My name is Bridget and I am the lead author and founder of MoneyAfterGraduation.com. I originally started the site as a young professional burdened with a lot of student loan debt. Under a mountain of student loans, I was forced  to reconcile my love for expensive living with my desire to achieve financial independence. I paid off over $21,000 in student loan debt in 22 months, while saving for retirement and investing in the stock market. I’m now back in school pursuing an MBA in Finance.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I have quick access to the things I love: the train, the library, obscure coffee shops, and interesting people. This blog is my diary to chronicle my early-to-mid-to-late twenties life without embarrassing myself, my coworkers or my friends. It’s purpose is for posterity, to preserve my sanity, and also to provide a written record of exactly where the time (and money) has gone. Life is fleeting, people: write it down. Read posts by Bridget.

Gillian is a contributor to Money After Graduation and a new graduate carrying $60,000 of debt. She maintains her own blog at Drop That Debt, but writes regularly for MAG on personal finance topics for young twenty-somethings. She lives in a beautiful beach town with her boyfriend in Ontario, Canada. She’ll be chronicling her own journey into the professional working world and out from under her big debt. Read posts by Gillian.

Bridget and Gillian are passionate about personal finance, especially for students, and are looking to help their peers (and themselves!) get out of consumer debt, pay off their student loans, and invest their money wisely so they can graduate rich & ready to take on that scary world-after-university. Blog entries will primarily focus on budgeting and saving: the musings of our own triumphs and failures in trying to take on the financial universe. Please note we are NOT professional financial advisors, and this blog is 100% personal opinion. We encourage you to explore professional resources for more thorough information on any of the topics discussed within these posts.


  1. What a great blog you have! I just now had some time to read your blog and I’m glad I did :) It’s very informative + I love the animation ;) Great job for writing about the dept many students get in and how to get out of it! Love, Leanne

  2. The little cartoon avatars of both of you are so cute. I can’t get over it. : )

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