Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: MBA edition

Congratulations to me, readers, I am now 1/4th finished my MBA!

I wrote my last exam of my first term on December 19th, and then celebrated with copious amounts of champagne with my classmates. Finals was a rough go, but we all survived.. and are better for it or something.

Getting an MBA has been more or less exactly what I expected. I would estimate I’m taking it about 60% less seriously than most of my classmates, which seems flippant considering the cost, but I know what I’m here for and it’s not to repeat my neurotic type-A ways from undergrad.


Besides, I’m type B now. I know because I took an online personality test.

Unfortunately for me my program is busy and challenging, so I can’t slack off nearly as much as I want to, though I make a sincere and continuous effort.

Here’s what the past 4 months of my life has looked like:

I go to school Monday through Thursday, there’s no classes scheduled on Fridays. I erroneously thought this meant I got 3-day weekends, every week. It was a trick. I spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday in group meetings, mandatory seminars (literally ALL DAY on Saturdays), and at events that I reluctantly attend in order to “network” or whatever.


My classmates and I spend the bulk of our time working in groups. It’s exactly what you’d expect.


I try not to be pretentious about getting an MBA because I hate people that are smug about what they study or what they do for a living.


I don’t think getting an MBA is a big deal. I’m getting one because I wanted to study business without doing another round of undergrad (my first degree is a BSc. in Chemistry). I already resent the level of interaction I have to have with undergrads as is, which includes being in adjacent classrooms and having to stand next to them in line for coffee.


So when I meet someone new (on those very rare occasions I interact with someone outside of my class), I try to avoid the “so, what do you do?”-question as long as possible, and then jokingly answer that I’m unemployed. There’s something painfully tragic about being a 28 year old student and I like to lean into that:


… but all that sadness is erased when you say the letters M-B-A because then everyone becomes immediately congratulatory and tells you how successful you’re going to be.


It always makes me feel like a bit of a fraud because if they knew how much Netflix I indulge in as part of my student lifestyle, they probably wouldn’t pat me on the back for going back to school. Seriously you guys I watched the entire first season of Downtown Abbey in one day. ONE DAY. Don’t encourage people like me.

Nevertheless, I have learned I have an aptitude for Economics, I find Accounting terribly boring, and my love of spreadsheets has been nourished to reach epic proportions.  I enjoy my classes and and my classmates are rad, so I’m having a really good time.

My favourite moment of the entire term was when an interviewer for an extra-curricular thing (not a job, thankfully) told me I had “extraordinary business intuition” and “no hard skills”. The comment came after a lengthly discussion on the rising trend of collaborative consumption and what effect aging/contracting populations would have on markets. Then they asked me to calculate some obscure ratio and and I realized that being good at math means absolutely nothing if you don’t understand what variables you’re looking for.


I want to make “extraordinary business intuition, no hard skills” the tagline on every social media profile I have, but that seems self-destructive.

How do I feel after term 1? Ready for another round.




Wish me luck!

Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: My Dating Life Part 9

Back by popular demand. I’m sorry, all men who know me.

When my cousin tries to give me dating advice:


How I feel when I explain to investment bankers and engineers that I earn my livelihood blogging:


When anyone gives me any of that “you need to love yourself first” bullshit:


When a guy let his crush on me get a bit out of hand, our Facebook chat ratio was 10 messages to 1. I stopped answering, and he actually wrote “you’re not writing me back, so text me” and gave me his phone number. I had to tell him to leave me alone 3 times and proceeded to avoid him at events for the next 2 months.


Trying to get my friends in law school to let me into their events:


My reaction to guys in suits with ponytails:


I actually followed one of them for 3 blocks earlier this week. I can’t even help myself.

When a good-looking, successful guy that seemed nice, mentally stable, and financially secure asked me out:


Seriously. I am the worst.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday PF GIFs: My Dating Life Part 8

It’s been awhile since I did a Saturday PF GIF edition, and since my dating life continues to be a source of amusement for all parties involved and anyone that gets to hear about it, I figured it was time to share an update. Enjoy!

How I feel when I go out on weekends in Calgary, a city which boasts 25,000+ more single men than single women:


When a guy has fallen off the face of the earth for so many weeks/months I actually forget he exists, then he texts me for a date like nothing happened:


When I went on a date with the man I now refer to as “The Most Offensive Man in Calgary” and he told me, “all women should get breast implants” and “Mitt Romney should have won the presidential election”. tumblr_m9y23qdKIk1ql5yr7o1_500

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse he let me know what a “personal burden” HIV-positive patients are to him as a taxpayer, since their care is so expensive. At that point, and I kid you not, he leaned across the table and said, “you know it’s mostly the gays, right?”


I told him I hated him no less than 3 times on that date, and the next morning he still texted me, “I had a lot of fun, I think you’re feisty. We should hang out again”.


When I downloaded Tinder and actually sat down to go through all the men in Calgary, only to swipe “yes” to 7 of them. I chatted briefly with 4 and then deleted the app, because.. I don’t know, why was I even on there?


When a guy I’d been crushing on for weeks came home with me after a night out… and slept on my couch:


When someone tries to pick me up a) before 8am b) when I am reading a book c) or uses ANY technique I recognize from The Game:


When a guy gave me his business card and told me to call him if I wanted a date with him or a job with his company:


When I’ve been seeing someone for a few weeks and it’s going really well:


I am still in the game, guys. I’m doing it for the GIFs.


Happy Saturday!

Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: My Dating Life Part 7

A number of PF bloggers wrote thoughtful posts about dating over the past few weeks. Not my style. Back by popular demand, I bring you my dating life in GIFs — because this is a more accurate representation than a thoughtful post, I assure you. For more GIF posts, click here.

When a date is going really bad but I decide to stay on board just to live-tweet it:


Whenever I see my ex or run into one of his friends and hear about how he’s doing:


When I get jealous of my friend talking to a cute guy and make a passive-aggressive attempt to sabotage her:


When I explain to someone why I’m not upset about a breakup:


When a boy with an iPhone doesn’t turn read receipts on:


When someone invites me to an event or party where all the other guests are couples:


When I evaluate all my dating options:


Keep your head up, daters!

Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: My Dating Life Part 6

Back by popular demand. I can never have a dating blog, but this is the next best thing. Click here for the past: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

When another girl at the bar starts talking to the guy I came there with:


When a guy mentions a sibling/friend/co-worker and it’s someone I’ve dated:


When I was out with a guy and he said, “evangelical Christianity is calling you”. Three times.


When my crush doesn’t text back:



When I tell someone I like about my blog:


When a guy I’ve liked for months but thought was gay points out his ex-girlfriend at a party:


When I’ve been single for so long my family has completely given up on the possibility of me finding someone that they don’t even allow me a plus-one at weddings:


When my best friend and I date best friends, so all our dates become double dates:


More to come, I’m sure.