Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: I’m Engaged edition

As many of you know, I got engaged last month:



I’m almost 29, and will sneak in my wedding right before my 30th birthday. Bet you didn’t think I’d make it.



I want a small, very small, wedding — but I have a really big family. I’m having a hard time telling them.



My fiancé and I were actually so averse to disappointing our families, we considered throwing a 150-person party just so everyone else has a good time and there would be no hurt feelings (only our hurt wallets).




I also realized quickly that while every other girl may have been fantasizing about her wedding since age 7, my approach to wedding planning is unenthusiastic:



I don’t care about trying on wedding dresses:



Choosing wedding venues is such a pain in the ass I’m willing to take the easy road:



And when anyone asks me if we’ve chosen our colors/photographer/cake yet I wish they’d ask about anything else:



My unwillingness to plan a wedding is matched only by the deep love I feel for my partner, which is often so overwhelming I cannot eloquently put it into words:



And no matter what kind of wedding we decide to buy, I’m so excited to be married to him.