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Student debt killer, super saver, and stock market addict. BSc. in Chemistry from the University of Alberta, MBA in Finance from the University of Calgary, and PhD from the school of life in being a badass.

Was my university education a waste?


I’m a highly educated individual. I hold both a Bachelor of Science and an MBA in Finance from two great schools in Canada. Tens of thousands of dollars of my education was paid for in scholarships, and I graduated with a GPA above 3.7 from both programs. I landed great jobs with each degree, that propelled me into an upper middle class lifestyle which makes me a poster child for the “go to college, get a job” success story. But lot of my time and money in university was wasted. I don’t say that lightly. I acknowledge that my quick and easy access to education is in itself a privilege, and that succeeding during and after my programs is, too. My student loan debts were manageable, my job titles and salaries after graduation are glamorous, and I kept going back for more. I don’t look like someone who should be criticizing post-secondary education, but I am. […]

Updates & The Boomer Rant


I’m a married lady now, and you will be noticing my name changing from “Bridget Casey” to “Bridget Eastgaard” on all platforms — so if you get an email from B. Eastgaard, don’t delete, it’s just me! In the coming weeks I have quite a few posts to share: my final wedding budget (it’s not frugal, brace yourself), the end of my Shopping Ban, my new way of saving that will cost me money in the long run but help many people, how to invest in a recession (or is oil turning around?), and something big/scary/crazy that I can’t wait to announce. In the meantime, I spent the weekend partying with my friends and family so I don’t have a new post, but I DO have a great Storify encapsulating one of my notorious Twitter rants. Last week, I went on an e-crusade against Boomers calling millennials lazy and entitled […]


I’m not dead, I’m just getting married


Apologies for the lack of posts lately — planning a small wedding has proven to be more work than expected! I am working on a post that I hope to get up next week, but the next 2-3 weeks will be slow as I tie the knot with my beloved and celebrate with my family. We will return to our regular scheduled programming after the second week of October. Can’t wait? Make sure your signed up for my weekly email and get financial sass and rah-rah (my specialty) delivered right to your inbox. I’m still posting awesome personal finance articles from around the web on the Money After Graduation Facebook page and I can be found tweeting stock market commentary and attractive photos of Justin Trudeau on Twitter (let me repeat: a crush is not a vote). In the meantime, try this Check out some of my favorite posts from the past: […]


Why All Bloggers Should Create & Sell Products


One of the coolest trends emerging online, particularly in the personal finance sphere, is more and more bloggers are creating and selling their own products and services. Despite the general approval of using blogs to make money, reactions to bloggers selling their own products has been mixed. In the personal finance sphere where most readers are extremely money-conscious, asking them to open their wallet for you is probably a bigger hurdle than it would be in any other space — but it’s still worth doing. I believe all bloggers should make and sell products and services, because it’s a great way to benefit both you and your readers. Firstly, it gives your readers a way to support you Blogging is hard work. It takes a ludicrous amount of time and practice, often without any compensation at all. You have to really love writing, because passion is the only thing that will […]


Shopping Ban Update: Day 60


This post is already weird for me to write. I hadn’t expected anything to be dramatically different after Day 30 of my shopping ban. You get into a routine of not-buying, and then you just stay with it. I really thought every day after the first month would be routine. But I felt differently in month 2, in spite of myself. Before we get into that, I do want to get one thing out of the way: I did break the shopping ban once in September. After a particularly stressful day at work, I caved and bought the year subscription to Headspace, the guided meditation app I’ve been using for a few weeks. It was $100, which is not cheap, but I was about to run out of my 10-day trial and not entirely certain I could go back to my regular life without it. I never thought I was the type of […]