Drinks & Dollars Episode 1


For those that didn’t catch it when I first posted it this week, I shared the FIRST edition of Drinks & Dollars — where I consume wine while answering your personal finance questions. What could go wrong? Please enjoy the video below! Want more? Like, comment, and subscribe to my channel! *These episodes are for informational and entertainment purposes only, and do not constitute professional finance advice. Please consult with your trusted and sober financial advisor before making any major decisions with your money! In this episode, I answer: How do you handle bad days when everything goes to shit? What did you do financially to prepare for the transition from employed to self-employed? How did the shopping ban help you prepare for self employment? What is the best online banking site to transfer funds to a self-managed investment portfolio? Now that I’m “funemployed”, was my MBA still worth it? Was I […]

How To Use Your Savings To Make a Difference


Ok, I know I’m super late to the game here but I just recently joined Kiva. A friend of mine recommended it, having been using it for years and having only good things to say. After some investigating, I went ahead and signed up. Kiva is a charitable peer-to-peer lending platform, that lets you loan money to borrowers across the globe to help them start businesses, attend school, and improve their lives. You make 0% on the money — they simply pay back what they owe you — but it has a hugely positive impact on their life (and yours!), and you can wiggle a 1%+ return in another way, which I share below. Note: This post is about Kiva, but the following information and strategy is true for any charitable peer-to-peer lending platform that operates in a similar way. Likewise, even though this post is focused on Kiva, it’s only […]

A Financial Strategy Is Better Than A Financial Plan


*A shorter draft of this post originally appeared in my email newsletter on September 16, 2015. Missed it? Sign up on the homepage for weekly updates! It often surprises people to learn that I do not have a financial plan. (and I don’t think you should either) I don’t make financial plans. I set goals or choose milestones, but I don’t “plan” on anything. For example, I have no idea how much I need to retire (I’m 29, for Godsakes!), I can’t predict what my income will be 3 years from now, let alone 5 or 10 years from now (am I allowed to say $1 million?), and I don’t know if or when my fiancé and I will buy a house (in this economy? Never!). Personally, I find most plans distracting, limiting, and pointless. There are too many unknown variables. The more years the plan covers, the more useless it becomes. […]

Updates & The Boomer Rant


I’m a married lady now, and you will be noticing my name changing from “Bridget Casey” to “Bridget Eastgaard” on all platforms — so if you get an email from B. Eastgaard, don’t delete, it’s just me! In the coming weeks I have quite a few posts to share: my final wedding budget (it’s not frugal, brace yourself), the end of my Shopping Ban, my new way of saving that will cost me money in the long run but help many people, how to invest in a recession (or is oil turning around?), and something big/scary/crazy that I can’t wait to announce. In the meantime, I spent the weekend partying with my friends and family so I don’t have a new post, but I DO have a great Storify encapsulating one of my notorious Twitter rants. Last week, I went on an e-crusade against Boomers calling millennials lazy and entitled […]

Shopping Ban Update: Day 60


This post is already weird for me to write. I hadn’t expected anything to be dramatically different after Day 30 of my shopping ban. You get into a routine of not-buying, and then you just stay with it. I really thought every day after the first month would be routine. But I felt differently in month 2, in spite of myself. Before we get into that, I do want to get one thing out of the way: I did break the shopping ban once in September. After a particularly stressful day at work, I caved and bought the year subscription to Headspace, the guided meditation app I’ve been using for a few weeks. It was $100, which is not cheap, but I was about to run out of my 10-day trial and not entirely certain I could go back to my regular life without it. I never thought I was the type of […]