If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Last month, I blogged about my travel plans for 2015… and like all good plans, they’re already being drastically changed. My fiancé and I have added one more trip to our itinerary — a long weekend in British Columbia to attend a friend’s wedding — and are making major adjustments to what was our major international trip for the year.

Originally, my family was planning another elaborate international vacation, but now not one but two my cousins are pregnant and due in the summer. With two couples backing out of the festivities because they’ll have newborns, we couldn’t swing the trip, so my fiancé and I are now planning on something else. We just don’t know what yet.

Not only can we now plan something cheaper, we have a choice of dates. Previously the family trip was planned for the first week of August, but now that it’s off the calendar, we have the freedom to go whenever we want — which means we can even take a “proper” honeymoon and go on a trip after the wedding. Now the problem is only where to go.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

My Top Travel Choices (in no particular order):

1. India

I’ve been crazy about the idea of traveling to India for a few years now, but the want definitely intensified after I read Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts (my fiancé’s favorite novel!). India has always struck me as a beautiful, exotic place with a rich history. I’m a little wary of some of the food, but I feel adventurous enough to try it ;)

2. Japan

Busy and expensive, I know Japan doesn’t rank high on a lot of people’s lists, but I’ve always found the country and culture elegant, and I would love to see it firsthand. I feel like this is a country that would be beautiful to visit any time of year… so maybe I need to see it 4 times in every season. Why not start this year?

3. Peru

One of my best friends traveled here last year and I wish I could have gone with. From the Amazon River to the Inca Trail, Peru is a must. I’d love to see all of South America at one point, so why not start here? This trip is relatively affordable, but I recently peeked at the Government of Canada travel advisories and there’s some warnings for Peru that made me a bit nervous.

the "cookies and creme" landscape of Iceland

the “cookies and creme” landscape of Iceland from my sister’s photos

4. Iceland

Iceland is on both mine and my fiancé’s must-travel-to lists, and one of my sisters is currently there! (God knows what possessed her to travel there in January) I’d love to spend a summer week taking in the natural beauty of this remote island. I really want to visit the lagoons, as well as go hiking. The landscape is so unique I can’t wait to explore it.

5. South Africa

I have so many friends from South Africa, I can’t help but want to go there myself after all the great things they’ve said about it. However, it’s still a very dangerous country if you’re not familiar with it. Nevertheless, South Africa tops my list of “adventure” vacations. I’d love to see some exotic animals in the wild, as well as enjoy the culture and natural beauty of South Africa.

6. Las Vegas

My fiancé has never been to Las Vegas and last time I went I was under the age of 21, so it might be time for a visit. Right now you can win a trip for 2 (including flights + 6 nights stay in a 5-star hotel!), which would certainly make this a “frugal” trip — shopping and fun aside ;) Maybe for my stagette?

I would also love to see San Francisco, New York, or Phoenix a second time around, or go somewhere new like New Orleans.

…. or maybe I can do a whirlwind tour and see them all ;)

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Tell me your travel bucket list!