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Should You Use a Line of Credit to Pay Off Credit Card Debt?


It might seem contradictory to use debt to pay off debt, but taking out a  line of credit to pay off your credit card debt can be a great financial decision. Check out my FREE Debt Crusher eCourse and start getting rid of your debt today! Reduce the carrying cost of your debt Typically, lines of credit have much lower interest rates than credit cards, which will reduce the overall carrying cost of your debt. For example, a $5,000 balance on a credit card at 20% will cost you $1,000 per year in interest. On a line of credit of 6%, the same balance it will only cost you $300 in interest. The $700 you save not paying interest can help you actually make a dent in your debt and start paying it down. Reducing the carrying cost of your debt not only lowers the total amount you pay, it gets you […]


Don’t Give Up Until You Do The Math


I’ve never gotten more push-back on a post than I have for my 30 Financial Milestones You Need to Reach by Age 30. It’s still Money After Graduation’s most popular post of all time, and since making the checklist the download that you receive when you sign up for my email newsletter, more protests are coming in. In the time I’ve been doling out personal finance advice online, I’ve been called everything from privileged and out of touch, to colorful names I will not repeat. I know I don’t have the soft touch many other personal finance gurus have. But I have to be harsh with you because you need to know the truth: If you do not get your financial shit together, you will not be okay. If you do not aggressively save for retirement, you will not have enough money saved to leave the workforce on your own terms and live […]


Why I need your help


Last week I wrote a post about some international scam artists that have stolen my website design and photos to lure people into a binary options trading scam. This has been a massive business and legal headache for me since July, and it’s still showing no sign of stopping. In fact, judging from the recent traffic I’ve received, they have an all new FB campaign with my face and website attached  To say this has been one of my worst new-entrepreneur, first-year-of-business challenges is putting it lightly. This is an expensive legal nightmare and posing an extreme risk to the credibility of my brand. Worse yet, Google, Facebook, and the hosts of the fake websites have been unbelievably slow to act in removing these fake sites and posts. I have lawyers involved, but these are talented international scam artists that don’t leave a trace. There is no way of knowing who […]


What Do You Really Know About Managing Money?


Until I was 23 years old, I was terrible with money. I had never made a budget. I always carried a balance on my credit card. I didn’t even have a savings account, let alone any money in one. My living expenses were paid for with my student loans, and I spent the money I earned from my part-time job at the mall every payday. I had no financial goals or plans, and even worse, I didn’t think I needed to. My wake-up call was when my latest student loan disbursement came through – and a rough calculation predicted that – by the time I graduated from my program, I would be over $40,000 in debt. I couldn’t believe that number. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to get a job that paid that much as a salary, let alone having to pay off that amount of debt. My […]


The Rise of the Online Binary Options Scam


Spoiler alert: virtually all online binary options trading platforms are scams. As some of you already know, the design and content of Money After Graduation has recently been stolen and used as a front for a series of dummy websites set up to lure people into an binary options investment scam, called Magnum Options. To date, more than a dozen websites have been set up with my branding and photos. There’s a series of Facebook ads making outrageous claims that you can turn a few hundred bucks into hundreds of thousands, and claiming my name is Jessica Johnson or Gail Tanner and linking back to the Money After Graduation Facebook page: Binary options platforms are a major online investment scam Magnum Options claims to be a UK based online options trading platform, but I have yet to find any evidence that it’s a real company. Their corporate addresses are commercial […]