If you’re tired of always losing, stop playing the game


A few weeks ago, I shared how the economic downturn is affecting my city (and myself!). I was surprised by the number of commenters that are also from Calgary that agreed they’ve noticed the city seems more adversely affected than the news is reporting. One thing people keep complaining about here is the price of gas. Nevermind that literally tens of thousands of people are unemployed, gas expensive. Every day the price of oil seems to fall to all new lows, but the price at the pump stays the same or even increases. People are outraged. You can see it in the comments on every article published by a major newspaper about the price of oil or the recession: “Oil falls 60% but I’m still paying $1.25/L for gas??!” followed by some complaints about the NDP or Prime Minister Harper, depending on their political leanings. Holy shit, people. Why do […]

You Work Too Hard Not To Care


You work at least 40 hours per week, possibly more. You likely spend an additional 15 hours or more commuting. As a result, you probably work more than you do anything else: more than you sleep, more than you cook & eat, more than you watch TV. Your profession is a significant part of your identity, and also has tremendous impact on how you perceive your quality of life. At the same time, your work is likely a significant source of stress in your life and frequently leaves you feeling exhausted. You probably studied for at least four years, and paid tens of thousands of dollars to your university, in order to attain the degree that got you this job. This is your life. And you are compensated for all of this this time and effort with your pay. So why then are there so many people that don’t give a shit about […]

Wake up, you need to make money


With my website tagline “get rich young” and my Twitter bio singing to the world that “I make millennials rich”, I probably look like I have a secret get-rich-quick scheme for the masses. I don’t. Nevertheless, people message/email/tweet at me at least 3 times per week asking for one. When I reply with my usual helpful tactics suggesting they earn more, spend less, pay off debt, and invest, they’re always sort of aghast that I asked them to do something on their own behalf. I can’t earn your money for you. At present, I’m too tied up in my own 9-to-5 + side projects to bring home your paycheque in addition to my own. You need to make your own money. This is your privilege, as well as your responsibility. Most people understand this. The majority of people inherently “get” that they will have to show up for their own life, and know intuitively that it […]

You Only Have Six More Months


We’ve all made comments about how fast this year seems to be going, but instead of looking in reverse, I want you to look forward. There are only six more months left in 2015. For me, this means just six more paydays. Want to know where you stand financially for the next six months? Take your net monthly income and multiply it by 6. Total 6-month net earnings: $2,500 x 6 = $15,000 Take your rent, utilities, groceries, cellphone, and other essential bills, multiply them by 6, and subtract it from the number above. Rent – $750 Utilities – $50 Groceries – $300 Cellphone $100 Other – $150 Total = $1,350 Total 6-month costs: $1,350 x 6 = $8,100 Total remaining after essential expenses are paid: $15,000 – $8,100 = $6,900 Next, take your monthly savings goals or total debt repayment, multiply by six, and also subtract from the first number. Total […]

Getting an MBA in Finance: The Experience


I had originally meant to get this up last week, right after I wrote, Part 1 – Getting an MBA in Finance: The Logistics, but I’ve found it’s taken me a lot longer to unwind the MBA experience than I originally thought. Brace yourself for my usual deluge of emotional over-sharing and rah-rah. Somewhere in an old notebook shoved in a closet, there is a list of life goals I penned out from a Paris apartment in 2011 which includes “get an MBA”. I was 25, broke and broken, and only beginning to understand that the only way to make your life work out the way you want it to is to grab onto it with both hands and bend it to your will. I had not yet learned to dream big, so that even the decision to get a graduate degree in business seemed weighty and intimidating. In retrospect, when it […]