great time to learn! Filing […]


8 Ways To Put More Money in Your Budget


My past few posts have been comprehensive socioeconomic personal finance essays, so I thought I’d give you guys a break with something more practical today! Hope you enjoy these 8 tips to add more money to your monthly (and yearly!) spending. 1. Track your spending I’m sure you didn’t think you were getting away without this! One of the easiest ways to find more money in your budget is to know exactly where all your money is going. How you want to do this is completely up to you. Cait’s Mindful Budgeting planner is a beautiful low-tech notebook that you can carry with you day-to-day, or if you prefer something on the computer, the Money by Jumsoft is the app I’ve been using years. 2. Set up all fixed payments to happen automatically and coincide with payday One of the easiest ways to manage your budget is to set up […]