Updates & The Boomer Rant


I’m a married lady now, and you will be noticing my name changing from “Bridget Casey” to “Bridget Eastgaard” on all platforms — so if you get an email from B. Eastgaard, don’t delete, it’s just me! In the coming weeks I have quite a few posts to share: my final wedding budget (it’s not frugal, brace yourself), the end of my Shopping Ban, my new way of saving that will cost me money in the long run but help many people, how to invest in a recession (or is oil turning around?), and something big/scary/crazy that I can’t wait to announce. In the meantime, I spent the weekend partying with my friends and family so I don’t have a new post, but I DO have a great Storify encapsulating one of my notorious Twitter rants. Last week, I went on an e-crusade against Boomers calling millennials lazy and entitled […]


I’m not dead, I’m just getting married


Apologies for the lack of posts lately — planning a small wedding has proven to be more work than expected! I am working on a post that I hope to get up next week, but the next 2-3 weeks will be slow as I tie the knot with my beloved and celebrate with my family. We will return to our regular scheduled programming after the second week of October. Can’t wait? Make sure your signed up for my weekly email and get financial sass and rah-rah (my specialty) delivered right to your inbox. I’m still posting awesome personal finance articles from around the web on the Money After Graduation Facebook page and I can be found tweeting stock market commentary and attractive photos of Justin Trudeau on Twitter (let me repeat: a crush is not a vote). In the meantime, try this Check out some of my favorite posts from the past: […]

Mid-2014 Check-In


Now that half the year has passed, it’s a good opportunity to check in on your progress towards your personal and financial goals. I try to check my progress quarterly, but I usually find the end of June is really when I have an idea where I’m going to end up. This year? Not so hot. Click here to read my original 2014 Goals & Plans I ended up with a small income tax refund when I was expecting a much, much larger amount — as in, $4,000 more. Since my original intention was to go on vacation with the cash and then bank any leftovers for next year’s tuition, I had to make some serious adjustments to my original plans. Without a fat income tax refund, I axed the vacation. I assumed I wouldn’t get to go anywhere this year, but 2 weeks ago a side project took me […]

New Job, New Budget


As you may have heard, my internship hunt finally came to an end and I’m 2 weeks into my new job. I’m paid hourly and work 7.25 hour days. While I normally would welcome the life of leisure that is a less-than-40hr-workweek, as a starving student I want all the hours I can get. If I miss a day of work (like the two I’m missing next week to go to Toronto), I am not paid for that day.  I don’t have any lengthly vacations planned this summer so I don’t expect to miss many days, but it sucks to know even a sick day will result in lost income. My first payday is next Friday, which should give me a good idea of what my income will be and that will let me make a budget for the next three months. For the past 9 months, I’ve been living […]

Insanity Workout: Putting A Price On Fitness


The Insanity Workout is the best worst thing to happen to me. As many of you know, I’ve been on a fitness kick in 2014 and after working out for a few months,  I decided to tackle the Insanity challenge. Insanity Workout: The Insanity Workout is a 9 week fitness program of high-intensity interval training 6 days per week. The upfront cost is about $120 for the DVD set, but the good news is you do not need any fitness equipment to complete the workout! I figured since gym memberships and fitness classes run as high as $20 a pop, sinking $120 into a 2 month program I could reuse in the future didn’t seem unreasonable. In the spirit of frugality, I split the cost of the Insanity Workout with my boyfriend which not only saved me some cash, but provided a workout buddy to keep me motivated! What do you do?  […]